Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Madness Savings

      The sun is shining again today and Hub's has already left with his cupcakes and cookies for his old office.  I encourage him to stay in contact with his office, as Hub's is quite weird and does not relate to people very well.  It takes him a long time to form relationships, and it is good for him to see old friends,plus they all want cookies.

    Mom has already had me up stairs three times.  She comes in while I am blogging and plops her butt down in a chair two feet from me and asks for breakfast.  This is a woman who spent three hours on her feet in the kitchen bossing me around.  But she need to be waited on for breakfast,  So I go to the storage and get peaches and go upstairs to make her breakfast.  Then down with her breakfast and I know sooner hand it to her and she says ," I don't see your cell phone."  I left it upstairs,  She needs me to call her.  So back upstairs I go to get the cell phone.  When I get down stairs I have to call her as her ringer has been turned off and her cell phone is not ringing.  Now her cell phone is  upstairs so I have to go upstairs and get her phone and then turn on the ringer.  Now she has forgotten to take her pills with her breakfast so I must go get her some juice.  Kill me now.

     She also has a doctors appointment at 1:20 today.  I told her no more afternoon appointments. I want them late in the day so they do not interrupt my day.  She does this on purpose so she can control my time.

     These are the things I did last week that saved me money.

Cooked every meal at home, mostly from storage items bought on sale.
Picked up soda from riteaid and earned back $10.00 in points
Made Valentine, cookies and treats from scratch for gifts
Purchase all supplies for shop with 50% off coupons
Went to dollar store for party supplies after researching them on line.  Dollar store way cheaper.
Made a pretty table runner for Sister for Valentines day with scraps of fabric.
Had a dance parent give me a free ticket to ball game when I was prepared to buy one  SCORE!

     Well I had better get some sewing done before mom needs to go to the doctor.
 Dinner will be chicken stir fry, over rice.  Yum.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. Making cookies for your hubby to take to work is so kind on several levels! I feel your pain about the Dr. appointments. Mom gets shots in her eyes 4 times a year. If she get an appointment at 8 she is in the first group of patients for the day and the entire process takes about an hour and a half. She like to go at 2, which makes it a 3-4 hour process because of the patient backup. I finally told her if it is left to me to take her, we have to go to the earliest appointment, because my time has some value also. She does it now but lets me know how much she hates it every time.

  2. My mom gets those shots also and they are a pain for both her and I. Yes I try to encourage Hub's to stay close to old friends as he has a hard time with people, he is Sheldon Cooper.