Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday, Stress!

    Okay, still no computer which makes me think I may have killed it, and I cannot afford a new one.  My bank or CU is combining with another CU and all hosting computers are down so I need to pay bills, and had to call everyone to prevent late charges.  What a pain.

Got mom's cookies frosted, last night and did not sleep until after 6 a.m.  just too keyed up.  I am frustrated, by money issues and not getting things done that I want done.  Why does it seem that everything I need to do is so hard?   There is always a snafu some where.  Okay I am whining.  I do that well.  I have perfected that life skill.

I am really sewing today and going out to lunch tomorrow with a girlfriend.  I need some me time.

Mom is in a much better mood but she is in my face constantly and I need to work so I can pay bills.

Made a nice stew for dinner last night in the crockpot as I was gone to teach.  I think I will have spaghetti tonight. Everyone loves that.

I think lack of sleep is making me really grouchy.

Have a great and productive day.


Need to go dig things out of the freezers. 


  1. Digging things out of the freezer is a great idea! But I think we're thinking leftovers tonight...

    1. Yeah unless it is at the bottom forgotten and freezer burned.

  2. By definition of the acronym snafu, yes things should always be awry!

  3. I am whiny when I don't get enough sleep! Have you ever thought of taking melatonin? Do you practice sleep hygiene measures? I finally had to take responsibility for some of my lack of ability to sleep. Of course, I am a night owl and a worrier; I cannot control these two things....sigh. At least I don't have to be up and at em like you do. No, I pay no attention to sleep hygiene most nights and suffer the next day. You really seem to get lots done! Good luck with the sleep and sewing. At least I can take a nap.

  4. Can't take melatonin forbidden by doctor due to other meds. I am also a night worrier.