Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, March!

     My favorite month of the year!  February was not good for me financially.  Too much going on and not paying attention, plus arthritis going full tilt and that is a killer.  We went way over budget on gas, medications, gifts.  I did not keep my spending log.  It fell to the way side about the middle of the month. SO....

     Now big do over.  New goals for the month:

1. Keep spending record!
2. Try to stay in town.
3. Try to pay as much to CC as possible.
4. Figure out how to get house payment back on track.

     I think I was able to get all the younger dancers into costumes last night.  But it is so confusing as many parents are charging for old costumes.  So I have to make sure Mrs. Smith pays Mrs. Jones.  They don't always pay so I hear about it.  This year everyone will pay me and I will pay parents.  It is a little more work but a lot less headache with cranky parents.

     Out My Window:  Sunny, but snow flurries all the time.  The sun is going full tilt and it is coming down cotton balls.  So pretty and it does not stick.  This is the beginning of Spring!

     Now that Little Lamb is free of her CC I want to be rid of mine.  I am tempted to take the tax return and empty all my savings accounts and pay it off.  Just so I can catch up with her.  See how competitive I am?  She may be younger, prettier, faster than me, but I am older,meaner and have been making the same financial mistakes over and over again for years.  So I can do it again! (the mistakes I mean)  The minute I empty the savings (studio and emergency fund) I will have a disaster and will be back to using the CC.  So I will make myself be patient and just put the $3000.00 I have on the card and snow flake any other money that comes from the studio recital fees, late fees, costume fees, also Hubby gets an extra paycheck this month. Patience, snowflake, don't do something stupid just to feel good for three days and then all sh&% hits the fan.  Keep your savings in the savings account.

     I think I felt a little better yesterday.  Still a great deal of stiffness, but less pain when using my right hand.  I could let's say pull out the bobbin winding gear with my right hand and not reach over with my left because I could not grip the wheel without severe pain.  I could lift the iron out of the cradle, I could use the glue gun.  Little things but it is progress.

     The shop is full as I have not had time to sew for customers.    I have only sewn this week for the High School, so today I am hitting the machine for me, I need the money.  I did get the shop cleaned yesterday.   I also need to pay bills.  Yuck, the first of the month is great except for the bills!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm with you. February was a bust! Feb may be said to be a short year, but it sure had a lot of bite in it. I also have felt the urge to just empty my EF and savings funds just to see my CC balance decrease... but I know for certain that it would bring about Murphies with a vengeance and then I'd be in double the trouble. Hope you feel better! Don't overwork yourself.

  2. Keep your patient shoes on lady. I'm watching that savings account so don't you dare empty it now, ya hear? ;-)

  3. Ok, I might be younger but that's about it. Don't you dare empty that savings! I'll be jumping on a plane to come kick your butt if you do! You keep on keeping on. You will do it too. I don't have half the things to deal with that you do. You can't compare yourself to others (there are too many other factors). Just compare yourself to you and how far you have come! :)

  4. Boy you two play hard ball don't you!

  5. Yea to tax refunds! Why don't you a % in savings and a % towards your debt?