Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, running in too many directions!

     Between the show, rehearsals, costumes, shop, mother coming and just life, I am running in too many directions.  I still have three costumes to finish and some alterations that need to be done today.   Because I have company coming all the beds need to be changed and the laundry done.  I stripped all the beds before the housekeeper got here.  She usually just does the two rooms and baths upstairs, but with B home I want to get the downstairs bath and bedroom ready.  The downstairs bath is connected to my shop and is covered with costumes and crap right now.  I keep running from room to room trying to figure out what to do next.

     The fire department will come and move the floor tomorrow to the theater.  I thought I was was going to pull it tonight.  S will be home tonight to put together a program and set the music order.  One of our pieces of music that was professionally cut was damaged and I had to send out for another splice.  The recording studio called this  morning and all I heard was,  "Mam, I have this splice ready for you to listen to."  I thought it was a crank call and then I realized it was the sound tech.  I hear this Irish jig music break to a reel and I then realized who was talking to me.  Now I just found out that the poem that is with the ballet piece  "The Dream" has not been sent to the sound man for a voice over.  Do I have to do everything myself?  I think we all know the answer to that.

     I did get many parents to pay last night still have about $1000.00 worth of costumes and tuition out, but many will be in tonight to pay.  I hardly feel I can charge parents for costumes when I am still trying to alter and get things switched to the right dancer. Just breath and live for Saturday.  One of my dance mom's is bringing Corn Beef and Cabbage over tomorrow so  I will not have to worry about feeding company. I do scholarship students that have no means to pay.  These parents do much of the work at the studio.  They also help sew and just general help at recital times.  I sometimes feel very spoiled.  Clean studio, windows washed, sets moved, I get fed.  They get lessons.  Works out great!

     Out My Window:  Cold, rainy.  Hubby and youngest daughter took off to cross country ski today.  I would have loved to have gone but just too much to do.  B has been helping with costumes all week and will have to be at the theater at my beck and call  for the next two days.  So this is her spring break and her dad decided to rescue her from her evil mother.  Can you beleive that?

         We did a final costume check on "The Dream" last night and it was lovely.  I can't wait to see it on stage.  The choreographer said it was exactly what she wanted.  I love it when we all work together for a finished product and everyone is happy.  I am lucky to work with dancers that I raised.  They started with me when they were 3.  Some of them leave at 14 to study in professional schools, go to college and then come home and teach for a year or two.  It is great because we think a like and choreograph a like.  I love to see the Irish dance and formation changes influence their skills in ballet pieces.  I am blessed with great and talented teachers.

     Well I am off to finish costumes and to make a bank deposit.  I have enough money right now to pay an additional $1000.00 to my CC, this is from costume sewing and recital fees.  Not counting the $1000.00 I am paying tomorrow from our extra paycheck.  When you hear from me again it will be to tell you I will only have a little over $1000.00 left and that card is paid off!  Yippe!  I was hoping to do it this month, I think it will be in April.  But talk about Gazelle!

Have a great and productive day!


  1. You are so Gazelle, you are a blur!!!

  2. Yay for extra credit card payments! :-)

  3. Wow, you've been busy today. I hope, everything will go great on Saturday!!