Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, Zippers!

    Okay it is Friday and I am down to zippers in the sewing shop. I mean I have to replace 5 zippers today!  I do not really like to do zippers, as they hurt the joints of my hands, but it is a lost art so here I am replacing broken zippers.  They seem to come in all at once.   I have told myself if I get all 5 of these done I can have a treat.  Not sure what my treat will be.......Maybe a nap!

     I have $595.00 in my studio account to apply toward debt if all goes well.  Dribs and drabs are coming in everyday to add to this snowflake.  It is going to be a big one!

    It is funny to think that I have a weekend with no real plans.  Probably the last one I will get in a long time, so I had better appreciate it. There are no college classes next week and I am happy because it will free up time to concentrate on the Celtic show.

     Out My Window:  The daffodils are pushing up and will bloom within the week.  It is so sunny but still not warm.  I have pansies coming back with the sunlight.

     Well I am going into finish putting a zipper into a pair of pants and then I have to run to Joanns for 3 more longer coat zippers and some hem lace.   I also need to work on the ghost skirts.  I had a volunteer mom come and help put them all together yesterday, so now I will finish them up or get B to do it when she comes home for spring break!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I admire those who sew. I tried to learn as a child but I sucked. Love daffodils!

  2. Michael took 2 of our coats to a tailor - he's 85 and came over from Poland after the war. Anyways he replaced our two coat zippers but I guess he thought both were men's coats because he put a man's zipper in my coat and it irks me to no end - I just can't get used to the switcheroo of each hand's job - it's a good thing that the word hand's has an 's after it or this comment would be x-rated!!

  3. Replacing a single zipper would be a huge deal for me (Im embarrassed to admit that if a zipper ever breaks I toss the item!). Pictures from the Celtic show would be great--you attend so many unique events!