Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday, What is happening to the blogs?

     I will be observing My blogs anniversary on April 4th.  But my question is what is happening to the blog community?  So many have pulled out or quit.  Hardly anyone posts any more.  Rarely a comment.  I am beginning to think that my blog is not working.  Not that this life I live is so interesting to follow.  I really do not blog for followers, but I do blog to follow.  I have yet to get any scathing comments.  One of my favorite blogs is Saving 4 Later and I just tried to pull her up and I was denied.  Are people really getting that many bad comments, that they feel they have to limit their access?  It is a shame!

    The shop got busier yesterday.  I will have work to do when I get back from Twin Falls.  I was able to get the medical papers yesterday and I faxed them this morning,  I just called and they were accepted so it looks like I will not have to pay that last big doctor bill and the $50.00 copay I pay for injections will also be paid.   Every little bit helps.  I think I will have about $80.00 to leave with hubby.  I already took care of B.  She has $50.00 for gas and groceries.  I will fill the truck before I leave and Hubby will have to fill it at least once before I get back, so I have met all my financial goals that way.  I remember I used to just leave town and write a bad check for gas, okay a check that went into the overdraft account which is like a credit card.  I would have no money, maybe $20.00 in cash and I would just use the credit card at will.  A trip like this could cost at least $1000.00 with shopping.  Now do that several times a year and see where it gets you.

     I have so changed my mind set, that the last year I have come home with money.  I am also very careful about what I buy.  I go with a plan, and if I don't find what I want I don't buy anything.

     So When I get back, it will be April and I will soon very soon be able to pay off that CC.  I am so close.  By April 10th I will only have the vehicle loans and the house payment.  I am so excited.

Out My Window:  Yesterday it was cold and rainy, then about 1 o'clock I went out back to check on the chickens and gather eggs.  It was warm sun shiny about 70 beautiful blue sky.  Within minutes a black cloud raced and I mean raced in.  It was one of the darkest scariest clouds Dorothy (wizard of Oz) and I have ever seen.  Remember I grew up in the Dakotas.  I have a healthy respect for dark clouds.  Anyway a huge thunder clap and hail and rain like no tomorrow.  1/2 an hour later....  Beautiful warm blue sky!  Then overcast and rain.  Chickens laid a record amount of eggs.  I think they were scared out of them!  Hubby came home and said it was one of the few times he has been chased out of the woods by a storm cloud.  If you don't like the weather wait a 1/2 an hour.

     I have a photo shoot this afternoon for the Cinderella poster.  I want it done by the time I get back so it can get distributed and I can get the TV commercial done.  Then it will be costume nightmare time.

     Well, I will be on the road tomorrow for about 13 -14 hours.  Will drive to pick Mom up in Missoula, Montana,  That will take at least 4 hours.  I will rest for an hour and then start over the pass by Hamilton into the Saw Tooth Mountains into Idaho down to Twin Falls.  That will take about 7 hours.  I will have to stop more often for Mom as she is almost 80.  I think this will be our last road trip together.  She just does not travel well any more.  Even flying has become a trial for her.  I will enjoy this while I can.

Have a great and productive day!  and let's all try to be a little nicer, a little less judgmental, a little more positive with each other, just in case it will make a difference.



  1. Kim, CS is taking a little break but she is planning on coming back... If she keeps it private you can always send her a message for her to add you. I, for one, haven't been blogging very much lately, my mojo is low... I figure in a few weeks it'll get better!

  2. I think I need some spring. We had wicked weather too. Thought the house would blow away last night!

    I liked Missula, but haven't been in 20 years. We are thinking about a Waterton/Glacier Kalispell trip one of these summers.

    When our little one is older and can go more than an hour without a pit stop!!

  3. I forgot to say about the comments... it is easier now that people have changed the security settings. I think just got out of the habit a bit. I'm thrilled to announce that I get porn in mine! Thankfully it goes into the spam folder but really?!?

  4. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the trip with your Mom!

    I know what you mean about the blogging community as a whole seeming to be losing people left and right. It is a shame but it is what it is. I haven't gotten any rude comments on mine either, but I know several bloggers who have. My philosophy is if all you want to do is slam the blogger for what he/she is writing why are you even reading their blog?

  5. Don't get me started on comments...

    Safe travels! How exciting to be only 2 weeks away from a MAJOR milestone!

  6. I've been out of sorts recently.

  7. Have a wonderful trip Kim!! Will miss you while you are gone. I was away on a little trip to visit family and just haven't had the time to blog but it has been pretty quite around the blogsphere lately. Sad to see some favs going away.

  8. Just been too busy to blog myself. I am trying to keep up with everyone, but I have not been able to do even that!

    You keep me smiling though - I love your blog!

  9. I've found myself lazy with my blogging as well. Maybe it's just the time of year for our resolutions to get sluggish. I know in January and even February I was so motivated with my debt repayment, but it slowly started to fade as we got into March. I've still been reading blogs though and I appreciate that you give us all something to read everyday. Thanks for giving us all a kick in the pants.

    Does anyone know what happened to Judy?

  10. You inspired me so much I had my longest post ever...and it included a shout out to you! Thanks again for the motivation...or kicking me. Either way you want to look at it.

  11. Well I guess blogs leaving is just part of life. People grow and their focus changes and they either change the blog or shed it.
    Life doesn't stand still, no matter how much you want it to, ya know?
    I look back on my blog and it's nothing like it started out to be. I was all about the couponing and frugality....I'm still frugal but I've branched out and talk about more than that. I never get mentioned as a PF blogger in any lists/directories(maybe I should put money in my title?lol), tho I do talk about those issues and I do think I should be. But I'm just not pidgeon-holed in that way so I'm good with it.
    I read quite a few PF bloggers but I don't stay for the PF stuff(except to cheerlead or offer advise from someone who made it to the other side). It's the one's who talk about other things in their life too that I their hobbies/work/passions/family. That's what makes me stay around and develop relationships with them.
    And now I am just babbling....lolol

    That is great that once you get the CC paid off in April you are down to 2 debts. I'm hoping for you that once you get the car paid off you can pile up money to replace the current rides with "paid in cash" rides in your future. Getting out from under the whole cars on credit mindset is so essential for winning with your money. At least, that's my feeling.....

    Have a good visit with your moms! 8-)

  12. Kim - I read your blog everyday and miss you when you don't post. I hardly ever comment for no good reason. Please don't stop. Have a great trip to see your Mom.


  13. I've noticed the 'lag' in the blogging world too. Perhaps people are all losing the blogging spark at the same time, perhaps they've sold their blog or perhaps goals have been reached and blogging has been replaced with something else! Whatever it is, keep on blogging! I would never have achieved freedom from hoarding, overspending and poor financial management had I not followed blogs for the past 5 years. As I read about the trials, tribulations and joys of others, it helps to realize that I'm not alone in my efforts to live a better (for me) life. People are reading.

  14. I don't blog a lot because with everything being automated my money situation doesn't really change. And I haven't been commenting much because it seems that the commenting system done't work at my office. Once I get home I've either forgotten what I was going to say, or I get busy with my never ending list of projects.

  15. Stay with it Kim - I love my daily dose of sarcasm :) and would really really miss you! I think the nicer weather takes us outside and away from our computers more. I for one am trying to cut back on my computer time - it literally takes me 2-3 hours to read and comment on everyone's posts and at least an hour to compose my own so I've switched to posting one day and commenting the next so that means I'm reading your posts every other day instead of daily though I do go back and read the ones I've missed.
    It's wonderful to see that your journey with those damn credit cards is nearing its end. That will be one joyful day and I bet I'll hear you celebrating all the way from Idaho!

  16. I'm missing a lot of my *friends* too. When they stop blogging, I actually feel like I lose a friend. :(. So, my dear Kim, know that I read but sometimes don't comment. Life gets busy...and the weather is getting better!

    I've been at a lull in my posts...not a whole lot to say...although I have some stuff up my sleeve.

    Blog for yourself, it's a great outlet! :)!

  17. Congrats on nearly paying off your cc's Kim!

  18. kim, I read each post, but often don't get time to comment. I really enjoy your blog, it's not boring, it's the everyday kind of life blogs that I like. plus that I love reading whats going on outside your window each day :)
    well done on the cc's!

  19. Kim, I have been crazy busy with family stuff.... But I do pass by and read way more than I comment. Don't leave us !