Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

     Tomorrow is my 45th birthday in dyslexic years!  (figure it out) and I bought myself a $10.00 bouquet of daffodils because I am worth it!  Yes I wastes $10.00 on something that is going to die.  But they remind me of Spring and make me feel great!
     Hubby and I are preparing for yard work, it may be really wet out and we may not be able to get out but we know eventually it is coming.  Last night we went to K-mart and bought a new patio umbrella for our back deck and 3 new vinyl table cloths.  Green umbrella, red check table cloths.  We will look like an Italian hot dog vendor.  Our last umbrella was broken in several places and mended and then torn and mended.  Our table cloths lived through a hot summer and the all winter they are shredded.  I am excited to clean up the back deck and get them put out.  I would like to barbeque on my birthday even if we have to eat it inside.
                                         You can see out side this small corner of the yard how
                                        much there is to do and this is just a little part of the work.
     Chairs are tipped over by wind, wood pile is a mess, piles of weeds and general clean up.  We do have the lawn mower out.  We have three patio tables.  One we eat on and it is on the deck with an umbrella.  The second in down on a alternative deck you can see in the picture and we actually store the lawnmower under this table to keep it dry.  When we have company we just wheel the lawnmower over the the shed.  The 3rd table you can see over in the corner covers our fire pit and keeps it dry and clean.  But when we have get togethers with family and friends we can seat about 30 people comfortably around our deck.What a mess!

     My Aunt sent me a beautiful quilt that she made for my spare bedroom and it matches perfectly.  I was so excited.  She called to tell me she was making me a quilt for my birthday and it arrived yesterday.  I feel so spoiled!  It will go in the spare bedroom up stairs, which is done in greens and pinks.  I was just tickled with it.  She teaches quilting a couple of nights a week on a reservation in Minnesota.  I love the shiny yellow center it makes the little yellow hues in the other fabric pop out.  It is an Easter Quilt.

     We have company coming this weekend, so between yard work and entertaining I should be busy.  I am going to put some chicken in the slow cooker so I can make chicken salad tomorrow.  I also need to get to the grocery store for some steaks.  Maybe some shrimp.  Boy am I special!
     I have a bunch of uniforms that need to be done by 2 o'clock and a rain coat to finish so off I go to get some work done.  I really just want to work in the yard.  Too wet.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You ARE worth it! I love the dyslexic birthday - but if I did that I'd end up 9 years OLDER!! I just booked a B&B for my birthday weekend in May in Niagara Falls! So excited - it's a beautiful older home with wrap around porches and decks, fireplaces in every room, jacuzzi tubs, a full hot breakfast included, large victorian dining room - wish I was going THIS weekend! Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow in case I'm not on the computer then! Eat lots of BBQ!

  2. Awwww... how pretty! You should treat yourself!

  3. Happy early Birthday!! I love that you treated yourself with flowers. And my yard looks worse than yours - I have two gorgeous tulips that have bloomed and I can't take a picture because all you would be looking at are the weeds!! I need to get out and do some sprucing, too, but it will have to wait until the pollen subsides. I hope you get to have that birthday cookout outside!


  4. I love buying myself flowers! Tulips are my favorites! Have a Happy Birthday week-end!

  5. Happy birthday! And you are definitely worth the $10 splurge! Beautiful quilt--what a great gift!

  6. Happy Birthday. The quilt is beautiful and so are the flowers. But truthfully so are you :)

  7. Love the quilt!! :) What a wonderful gift!! Enjoy those flowers!!