Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, $1000 more!

     Today I get to pay another $1000.00 to my last CC balance.  This came from an unexpected $752.00 and extra money from costumes!  Yippee!  If all goes right I will add an additional $1000.00 on Friday from an extra paycheck.  But Friday is dress rehearsal so we will see how it goes, I may be too busy to run to the bank and will have to do it next Monday when the smoke clears.

     Yes, it is bill paying day.  It is also run around like a chicken day.  Still making costumes and gathering things I need for the show.  I need to sit down and really look at the books instead of doing them in my head.  Because my head often times sees things in a better light! Eternal optimist that I am. (sarcasm)

     I just realized last night that today would be the 13th and my rent at the studio is due on the 13th.  Where has the month gone?  I think getting knocked out with food poisoning the first weekend in March threw me into a fog.  But here I am in the 13th day and the atmosphere is clearing!

     Tonight is the last big rehearsal before the show.  This is D day, does everyone have a costume that fits? Do they know their stuff?  Do they care?  Do I care?  You know that kind of thing.  It is nerve racking as this is a building year for the company.  Many of our dancers are young and the young ones without experience are harder to work with.  I keep reminding my seniors that they were all this way several years ago and to go back and look at the shows we did when they were 10.  So tonight we will concentrate on the positive and get these little ones up to show quality.  It is important that they feel good about their performance.   My motto has always been:" if you don't come off stage with a high, why are you torturing yourself?"  I really want them to have fun!

     Out My Window:  Cold, windy, rainy, yuck!  At least I don't feel tempted to work outside~!

     I am going to get dressed and pay bills, run errands and sew costumes, have to be at the studio at 3 and this is a 5 hour night!  Love my life, but will really love it when the show is over.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You are making such a progress this month!! This is not a good month for us, I can't wait for it to be over...

    1. Hmmm I can't get a new box to pop up for my own comment. I'll just hang out under Lena.
      You are so busy that my head is spinning. And congrats on finding more money for your credit card bill.

  2. The month is going by very fast!

  3. I agree; all it takes is one little miscue and it can seem a whole month is just thrown out of balance. I got sick at the end of Feb and it went through the beginning of March, so I feel like both months are completely out of loop! Ugh.

  4. It isn't February anymore? geez. Good Job on paying an extra 1000.

  5. That's awesome! $1000 is a lot of money to throw at a debt! You go girl!

  6. We'll still be here when the smoke clears to Woohoo! your $1K progress so go get the show stuff done.
    Oh, I miss my theater days sometimes....but not the crunch days..oy!! ;-)

  7. You're on a roll Kim, no doubt about it! Hope the show goes well tomorrow night and then put your feet up for a day or two!

  8. Hope the show goes well! You are kicking butt

  9. Exciting stuff! very good news. Take THAT debt!!