Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, Wierd wacky weekend and Monday savings madness

     Last Friday evening about 8:30 the doorbell rang and it was the missionaries stopping by.  They had time to kill before turning in and why not kill it at a place that usually has milk and cookies?  Anyway they asked what we were doing this weekend and we told them hopefully working in the back yard on the french drain.  Well can they help?  They have so many hours to be filled for service.  So why would you turn down free help?  I told them if they came to help I would make over night waffles.  Soon we had 4 missionaries coming at 10 am to have a big breakfast and work in the yard.  The entire drain is cleaned out.  We had 12 hours of free labor.  It was great.

      So Friday evening, I went in and started a double batch of over night waffles so they could raise and then went to bed.  I was so cold I had a hard time getting warm all night which was weird.  The weather was awesome Saturday morning.  Made breakfast and worked outside until about 1:30.  Hub's got all the fruit trees trimmed. After the boys left I came in to rest and again could not get warm.  Mom and Lil sis came by about 3 and had me go with them to get a gift engraved and then wanted me to go over to Lil Sis's and I was happy to be included but within minutes said , "Take me home, I don't feel good."  When I got home I had a temperature of 100.4 and have been flat in bed since then.  I think I might have a kidney infection and will be going to the doctor today.  I am weak and in a lot of pain in my back.  My skin is crawling and I sleep constantly.  Just feel like CRAP!

     The shop is a disaster, and so is the house.  I don't even care.  I have so much sewing to get out and that is nice as I have been so slow but I am too sick to really do anything right now.  Just the thought  of getting dressed exhausts me.  What ever this is hit so suddenly.  But I have to remember the rock is out of the drains!

     I was able to save money this week by doing several things and here they are.

1. cooked all meals from home from scratch.
2.  cooked almost all meals out of pantry and freezer with loss leaders purchased earlier.
3. Used coupons at Jo-anns for all sewing supplies needed
4. Did a Sluggy at Rite-Aid.  Purchased 12 boxes of cereal, 3/12 packs of soda,4 bottles shampoo and cream rinse, 2 deodorant, 2 bags Easter candy, after coupons clipped and deductions I spent $12.67 out of pocket.
5.  Playing Albertsons monopoly just cause I shop there and I have so far won about $15.00 in free food stuffs.  Who doesn't like free?  Unless it is  the flu bug?
6. Picked up ground beef for $1.90 a lb and it was lean ground so that was a great bargain.
7. took a meal into a sick friend made from pantry supplies

You know just shopping the loss leaders at your local grocery store and cooking from these saves a ton of money.

Well I am getting light headed so I had better go lie down.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Yikes!
    Get that infection taken care of.
    The yard help sounds wonderful. Now send those missionaries over here. ;-)

  2. Hope you are able to get some good meds to knock that infection out. When those missionaries are finished at Sluggy's, can you send them here? I could find enough to fill all their service hours.

  3. when they are finished at everyone else's house send them over the border to me....

    1. I will send them right over as soon as I am done it might be a few years.

  4. I hope you get that infection under control pronto! Just when you want to be outside...!!

    1. Trying to get better, and at least it is rainy and cold so I am not tempted to go outside.

  5. I have had a sinus problem for two weeks, but just pressure. The pressure changed to a pain between my eyes that tops any sinus pain I ever had. I have been in bed since Friday night, sleeping with tv an light on. I just seem to pass out. I have been treating this with chicken broth, pseudoephedrine, Coke, hot chocolate, and other otc. Bagels are all I have eaten since I don't have to prepare them . It looks like we both need help.