Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday, What is happening to the blogs?

     I will be observing My blogs anniversary on April 4th.  But my question is what is happening to the blog community?  So many have pulled out or quit.  Hardly anyone posts any more.  Rarely a comment.  I am beginning to think that my blog is not working.  Not that this life I live is so interesting to follow.  I really do not blog for followers, but I do blog to follow.  I have yet to get any scathing comments.  One of my favorite blogs is Saving 4 Later and I just tried to pull her up and I was denied.  Are people really getting that many bad comments, that they feel they have to limit their access?  It is a shame!

    The shop got busier yesterday.  I will have work to do when I get back from Twin Falls.  I was able to get the medical papers yesterday and I faxed them this morning,  I just called and they were accepted so it looks like I will not have to pay that last big doctor bill and the $50.00 copay I pay for injections will also be paid.   Every little bit helps.  I think I will have about $80.00 to leave with hubby.  I already took care of B.  She has $50.00 for gas and groceries.  I will fill the truck before I leave and Hubby will have to fill it at least once before I get back, so I have met all my financial goals that way.  I remember I used to just leave town and write a bad check for gas, okay a check that went into the overdraft account which is like a credit card.  I would have no money, maybe $20.00 in cash and I would just use the credit card at will.  A trip like this could cost at least $1000.00 with shopping.  Now do that several times a year and see where it gets you.

     I have so changed my mind set, that the last year I have come home with money.  I am also very careful about what I buy.  I go with a plan, and if I don't find what I want I don't buy anything.

     So When I get back, it will be April and I will soon very soon be able to pay off that CC.  I am so close.  By April 10th I will only have the vehicle loans and the house payment.  I am so excited.

Out My Window:  Yesterday it was cold and rainy, then about 1 o'clock I went out back to check on the chickens and gather eggs.  It was warm sun shiny about 70 beautiful blue sky.  Within minutes a black cloud raced and I mean raced in.  It was one of the darkest scariest clouds Dorothy (wizard of Oz) and I have ever seen.  Remember I grew up in the Dakotas.  I have a healthy respect for dark clouds.  Anyway a huge thunder clap and hail and rain like no tomorrow.  1/2 an hour later....  Beautiful warm blue sky!  Then overcast and rain.  Chickens laid a record amount of eggs.  I think they were scared out of them!  Hubby came home and said it was one of the few times he has been chased out of the woods by a storm cloud.  If you don't like the weather wait a 1/2 an hour.

     I have a photo shoot this afternoon for the Cinderella poster.  I want it done by the time I get back so it can get distributed and I can get the TV commercial done.  Then it will be costume nightmare time.

     Well, I will be on the road tomorrow for about 13 -14 hours.  Will drive to pick Mom up in Missoula, Montana,  That will take at least 4 hours.  I will rest for an hour and then start over the pass by Hamilton into the Saw Tooth Mountains into Idaho down to Twin Falls.  That will take about 7 hours.  I will have to stop more often for Mom as she is almost 80.  I think this will be our last road trip together.  She just does not travel well any more.  Even flying has become a trial for her.  I will enjoy this while I can.

Have a great and productive day!  and let's all try to be a little nicer, a little less judgmental, a little more positive with each other, just in case it will make a difference.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday,business is slow....

     Here it is Wednesday and I have had only one customer in my shop all week. Only a few phone calls.  Now I do have work to do, in fact I will sew about $100.00 today but that is it!  Where is everyone?  I know it has rained here non stop (well Almost) for two weeks so maybe everyone is just so blue and wet they can't or won't get out.  I do have a lot of costuming to do for the upcoming show so I have taken time to work on layouts for that.  Maybe this is a blessing.  But to me not having money come in is not a blessing.

     Last night the Fire fighters Pipes and Drums came in with Pizza for all the dancers who were in the show.  We stopped lessons and watched the video for about 1.5 hours.  It was fun.  Then we continued to block Cinderella.  Next week is Spring break so the kids will have a week to forget everything and then we will hit it full force!  Fun!

     I was able to make over $13.00 in soda and water sales this week so far.  But I put a note on the fridge Monday that said:

                                          " Water .50, Soda .50 This is here on an honor system.
                                             If it is abused you will lose this privilege."

      I actually saw two parents go get bottles of water on Monday and there was .25  left in the money box.  Now they both looked like they left money.  (The box was emptied before class), but after the class I went and checked the box and .25.  These are adults!  Anyway I made a note immediately and look at the results?  How can we expect kids to be honest if the parents aren't?  I have lovely parents, but also some that I question.  These were parents that I question.  They are in the youngest classes.  They will also be gone within a few years because they won't want to stick with a program.   Already they were panicking about a Spring costume fee.  Did they not forget that we provided their little darling with a costume at Christmas?  This is the one show where they must buy a costume. Once  year.  If you have two kids a.... two costumes.  So they take water to get even.  That is just the mind set.  So aggravating.  I wonder what they do to the T-ball coach?  Oh I know don't bring their kid on the day they were assigned to bring treats, so some other parent has to run out and buy happy buns and juice at the last minute.

     Out My Window:  I don't need to tell you what it is doing outside.  I hope my chickens can swim.

     I do have $500.00 in my slush fund for next week, but I wanted to have at least $100.00 to leave with hubby.  He has to drive next week and B will need something also.  But they may have to go to the checking account.  I will probably bring money back as I have on the last two trips.  I can use that to pay back the account.  But I would rather just give them cash and say don't touch the bank accounts, there is no money!

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, it pays to ask!

     Yesterday I sat down to pay bills and here is a bill for $317.00 for my last infusion.  They told me it would be over $400.00 so $317.00 was nicer.  But remember how I sat across from a very nice woman at the infusion center, who was an internist and her husband was a surgeon?  I was complaining about the cost of these medications and I am well insured.  She asked if they had given me a Orencia card and I said no.  She seemed puzzled.  So yesterday before I wrote the check, I called the doctor and asked the billing office about this card from the drug company that wold pay for part of the drug, which alone was $3000.00.  I told them in a nice way that I thought a state worker who made $29,000 last year with an income tax statement to prove it would qualify over an internist and a surgeon.  Well I do qualify and they are sending me forms which I will fill out and they will back date up to 45 days.  So we are in a crunch, but I am sure we will make it! Yippee!  They will pay what ever the insurance does not pay.  I am $317.00 richer.  Okay I don't have to pay the bill but $317.00 richer sounds good!

     Next month is going to be tight.  I have all the bills for March slated to be paid.  I also sent out notes to all parents yesterday and will continue to do so throughout the week.  I told them that although we do not have dance next week, tuition was still due.  They could mail it or make sure to pay it on time.  Well 5 of them paid early!  Now I don't expect people to pay early, lord knows I could not have but at least they are aware that I am not going to allow them to pay late.

     I have to go to the CU to do cash counts today.  So I am off and then will come home and sew before I leave for the studio.  Oh yes and I had better look at my kitchen it is a wreck!

Out My Window:  I think it is going to be sunny today!  cross my fingers!
Have a great and productive day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, rain, rain, go away!

     It poured all night long!  The deck is afloat and I cannot get out to weed and plant.  Look at those sad flower pots just begging for new soil and color.  Oh well, I do have work to do inside. I just want to soak up some sunshine!

     We had dinner last night with a cousin of Hubbies, his wife and two small boys.  Actually it would be a second cousin.  They were really nice.  He is an engineer and his company is opening a new office here.  They are a little older than our oldest daughter.  The company has sent them to look for a house.  They have  to rent for a few years because they had to short sale their home to take this job.  I did not go into the details with them but the Boise/Nampa area of Idaho was really over built and crashed dramatically.  Houses are worth 1/2 what they were sold for.  We did not have a crash here.  Houses over $300,000 lost but nothing under really did.  I am so grateful I am not in the situation.  We told them they are welcome to stay here until they find something.  We do have 2 large bedrooms and bathrooms we don't even use.  We will see I am sure they want to find something of their own asap.

     We made summer vacation plans over the weekend.  We will be going to the Oregon coast.  We are staying at Netarts Bay.  We will be there about a week so I need to start a vacation fund.   We will get a kitchenette.  Our oldest daughter and her family will join us for part of the week.  They will have the room next to us.  We have spent many summer vacations at this little dive of a town and love it.  Just what the ocean is supposed to be.  No tourist crap, just the ocean.  Love it there.

     I am also going to take a small trip to my oldest daughters house next week.  It is spring break for us and Son-in-law has a sister that is getting married in June.  Three bridesmaid dresses need to be made (one for daughter).    I don't want to wait until after my recital, as I know my younger sister will be flying me out to St. Louis to landscape her new pool.  My mother also wants to see daughters new house and her great grandson.  So I will drive to Montana and pickup Mom and then over the pass back to Idaho to Twinfalls.  We will stay a few days and then return home before Easter.  I figure the trip will cost about $500.00.  So I need to go see how much is in my slush fund!  Also how much can I earn this week.  There is hardly anything in the shop.  I think I will try to leave on Friday. So I can have a weekend with daughter.  I also want to get back for Easter.

     Busy, busy.  I need to pay bills today and then deposit a check.  Hubby will not get paid until Thursday but I will do all bills and then hold until Wednesday to pay.  I am also going to get a letter out to dance parents about upcoming fees.  Tuition is still due on the 1st of April whether we are on break or not.  I still have bills to pay.  Parents will try to pay when they get back on the 9th and 10th and then will forget and I am supposed to be okay with that.  Now if they do not pay by the 10th they will get a late charge.  So a nice little reminder note is in order.  I was not able to go anywhere for break last year because no one paid tuition on time.  Now they all went on very fancy breaks or at least a lot of them did and then paid me the third week of the month.  I was pretty pi%%$# off.  It will not happen again.

     Am I getting too hard and greedy?  Or am I becoming a better business woman? I worry that people will get angry if I am too forceful.  Someone slap me!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday, I see a pin hole of light

  I had a great birthday yesterday, thanks for all the well wishers.  But alas it was cold and rainy.  Now here today the sun is shining and it is supposed to be 70 degrees and I will be in church most of the day.  I really don't do any work on the Sabbath.  Although I do call making a big dinner work.  But I don't do yard work.  So I am a little put out.
     Anyway I rec'd two beautiful bouquets of flowers from my older girls.  I rec'd checks and gift certificates which I will save for flowers this spring.  That is so nice because I remember every spring trying to juggle the books to get the flowers planted.  Usually I would plop about $200.00 on a charge card.  How different my life it now.  I have $85.00 in checks and 2 gift certificates to different nurseries totaling $50.00.  So you can see that all I will have to come up with is about $75.00.  Why did I not do this years ago?
     Theachher Finance has a great article about how she spent years trying to quit smoking and then one day with no outside help did it.  She related that to debt and trying to climb out.  I know that I have tried for years and years.  I have journals to prove it.  I would start a new plan and a few months later fail and the entries would stop.  Then things would get really bad again and I wold start and then stop.  I would take all my bills and put them on the home equity line of credit and swear that was the last time.  But it never was.  We would refinance the house and put all the extra debt and car loans into the house and I would say that is it, we are debt free, except for the house and two years later we would be right back to robbing Peter to pay Paul.
What made the difference?  I really don't know.  Maybe the thought that I had tried and tired numerous times?  Or I just did not have any choice this time?
     But I really think and I have said this before.  I was learning.  All those years I was learning what would work and what would not.  I took a little here and a little there.  Every time I tried and failed I learned something.  I took all those somethings and made it work.  Compulsive debting is a habit.  It is a destructive habit that affects your health and peace of mind, also your relationships with people.  When you compulsively debt you always and I mean ALWAYS have a reason or a justification of why you have to debt.  It really isn't your fault, you were out in this situation out of control by the evil forces of the world, so you have to have those new shoes!  I know this makes no sense to many of you but to me it is logical.  I was poor and everyone around me had nice things.  They did not have to work as hard as I did, they were lazy and taken care of and my husband did and never had brought home a decent living so I deserved the $125.00 shoes.  My sorry Sally attitude cost me a lot of money.  I still have all of these feelings.  They have not gone away, but I also know that when I act on them I have to pay off the afternoon of self loathing.
      I am trying to come up with a list of ten things I learned over the last 25 years that really helped me get out of debt.  Now I realize that I am not out completely but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a pin hole but it is there.

     Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday, did judy get hacked again?

  Ok? Did Judy get hacked again?  Or did she just get in that new little red car and drive away?  I can't bring up her blog.  I also hope the weather is nice this afternoon so I can work outside.  Right now I am waiting for hubby to call.  He took the dog for a walk and I am meeting him and then going out to get some birthday cake and flowers.  I also think I will take the dog for a bath!   I have a sewing customer that is home bound so I will take my cake and icecream over to her house ad I will bring her some daffodils.  It is my birthday present to me!  I am off to play in the dirt and eat cake!  Hoorah!

Have a great and happy day!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

     Tomorrow is my 45th birthday in dyslexic years!  (figure it out) and I bought myself a $10.00 bouquet of daffodils because I am worth it!  Yes I wastes $10.00 on something that is going to die.  But they remind me of Spring and make me feel great!
     Hubby and I are preparing for yard work, it may be really wet out and we may not be able to get out but we know eventually it is coming.  Last night we went to K-mart and bought a new patio umbrella for our back deck and 3 new vinyl table cloths.  Green umbrella, red check table cloths.  We will look like an Italian hot dog vendor.  Our last umbrella was broken in several places and mended and then torn and mended.  Our table cloths lived through a hot summer and the all winter they are shredded.  I am excited to clean up the back deck and get them put out.  I would like to barbeque on my birthday even if we have to eat it inside.
                                         You can see out side this small corner of the yard how
                                        much there is to do and this is just a little part of the work.
     Chairs are tipped over by wind, wood pile is a mess, piles of weeds and general clean up.  We do have the lawn mower out.  We have three patio tables.  One we eat on and it is on the deck with an umbrella.  The second in down on a alternative deck you can see in the picture and we actually store the lawnmower under this table to keep it dry.  When we have company we just wheel the lawnmower over the the shed.  The 3rd table you can see over in the corner covers our fire pit and keeps it dry and clean.  But when we have get togethers with family and friends we can seat about 30 people comfortably around our deck.What a mess!

     My Aunt sent me a beautiful quilt that she made for my spare bedroom and it matches perfectly.  I was so excited.  She called to tell me she was making me a quilt for my birthday and it arrived yesterday.  I feel so spoiled!  It will go in the spare bedroom up stairs, which is done in greens and pinks.  I was just tickled with it.  She teaches quilting a couple of nights a week on a reservation in Minnesota.  I love the shiny yellow center it makes the little yellow hues in the other fabric pop out.  It is an Easter Quilt.

     We have company coming this weekend, so between yard work and entertaining I should be busy.  I am going to put some chicken in the slow cooker so I can make chicken salad tomorrow.  I also need to get to the grocery store for some steaks.  Maybe some shrimp.  Boy am I special!
     I have a bunch of uniforms that need to be done by 2 o'clock and a rain coat to finish so off I go to get some work done.  I really just want to work in the yard.  Too wet.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, This thing called passion...

     I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning, getting all the music and complete story line to Cinderella done.  Two of my teachers and I watched 2 versions of the Musical and then started to hash out the real line.  I am sure it will have to be tweaked, but we are ready to really set the numbers.  We did not get the class lists and costumes all figured out.  We have several dancers that take 4 subjects and you cannot overlap costume changes, so we have to organize the cast to see who will not be able to make a scene.  That is work for this evening.  But right now I am  just tired.
      It is fun to watch these young women, both who are consummate professionals and also incredible dancers.  They are learning to be great teachers and they have such passion for what they do.  Neither one complained and they had such good ideas and were so positive and excited the whole night.  They both have to work at their day jobs and then come teach tonight for me so I feel a little guilty.  I remember having that kind of energy when I was their age.
     How did I get so lucky.  I have this incredible staff fueled with passion.  Now that we have the major board done we will bring in the other under teachers as they will have good ideas to help the show.  But I learned a long time ago to keep the numbers down at the first planning meetings. Too many ideas like cooks spoil the brew.  Also it leads to dissension and fighting when ones ideas are not used.  I really encourage the staff to speak up and let me know what they want. In other words talk over me.  I will always veto what I think won't work and give my reasons.  Often I let them promote an idea even if I think it won't work, with the option that we will try and they can back out if things get hairy.  This way they learn to trust me when I say....well I don't know...  and sometime (often times they are so right). 
     I sewed very hard yesterday and I have a little to do today, but I am going to get in the tub and also have my nails done, they are a wreck.  I don't want to spend the money and it hurts to have them done but they are broken and jagged and I am going to get a bad infection if I don't get them filled.
     I actually have taken in almost $250.00 in the last 2 days, but I had to give hubby $70.00 yesterday for gas and spending money.  I do not want him writing any checks. This keeps our account balanced with no surprises.
Out My Window:  It poured rain all day yesterday and never got above 42.  Those of you that are talking about warm weather are making me so jealous.

     Well I had better get cleaned up.  I look like I just crawled out from under a rock.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, Using credit irresponsibly

     My main teachers are coming over tonight to storyboard Cinderella.  I am sure it will be a late night. I also have to get  mid-term grades posted for the college.  Then I need to get the costumes figured out for the spring show.  What needs to be ordered and what needs to be made.  How much are parents going to pay and when.  Then I will get out a mass mailer before the end of the month.  People do not like surprises.
     I can hardly beleive we are almost to the end of the teaching year.  Oh I almost forgot.  I also have to get summer workshops set up by the middle of April.  Just one more thing to do.  I haven't even thought up a theme this year!  I think I will put the teachers on that.
     I sewed a great deal yesterday and I have so much to do today.  The state police have changed uniforms and I am busy hemming and replacing patches.  Also the first of many Prom Dresses came in today.  On Monday I only had about $120.00 worth of work in the shop.  I was a little nervous.  But $78.00 came in on Monday, $85.00 on Tuesday and over $100.00 has come in today by 11 in the morning so I have no end to my work.  Which is such a blessing.
     Hubby had a funny experience yesterday.  He had gone with 4 other foresters to an applicators school.  It was in a small town called Nez Perce.  After the conference all of the men were hungry (starving my husband said) so they stopped at a small diner and had burgers and fries.  When they went to pay the establishment did not take credit cards.  Hubby had his check book and he had about $35.00 in cash.  He had to pay for the whole meal because no one else had any money.  This place would also have taken hubbies check.  The ironic part of this is that we drive the oldest least expensive cars.  Take much less time off and really no expensive vacations.  We don't have any expensive habits, don't snow mobile, 4-wheel, down hill ski.  All really fun activities but expensive.  We do not own a boat.  We do not use charge cards, ever unless we are traveling and we put gas and meals on the card which is then paid off when we get home.  I also put all electronics on a CC for the warranty.  Hubby is older than most of his colleagues as the ones his age are in upper management. He was shocked to realize that these men all just plop a small burger on a CC.
     I told him that maybe they just do that and then pay it off at the end of the month.  He said no, he knows for a fact that all of them are flat broke all the time.  It just brought me back to 10 years ago when this was my life.  I was always racing to the bank and praying that Hubby would not use the card for any emergency as it would not work and he would find out how broke we were.  I feel bad for these families because I know that the State pays very poorly and no raises are in sight.  But the journey to be debt free is a private decision.  Not one you can make for others. It did open my eyes and make me realize how far we have come.
     I don't ever want to go back to using credit  irresponsibly.  The thought makes me shudder.........

     Out My Window:  Raining non stop and cold.  I hope that this spring is not like last spring when we could not plant until late May and it was cold and awful until the middle of June.  But I did notice that the back deck was so red and shiny in the rain really quite pretty.

     I need to get into the shop and get busy, I have at least $100.00 worth of sewing to do today before I leave for the studio.  Also the laundry is calling and I need  to take back the clean laundry (costumes) to the high school today! It will clean out the laundry room.

    I have been able to contribute several dollars worth of coins to my pig bank this week!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday, gratitude helps, you have made the difference

     Just a simple thought about blogging, especially about PF blogging,  gratitude helps.  Reading several blogs regularly and skipping around on a regular basis, I find that blogs that emphasis the good things in this journey are the ones that I will read.  Not that we all (or I) don't rant along the way, many times we just have bad days, weeks, lives in general, but I truly love the bloggers that are grateful for what they have.

     We have this wonderful community of people that know and understand the problems that many of us face.  Everyone's journey is different, but somehow all the same.  Many of the blogs I read are people who have no debt any more, some are trying to pay off just the mortgage.  (I am jealous of those bloggers)  But I still read them because they obviously have found the secret.

     I also have many blog buddies that are out of credit card debt but are still paying for cars and homes.  I am almost in this circle and I long to get here.  It will be a mile stone for me.  Now I have been here before several times back when I thought turning to a home equity loan was the answer.  Yes I was one of those people.  Did it help me? No usually I was right back where I had started in less than 2 years.  I remember so clearly 13 years ago, my parents sitting down with me at my kitchen table and paying off $28,000.00 worth of bills and I had to pay it back over a ten year period.  I did pay it back in less than ten years, but I also remember wanting them to go home so I could get to a phone and buy a new pair of Irish dance shoes for $135.00 with my newly paid off credit card.  In fact I was so flush I bought 2 pair!  Even though that loan was paid others were taken out.  Over and over the viscous cycle.

     I also have bloggers that are still deeply in CC debt and are making progress.  They live day to day making the minimum payments and trying to build an emergency fund.  They live in fear and trembling.  They are brave souls who go without many creature comforts in their struggle against the unknown. I have been here and I pray for you.  I read your stories and your set backs and your triumphs.  I am your biggest cheerleader and fan.

     Then there are the overwhelmed bloggers.  Desperately asking for help.  They plead, and are so behind.  Their debts have taken over their lives and they see no way out.  Some start to blog and they are very interesting but the old monster consumes them.  Soon they quit posting and you wonder what happened.  Was this journey just too much, was it too hard, was it too boring?

     But the one quality that I have found over the last year that makes a difference is gratitude.  Bloggers that are grateful for each other and the blessings they have in their lives do triumph over this thing called debt. Every day I am in awe of the freedom I am coming to experience with my debt melting away.  I am so happy and thankful.  I beleive that I and many of us get into, or got into debt because of ingratitude.  We just wanted more than we could afford.  We wanted things that other people had.  We wanted our children to have the best.  We desired things we could not pay for. Then when we were over our heads we cried fowl!  At least I did!  This wasn't my fault!  I needed those things.  I could justify every purchase.  But in reality it wasn't my kids, or my husband, or my health, or just plain bad luck, it was my ingratitude that got me where I was.

      So what I am trying to blather about here is let's just all be grateful.  It is the first day of Spring 2012!  In the old Svensk calendar this was the time people sought out new wishes for the new growing year.  My wish is that you all know the joy I experience from your experience.  Whether good or bad. I cry with you, laugh with you, I am annoyed for you but most of all I am grateful for you because you have made the difference.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, I want to enjoy the rest of March!

     I survived the shows and they were great!  It was my easiest performance so far.  I think that I have found a way to eliminate the main problems with past productions.  Sure there were glitches but no major ones and the stress was better.  The students seemed happy with their work and it is so important that they perform for a crowd other than their parents.  It brings their dancing up to a more professional level.  I had one little girl come off the stage (we scholarship her because of her Dad's bad health) and she said," I just want this to go on forever and ever".  You could just see that she was glowing with excitement.  How do you put that into words?  How do you put that into dollars?

     I still had parents that complained about the ticket cost. The Fireman's Pipes and Drums are the non-profit in charge.  But when I do not turn over the proceeds to a non-profit I lose several thousand dollars in advertizing costs.  This way they pay the bills and I walk away with no debt.   They are happy and I am happy.  Plus those same firemen come in and move the floor, move the set and do all the heavy work all year round for all three performances without pay.  It works for me.  I am very grateful.

     I have been so intent on getting this credit card paid off and I know that is where I need to be, but I am going to take the rest of March off.  I will pay then bills with the last two paychecks, which won't come until the end of the month. I need to concentrate on the shop, which by the way has very little work right  now.  I also want to start working in the yard.  Spring is here in a couple days!

     Out My Window: Cold but sunny.  I just took the last of the corned beef and cabbage pot out to the chickens.  They liked it.  I really never have any food waste here.

     Very little cash left in my drawer so I will need to get busy earning more.  This is Hubby's week to drive.  I will need at least $100.00.  I have that but nothing else.  We also need a few groceries.  I usually grocery shop on the weekend and this last one was a blur.

     Have a great and productive day!



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday night chit chat

     Reading: Mother of Pearl, interesting good book, so far.

     Watching: PBS Phantom of the Opera.

     Listening:  Rogers and Hammer stein's Cinderella.

    Cooking: Corn Beef and cabbage!

     Happy I accomplished this week:  A great Celtic Celebration.  The show was a huge success!

     Looking forward to: Starting new choreography for the Spring show, Cinderella.

     Thankful for:  My mom coming to see the show.  My family for helping backstage.  Great parents.      Talented  students.

I am tired, but so grateful the show is over and it was terrific.  I am going to try to steam the video of the opening # when I get the video back.  You really need to see these kids.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, dress rehearsal aghhhhh!

     One of our top dancers just called and said she was too sick to come to rehearsal.  I called her father ( a urologist) and told him to get her to rehearsal by 5.  I am such a witch.  It would not be dress rehearsal day without a crisis. 

     I also just transferred $1000.00 from hubby's extra check to CC.  So now I am almost there!

I still need to go up and make bed in spare room and get on to the theater.

Have a great and productive day, I know I will!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, running in too many directions!

     Between the show, rehearsals, costumes, shop, mother coming and just life, I am running in too many directions.  I still have three costumes to finish and some alterations that need to be done today.   Because I have company coming all the beds need to be changed and the laundry done.  I stripped all the beds before the housekeeper got here.  She usually just does the two rooms and baths upstairs, but with B home I want to get the downstairs bath and bedroom ready.  The downstairs bath is connected to my shop and is covered with costumes and crap right now.  I keep running from room to room trying to figure out what to do next.

     The fire department will come and move the floor tomorrow to the theater.  I thought I was was going to pull it tonight.  S will be home tonight to put together a program and set the music order.  One of our pieces of music that was professionally cut was damaged and I had to send out for another splice.  The recording studio called this  morning and all I heard was,  "Mam, I have this splice ready for you to listen to."  I thought it was a crank call and then I realized it was the sound tech.  I hear this Irish jig music break to a reel and I then realized who was talking to me.  Now I just found out that the poem that is with the ballet piece  "The Dream" has not been sent to the sound man for a voice over.  Do I have to do everything myself?  I think we all know the answer to that.

     I did get many parents to pay last night still have about $1000.00 worth of costumes and tuition out, but many will be in tonight to pay.  I hardly feel I can charge parents for costumes when I am still trying to alter and get things switched to the right dancer. Just breath and live for Saturday.  One of my dance mom's is bringing Corn Beef and Cabbage over tomorrow so  I will not have to worry about feeding company. I do scholarship students that have no means to pay.  These parents do much of the work at the studio.  They also help sew and just general help at recital times.  I sometimes feel very spoiled.  Clean studio, windows washed, sets moved, I get fed.  They get lessons.  Works out great!

     Out My Window:  Cold, rainy.  Hubby and youngest daughter took off to cross country ski today.  I would have loved to have gone but just too much to do.  B has been helping with costumes all week and will have to be at the theater at my beck and call  for the next two days.  So this is her spring break and her dad decided to rescue her from her evil mother.  Can you beleive that?

         We did a final costume check on "The Dream" last night and it was lovely.  I can't wait to see it on stage.  The choreographer said it was exactly what she wanted.  I love it when we all work together for a finished product and everyone is happy.  I am lucky to work with dancers that I raised.  They started with me when they were 3.  Some of them leave at 14 to study in professional schools, go to college and then come home and teach for a year or two.  It is great because we think a like and choreograph a like.  I love to see the Irish dance and formation changes influence their skills in ballet pieces.  I am blessed with great and talented teachers.

     Well I am off to finish costumes and to make a bank deposit.  I have enough money right now to pay an additional $1000.00 to my CC, this is from costume sewing and recital fees.  Not counting the $1000.00 I am paying tomorrow from our extra paycheck.  When you hear from me again it will be to tell you I will only have a little over $1000.00 left and that card is paid off!  Yippe!  I was hoping to do it this month, I think it will be in April.  But talk about Gazelle!

Have a great and productive day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday, decisions, decisions

     Rehearsal went better than expected last night.   I find parents trying every way possible to reduce their costs.  I have had exactly 4 costumes paid for out of at least 20 dancers that had to have new costumes.  I really worked hard to find old used ones so we would not have to make new and could save people money and still no checks for costumes.  The performance is Saturday so hopefully people will cough up the money.   I also realize that everyone is in the same boat I am in.  I always thought that I was the only one that struggled.  Most of my parents are professional people but they can't pull an extra $100.00 out if their budget either.
     I think when you live so long  struggling to pay off debt you assume that you are the only one.  Even those I would consider wealthy (doctors) are watching for a break.  I also think that many of my parents have their kids in too many activities.  Dance lessons are expensive.  Especially when they get up into the advanced classes.  Shoes, costumes, performance fees, tickets.  Then I find out the child also does piano and soccer and tee-ball.  Or they have 2 kids in different activities. 

     My girls danced, did shows, took piano.  I taught for the University and their lessons were free.  I also designed, sewed, and choreographed so I was able to work off fees.  We did pay for piano, but Hubby taught violin and viola at piano studio and worked off their lessons.  I don't think I ever realized just how expensive this is for most parents. However, they still have to pay.  I feel like I cut corners for them every chance I get. I don't know if they appreciate it.

     Tonight I have another big rehearsal with the Jr. Company.  I hope it goes as well as last nights rehearsal.  I still have three costumes to adjust and I need to steam press the ghost skirts.  I have not been able to sew in the shop this week.  This is why when I make or alter costumes it is so important that parents pay.  My sewing business actually keeps me a float.  I take home no money from the studio. When I don't sew for customers I make no money.  When the studio debt is paid off I will be able to take home a salary.  But I am 6 years into this business and all it has been is debt.  I am not complaining as I feel that I really contribute to the community and the satisfaction that I get from my students is worth all the headache.  The money end of the business is just a frustration.

  Now I have made a decision.  Hubby gets three paychecks this month.  I will take the paycheck he gets tomorrow and put it on the CC.  Usually the second check of the month pays for all the small  bills.  Tithing, car payment, utilities, doctors.  I take the second state and second cleaning check to do this.  If I take this check it will mean that the checks on the 25th and 28 will pay for these bills. I will have to wait until the 10th and 12th of April to pay the house payment.  Last time we had a three paycheck month (last Oct.)  I moved the house payment up to make sure it was paid by the first, but in doing that the extra paycheck somehow got swallowed up in life.  It is like it evaporated.  Now I can pay the house payment on the 12th it is considered late after the 15th.  It will mean more interest but I do not trust my life enough not to use this extra money when it is available.  Too many variables out there.  I do not trust myself to wait.  I did that last time and I won't do it again.  I will not spend money I do not have so if it is gone I am in stop mode.  If it is available I will find a way to justify spending it.

     Are any of you as weak as me?  When it comes to money I am a wash rag.  Just no discipline.

     Out My Window:  Still cold and rainy.  Saw a little sun yesterday.  But it proves to be a nasty weekend and I am so glad we are performing indoors.  No outside St Patrick's Day celebration.

     The house is a wreck as the daughter has to trash every room, so I am going into my shop and try to clean up a bit.  My mother and Aunt are coming in for the show.  So on top of everything else I need a clean house.  Almost done with the Musical laundry and I can drop that off tomorrow morning.

     Add it up folks, after tomorrow I will have paid $5000.00 to that Credit Card.  Now if parents will pay up  I will have another $1000.00 and then I am almost there!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, $1000 more!

     Today I get to pay another $1000.00 to my last CC balance.  This came from an unexpected $752.00 and extra money from costumes!  Yippee!  If all goes right I will add an additional $1000.00 on Friday from an extra paycheck.  But Friday is dress rehearsal so we will see how it goes, I may be too busy to run to the bank and will have to do it next Monday when the smoke clears.

     Yes, it is bill paying day.  It is also run around like a chicken day.  Still making costumes and gathering things I need for the show.  I need to sit down and really look at the books instead of doing them in my head.  Because my head often times sees things in a better light! Eternal optimist that I am. (sarcasm)

     I just realized last night that today would be the 13th and my rent at the studio is due on the 13th.  Where has the month gone?  I think getting knocked out with food poisoning the first weekend in March threw me into a fog.  But here I am in the 13th day and the atmosphere is clearing!

     Tonight is the last big rehearsal before the show.  This is D day, does everyone have a costume that fits? Do they know their stuff?  Do they care?  Do I care?  You know that kind of thing.  It is nerve racking as this is a building year for the company.  Many of our dancers are young and the young ones without experience are harder to work with.  I keep reminding my seniors that they were all this way several years ago and to go back and look at the shows we did when they were 10.  So tonight we will concentrate on the positive and get these little ones up to show quality.  It is important that they feel good about their performance.   My motto has always been:" if you don't come off stage with a high, why are you torturing yourself?"  I really want them to have fun!

     Out My Window:  Cold, windy, rainy, yuck!  At least I don't feel tempted to work outside~!

     I am going to get dressed and pay bills, run errands and sew costumes, have to be at the studio at 3 and this is a 5 hour night!  Love my life, but will really love it when the show is over.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, I feel better!

    The Celtic show is Saturday so I have a lot to do this week.  Daughter is home for spring break and she is going to help me!  Lucky her.  She gets to help do all the laundry from the Musical and finish costumes.  I get to sit down and pay bills.  You all know how I love to pay bills.  But I will be glad for an extra pair of hands this week.

     I read a finance book this week by Jean Chatsky called The Difference.  It was good, full of many studies on peoples tendencies to save, move up out of poverty and the like.  Since it was written after the crash it was more involved in the personality behind wealth or wealthy people.  Sadly I was not in the category. But a good book all the same.  I think it would have made a difference to me if I had read it a few years ago, but I have made so many changes in my financial life over the last 5 years that I look at money differently.  I certainly look at debt differently.  When you write out your budget and you are $7-800.00 in the hole every month you cannot save or prosper.  Credit card debt can make it almost impossible to get away from this life style or cycle and I know I lived that cycle for way too many years.

     Hard work or earning more is what finally broke the cycle.  I had to earn more money to be able to pay my basic living expenses before I could tackle debt.  I could not blame any one else it had to be me.  As I earned more I was able to put aside money for debt and for things.  The ability to pay cash for a carpet was to me a big thing.  I had always charged anything I wanted and paid for it over the years until it was old and drab and I still owed on it.  Sad but true.  When I started to have extra, even a little I wanted it to go for something good.  Something that would make my life better, happier and I realized nothing made me happier than getting out of debt.  That is my mind set now.  Where is this extra going to go?  If I do that project where will I put the money?  It is a good change.

     Out My Window:  It is warmer but overcast today and I beleive it will be colder by the end of the week. 

     Now I need to get to work!
So what made a difference in your life when it came to finances?  What habit did you make or break in your struggle to get out of debt?  Just wondering?
Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday, living with a bumble

     I was able to work in the yard yesterday.  It was so beautiful.  Started on the rock drainage system around the deck.  It has to be cleaned by hand every year and I am about 1/3 done.  Also emptied all the back flower boxes and I was able to save quite a few asters and pansies. Also many of the mums will come back, so that means less to deal with in the spring.

     I am very upset with hubby right now as he has always been very slow and clumsy.  If there are 95 ways to do something wrong he will find 96.  I have a hard time trusting him to do anything for fear he will break or ruin it.  We were leaving the Albertson's parking lot and he could not figure out how to get out of the lot.  He kept trying to go out the in entrances as cars were coming toward us.  I was screaming and he was as usual slowly responding.  After the third try (now we have lived here for 24 years and have shopped here for 24 years absolutely no reason why he should not know how to get out of the lot) he over corrected and hit a curb with a metal strip and ruined our front tire.  Well when you have an all wheel drive car you cannot put a new tire on with 3,  70% used tires so we had to replace all the tires.  $477.00.  I was so mad.  Remember the basement flood?  Where he turned on the water and forgot and took his hearing aids out and then could not hear it running?

     I realize that people make mistakes and have accidents.  I totaled a perfectly paid for automobile about 19 months ago.  But I also worked extra jobs and saved money and went without to  make up for the loss.  I did that horrible Jr. High Christmas musical to pay for the flood damage.  He works no overtime, has never had a promotion, often does not get cost of living raises and breaks and ruins things accidentally all the time. When I do something stupid,  I make up for it by working harder.  When he screws up, I get to work harder.  I told him right in front of the salesman at the tire shop.  I did not do this.  I am taking this money out of savings and I AM NOT GOING TO PUT IT BACK.  I am not going to panic and work harder, he can figure it out.  He can sell a gun or better yet.......  I am mad! Just such a klutz.  He is at orchestra practice right now and I hope he stays there a good long time.

   I am so close to paying off my last CC and I don't want to derail my progress to pay back the emergency fund.  So I am not going to.  He has government bonds in his safe and if we need that $477.00 before the CC is paid off he can just suck it up.  I usually drive every where once he gets home.  I seldom let him dive any where as he already drives 2 hours a day and well he would rather let me do any extra work.  But I insisted he drive and my pay back was a $477.00 bill.  I have no trust.  Living with a screw up for 34 years can make you bitter.

     Okay I am off my rant.  On a better note, we will get a 3rd paycheck this month so by this Friday I will be able to put another $1000.00 on the credit card.  I also received an unexpected bonus of 756.00 for some choreography rights and will add our $256.00 state tax refund  to this and put another $1000.00 on the card this week.   Yippee!  Now realize that this does not even count the extra costume and recital fee money I am squirreling away in the studio account.  I have also not paid a dime to the CC out of the studio this month and I should be able to add at least $500.00, so we might just see a pay off next month!  I can hardly wait.

     As soon as that card is paid off, I am going to never use my US BANK card again and try to get a different card through the CU.

Have peaceful Sabbath, it is not to peaceful here.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, Zippers!

    Okay it is Friday and I am down to zippers in the sewing shop. I mean I have to replace 5 zippers today!  I do not really like to do zippers, as they hurt the joints of my hands, but it is a lost art so here I am replacing broken zippers.  They seem to come in all at once.   I have told myself if I get all 5 of these done I can have a treat.  Not sure what my treat will be.......Maybe a nap!

     I have $595.00 in my studio account to apply toward debt if all goes well.  Dribs and drabs are coming in everyday to add to this snowflake.  It is going to be a big one!

    It is funny to think that I have a weekend with no real plans.  Probably the last one I will get in a long time, so I had better appreciate it. There are no college classes next week and I am happy because it will free up time to concentrate on the Celtic show.

     Out My Window:  The daffodils are pushing up and will bloom within the week.  It is so sunny but still not warm.  I have pansies coming back with the sunlight.

     Well I am going into finish putting a zipper into a pair of pants and then I have to run to Joanns for 3 more longer coat zippers and some hem lace.   I also need to work on the ghost skirts.  I had a volunteer mom come and help put them all together yesterday, so now I will finish them up or get B to do it when she comes home for spring break!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, patience is not my virtue

     I have never been a patient person.  I am very patient with my young dancers.  But when it come to my debt I am impatient.  I just want it gone.   I have found myself living at the calculator again trying to figure out ways to pay it off sooner and going over charts and plans and schemes.  This is not living in the moment.  I have been seized by that old spirit of living for my debt payoff and it is not a good feeling.  It is an anxious feeling.  I know that Dave Ramsey's approach  to debt is the Gazelle intense approach and it is a good plan, but I feel that way all the time toward my bills and debt.  Even a Gazelle needs a break.  I don't mean that I am going to go spend money like a fool or even spend money at all I don't need or want anything, I just want the debt gone.

     I think the main reason I feel this way is that it is getting close.  I can see ways to get there and I need to slow down.  Now can anyone tell me how to do that?

     Recital fees, and costume fees are starting to come in and I so far have $485.00 to put toward my card, but I am waiting until the end of the month after all the bills are paid and then I will put it toward my debt. Now I just get to sew and save!

     Out My Window:  Cold, cold, cold!  Sunny but cold!

     I bet you are all thinking what is this woman going to obsess and complain about after her debt is paid off?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday, a little change

                                                       My Big Pink Pig change bank. 
                                                   She sits on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

     How are all of you doing on your sealed pot challenge?  I know it is easy to be really dedicated to a cause early on and then forget about it as time wanes.  But I have tried to be religious about mine and still find myself adding a few coins and sometimes a few dollars every night to my bank.  It is silly but it keeps me motivated towards a small goal.  Sometimes the small goals are all you have when the debts loom large.
                                      My little silver pig for $1's that I get at the studio for soda!

     Don't you love the postage stamp stuck to the window well so I can reuse it?  Ever frugal me.

     I have also taken to weighing my pink pig like Carla.  By the weigh(I mean way) she has gained 2 lbs in the last few weeks!  I need a life! But alas anything to keep me motivated.

     It is hubbies week to drive so we will see at the end of the week how big a hit we take on the gas bill.  Gas is up about .37 a gallon here. Drat! It just deflates me when we struggle so hard to save money and cut back to pay off debt and the little extra we do manage to save goes to the gas tank.

     Daughter #2 called and said she got employee of the month at her office.  She was able to read all the comments that her co-workers had written about her.  Most centered around, "she doesn't whine and complain".  I had to laugh because she said the doctor was supposed to bring flowers and gift certificates and he forgot.  But she didn't complain.:)

   Daughter #3 wants to give up her apartment this summer and move into a academic Sorority next year.  We are not that supportive, but financially it is a wash considering the problems we have had with reliable room mates.  She is very lonely and is scared at night.  So she has had a hard time sleeping.  Even though she is in a big complex of people.  The internet her apartment provides is substandard and it is bogged down at peak hours.  So she has been walking to campus to get on the net as much of her chemistry and micro work is on-line.  She met a group of girls from this sorority in her science classes and she has been studying at the house at night as the internet is great and one of the local boys will walk her home along with another girl in her complex.  They are not allowed to walk at night without an escort.  It is a dry house which is important to us and not on Greek row, where the party scene is.  In fact I have been checking it out and it is what they say, an academic house. She will have to work more to pay for extras. As long as I don't have to come up with any more money.  We do help her a certain amount every month and provide, her car insurance and cell phone. 

     Out My Window:  Beautiful, sunny but cold!  The chickens laid 8 eggs yesterday!  That is a record, but the days are getting longer.  We are supposed to have another cold snap this weekend.  Dang.

     I have huge piles in the shop, and I need to get motivated.  Any one have any ideas?  How about:  You won't be able to pay your bills.  Now that is motivation.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, making progress.

     Well I was able to send $3000.00 to our credit card yesterday, all with the tax refund.  I still feel like I have so far to go, but I am making progress.  I know that I will be able to make at least a $1000.00 payment from the studio after all the March bills are paid.  I also know that Hubby has one extra paycheck this month.  So that will be socked on.  Now between, recital fees which should come in at about $700.00 and costume fees at at least $700.00 I should be close to a payoff.  Without touching my savings or emergency fund.  (Sluggy and Little Lamb threatened me with bodily harm if I touched either.  Now we know that Little Lamb was probably bluffing as she raises bunnies, but Sluggy will live up to her name!)  Anyway it is nice to dream.

     I opened up the visa bill from the moves last month and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.  I had brought at least $500.00 in cash on each trip and I had spent cash while there, I also brought at least $200.00 home each time, so my CC was not as bad as I thought and I will have the money to cover these expenses.  My payroll will also be down at the studio this month by a few hundred dollars.

     I put together the ghost skirt yesterday and the teacher loved it so I need to make 6 more with sashes. I think my daughter will help me next week with the Celtic show as it is spring break for her and I know she needs the money.  I have a ton of yard work for her to do! Yippee!

     Out My Window:  It is so sunny today!  Just marvelous, I bet it reaches 65 on the back porch.  I am getting planting fever.

     One of my long time sewing customers is ill and she has to give up her bed to put in a hospital bed so they are coming to get our truck and she is having the bed brought over here.  We will take it up to Daughter as she needs another bed and has been looking to buy a new one.  It looks like she may have a room mate lined up.  What a blessing.  I am not sure yet if it is just a bed or a whole bedroom set.  But even the bed is a big bonus.  I know the mattress and box spring will be top of the line.  This is also great as I have all my medical treatment where daughter lives and her dad and I will have a nice bed to sleep on!

     Well I have plenty to do today, so I had better get busy.  Still feeling a little shaky, but so much better.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, Hey is it March! by the way Thanks!

    Hey, is it March?  I am just waking up from under ether.  It is March 5th already?  I have a show opening in 2 weeks and I have a shop full of alterations and costumes to make.  I never knew you could be so wiped out from food poisoning.  It was the slow respiration and the bad head ache, back ache and fever that got me.  Also the dizziness, not able to stand for any period of time.  I was laying down three times while trying to brush my teeth.  But I am almost back I think.  Don't ever want to go there again. It just happened so fast!

    Well I have to set up a budget for March.  I was going to do that but something slipped.  I also have a huge chunk to pay on the Credit Card.  It may take me a few days to get everything straight, but I am going to do a big payment today to help off set the interest next month.  Just think in the next couple of months I might be CC debt free.  I have so much to do to get there and then to stay there.

     I have paid off both my CC's so many times and turned right around and racked then back up again.  But that is not going to happen this time.  I cannot handle having my emergency fund below 1000.00 and we all know it needs to be much higher.  I also have to use my CC for some advertizing bills that I can payoff once a month they are not large. I have gone several months paying off the card monthly.  Then bang I grow week and stupid and it is back. Usually the kids. I know stay away from the kids. 

     What us funny is that we have huge medical bills and I don't ever remember putting a Medical or a Dental bill on a CC.  For me it is just poor planning and putting wants before needs.  So I will need all the help I can get to stay strong.  I can surely see that my financial life is getting better but I have such a long way to go.

     Out My Window:  It was so warm and beautiful yesterday, as I lay on the couch in a stupor.  It is overcast today, but it smells like spring!

     Well I am going up to get in a hot bath and see if it will loosen me up and then onto the sewing room.  Much to do today!

     By the way thanks for all the warm thoughts, they did make me feel loved if not better for a while anyway.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday, food poisoning! down for the count.

    Was not expecting this.  Food poisoning!  I am now just able to get around.  It was severe.  Because my immune system is suppressed my body did not react normally.  I was so dizzy, had a terribly high fever, had a really hard time walking.  Breathing was hard.  But it was short lived, I am still a little off, will probably be for a few days.
     Now I am really behind, but I will not be able to really take the reins until Monday.  Just too weak.

     12 dollars a day had her baby and I am so happy for her.  Little Lamb is consumer debt free.  Judy is considering buying a new car, because she feels and is in a better place financially to do so.  Rhitter is making progress on her snowball. Mrs.M has a card paid off.  So much good news!

     When I read these things.  I realize I can do it also.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, March!

     My favorite month of the year!  February was not good for me financially.  Too much going on and not paying attention, plus arthritis going full tilt and that is a killer.  We went way over budget on gas, medications, gifts.  I did not keep my spending log.  It fell to the way side about the middle of the month. SO....

     Now big do over.  New goals for the month:

1. Keep spending record!
2. Try to stay in town.
3. Try to pay as much to CC as possible.
4. Figure out how to get house payment back on track.

     I think I was able to get all the younger dancers into costumes last night.  But it is so confusing as many parents are charging for old costumes.  So I have to make sure Mrs. Smith pays Mrs. Jones.  They don't always pay so I hear about it.  This year everyone will pay me and I will pay parents.  It is a little more work but a lot less headache with cranky parents.

     Out My Window:  Sunny, but snow flurries all the time.  The sun is going full tilt and it is coming down cotton balls.  So pretty and it does not stick.  This is the beginning of Spring!

     Now that Little Lamb is free of her CC I want to be rid of mine.  I am tempted to take the tax return and empty all my savings accounts and pay it off.  Just so I can catch up with her.  See how competitive I am?  She may be younger, prettier, faster than me, but I am older,meaner and have been making the same financial mistakes over and over again for years.  So I can do it again! (the mistakes I mean)  The minute I empty the savings (studio and emergency fund) I will have a disaster and will be back to using the CC.  So I will make myself be patient and just put the $3000.00 I have on the card and snow flake any other money that comes from the studio recital fees, late fees, costume fees, also Hubby gets an extra paycheck this month. Patience, snowflake, don't do something stupid just to feel good for three days and then all sh&% hits the fan.  Keep your savings in the savings account.

     I think I felt a little better yesterday.  Still a great deal of stiffness, but less pain when using my right hand.  I could let's say pull out the bobbin winding gear with my right hand and not reach over with my left because I could not grip the wheel without severe pain.  I could lift the iron out of the cradle, I could use the glue gun.  Little things but it is progress.

     The shop is full as I have not had time to sew for customers.    I have only sewn this week for the High School, so today I am hitting the machine for me, I need the money.  I did get the shop cleaned yesterday.   I also need to pay bills.  Yuck, the first of the month is great except for the bills!

Have a great and productive day!