Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday, did judy get hacked again?

  Ok? Did Judy get hacked again?  Or did she just get in that new little red car and drive away?  I can't bring up her blog.  I also hope the weather is nice this afternoon so I can work outside.  Right now I am waiting for hubby to call.  He took the dog for a walk and I am meeting him and then going out to get some birthday cake and flowers.  I also think I will take the dog for a bath!   I have a sewing customer that is home bound so I will take my cake and icecream over to her house ad I will bring her some daffodils.  It is my birthday present to me!  I am off to play in the dirt and eat cake!  Hoorah!

Have a great and happy day!



  1. Happy, happy birthday! Hope it is a great day!

  2. I get "this blog has been removed" also when I go to Judy's spot.

    Hey! Happy Birthday Kim!!!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday, Kim!!! :) Enjoy your day, you deserve it!! Hugs!!

    Off to check on Judy... Ugh! :(

  4. I can't get to her blog either today :(

  5. I got to Judy's blog early this morning, but then tried again mid-day and got the same error message that everyone else did.

    Poor Judy...(unless it was something she wanted, of course!)

  6. Happiest of happy birthdays my friend. You deserve the most wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday my dear friend! :)