Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday, living with a bumble

     I was able to work in the yard yesterday.  It was so beautiful.  Started on the rock drainage system around the deck.  It has to be cleaned by hand every year and I am about 1/3 done.  Also emptied all the back flower boxes and I was able to save quite a few asters and pansies. Also many of the mums will come back, so that means less to deal with in the spring.

     I am very upset with hubby right now as he has always been very slow and clumsy.  If there are 95 ways to do something wrong he will find 96.  I have a hard time trusting him to do anything for fear he will break or ruin it.  We were leaving the Albertson's parking lot and he could not figure out how to get out of the lot.  He kept trying to go out the in entrances as cars were coming toward us.  I was screaming and he was as usual slowly responding.  After the third try (now we have lived here for 24 years and have shopped here for 24 years absolutely no reason why he should not know how to get out of the lot) he over corrected and hit a curb with a metal strip and ruined our front tire.  Well when you have an all wheel drive car you cannot put a new tire on with 3,  70% used tires so we had to replace all the tires.  $477.00.  I was so mad.  Remember the basement flood?  Where he turned on the water and forgot and took his hearing aids out and then could not hear it running?

     I realize that people make mistakes and have accidents.  I totaled a perfectly paid for automobile about 19 months ago.  But I also worked extra jobs and saved money and went without to  make up for the loss.  I did that horrible Jr. High Christmas musical to pay for the flood damage.  He works no overtime, has never had a promotion, often does not get cost of living raises and breaks and ruins things accidentally all the time. When I do something stupid,  I make up for it by working harder.  When he screws up, I get to work harder.  I told him right in front of the salesman at the tire shop.  I did not do this.  I am taking this money out of savings and I AM NOT GOING TO PUT IT BACK.  I am not going to panic and work harder, he can figure it out.  He can sell a gun or better yet.......  I am mad! Just such a klutz.  He is at orchestra practice right now and I hope he stays there a good long time.

   I am so close to paying off my last CC and I don't want to derail my progress to pay back the emergency fund.  So I am not going to.  He has government bonds in his safe and if we need that $477.00 before the CC is paid off he can just suck it up.  I usually drive every where once he gets home.  I seldom let him dive any where as he already drives 2 hours a day and well he would rather let me do any extra work.  But I insisted he drive and my pay back was a $477.00 bill.  I have no trust.  Living with a screw up for 34 years can make you bitter.

     Okay I am off my rant.  On a better note, we will get a 3rd paycheck this month so by this Friday I will be able to put another $1000.00 on the credit card.  I also received an unexpected bonus of 756.00 for some choreography rights and will add our $256.00 state tax refund  to this and put another $1000.00 on the card this week.   Yippee!  Now realize that this does not even count the extra costume and recital fee money I am squirreling away in the studio account.  I have also not paid a dime to the CC out of the studio this month and I should be able to add at least $500.00, so we might just see a pay off next month!  I can hardly wait.

     As soon as that card is paid off, I am going to never use my US BANK card again and try to get a different card through the CU.

Have peaceful Sabbath, it is not to peaceful here.



  1. How frustrating! I must say, stories like that make me want separate accounts when I get married. Hang in there!

  2. Should he not see a doctor about this? He sounds like he has an actual condition and maybe shouldn't be driving? Definitely shouldn't have guns. Seriously i think there is something really wrong.

  3. Sorry you had a frustrating weekend. That stinks about the tires. Hope this week is better.

  4. That stinks about the tires, especially when it's a result of something that could've been avoided. I hear you on the always having to work harder to make up for stuff. I live that too. Your dh sounds like he gets disoriented? could it be something medical related? Hang in there and hope you have a better week.

  5. I am so sorry this happen and really really really understand your frustration with your husband..please after 34 years I dont think I could be as kind as you!!!!

    Make him cash those bonds to pay for those tires

  6. Ugh! Sorry it was a rough weekend. I really hope hubby steps up to the plate with coming up with the money.

    Great job on all the extra to go to the cc!!!

  7. Wow - I could see the steam rising from that post! Deep breaths Kim, deep breaths! I too think he should "man up" and pay for the tires out of his own money (bonds). I'm amazed that he can play an instrument but NOT drive a car well. I see a lifelong pattern here that has been very irksome for you as you feel, rightly so, that you have been the harder worker in this relationship - that's not easy to live with. I don't know what the answer is so all I can say is you're doing an amazing job for someone with a "handicap"!