Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, This thing called passion...

     I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning, getting all the music and complete story line to Cinderella done.  Two of my teachers and I watched 2 versions of the Musical and then started to hash out the real line.  I am sure it will have to be tweaked, but we are ready to really set the numbers.  We did not get the class lists and costumes all figured out.  We have several dancers that take 4 subjects and you cannot overlap costume changes, so we have to organize the cast to see who will not be able to make a scene.  That is work for this evening.  But right now I am  just tired.
      It is fun to watch these young women, both who are consummate professionals and also incredible dancers.  They are learning to be great teachers and they have such passion for what they do.  Neither one complained and they had such good ideas and were so positive and excited the whole night.  They both have to work at their day jobs and then come teach tonight for me so I feel a little guilty.  I remember having that kind of energy when I was their age.
     How did I get so lucky.  I have this incredible staff fueled with passion.  Now that we have the major board done we will bring in the other under teachers as they will have good ideas to help the show.  But I learned a long time ago to keep the numbers down at the first planning meetings. Too many ideas like cooks spoil the brew.  Also it leads to dissension and fighting when ones ideas are not used.  I really encourage the staff to speak up and let me know what they want. In other words talk over me.  I will always veto what I think won't work and give my reasons.  Often I let them promote an idea even if I think it won't work, with the option that we will try and they can back out if things get hairy.  This way they learn to trust me when I say....well I don't know...  and sometime (often times they are so right). 
     I sewed very hard yesterday and I have a little to do today, but I am going to get in the tub and also have my nails done, they are a wreck.  I don't want to spend the money and it hurts to have them done but they are broken and jagged and I am going to get a bad infection if I don't get them filled.
     I actually have taken in almost $250.00 in the last 2 days, but I had to give hubby $70.00 yesterday for gas and spending money.  I do not want him writing any checks. This keeps our account balanced with no surprises.
Out My Window:  It poured rain all day yesterday and never got above 42.  Those of you that are talking about warm weather are making me so jealous.

     Well I had better get cleaned up.  I look like I just crawled out from under a rock.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You work really really hard! Hope you did take the time to get your nails done! Seems like you just finished a show and now you're preparing for another one already? Your staff sound amazing - having had a daughter in dance for over 10 years I know a bit about the backstabbing that can go on. You handle your staff amazingly well!
    PS my daughter called Cinderella P-pella when she was little :)

  2. I'd say you got so lucky with with incredible staff because YOU are incredible!!