Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, behind the 8 ball

     I am behind.  But before I go into my rant of the day I wanted to share some progress.  I am down in my studio accounts and look at the House!  LOOK, we are under $60,000 we are in the 50's and it is dropping fast.  I also eliminated a Penneys bill from Christmas and will eliminate a Macy's bill next week also from Christmas. I am not one to use store cards very much but when they have offers to save money I will.  I think I already told you that I will pay the last of another big bill at the end of this month, so those monies can go else where.  Yippee! Progress and I am proud of myself, it makes me realize that I can move forward even under the stress I have had recently.

     So I did get my crusts made and baked and all chopping done for quiches, but they need to be made and so do my muffins.  I got no cleaning done yesterday, the vacuum cleaner is acting funky, damn.  I was able to get an especially hard sewing task out of the way.  I worked until 10 last night and I just did not take a break except for the hour I had lunch with a friend.  So what happened to all my time?  I was able to have a good conversation with the twinster, she always calms me down.

So today......
1. make quiches
2. make muffins
3.clean house
4.clean front porch
5. set up for shower
6. make pizzas for dinner
7.go get balloons
8. get a few groceries, some fresh veggies is all we need.  Lettuce, peppers, celery, salad fixings

I am off to get things done.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Have fun at the baby shower and yah! for being in the $50Ks.

    1. Thanks, yes I am getting there but it is so slow....

  2. Look at you in the $50s!!! You're going to have that mortgage gone in no time. Hope you have loads of fun at the shower!!

    1. Yeah you and I need to ramp it up a little competition never hurt.

  3. Kim, I was looking at your house loan going down.. I promise you , I remember it so well.. We paid ours off a few years ago..It seemed like it would NEVER go down.ha I had a note book and every time I made a payment or an extra amount of any $,I would deduct it.. it felt so good to see that number falling. Hang will HAPPEN...
    Just finding your blog, enjoying reading it.. You are a busy lady..

  4. I know I have to be it is in the genes, jeans?