Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, it pays to ask!

     Yesterday I sat down to pay bills and here is a bill for $317.00 for my last infusion.  They told me it would be over $400.00 so $317.00 was nicer.  But remember how I sat across from a very nice woman at the infusion center, who was an internist and her husband was a surgeon?  I was complaining about the cost of these medications and I am well insured.  She asked if they had given me a Orencia card and I said no.  She seemed puzzled.  So yesterday before I wrote the check, I called the doctor and asked the billing office about this card from the drug company that wold pay for part of the drug, which alone was $3000.00.  I told them in a nice way that I thought a state worker who made $29,000 last year with an income tax statement to prove it would qualify over an internist and a surgeon.  Well I do qualify and they are sending me forms which I will fill out and they will back date up to 45 days.  So we are in a crunch, but I am sure we will make it! Yippee!  They will pay what ever the insurance does not pay.  I am $317.00 richer.  Okay I don't have to pay the bill but $317.00 richer sounds good!

     Next month is going to be tight.  I have all the bills for March slated to be paid.  I also sent out notes to all parents yesterday and will continue to do so throughout the week.  I told them that although we do not have dance next week, tuition was still due.  They could mail it or make sure to pay it on time.  Well 5 of them paid early!  Now I don't expect people to pay early, lord knows I could not have but at least they are aware that I am not going to allow them to pay late.

     I have to go to the CU to do cash counts today.  So I am off and then will come home and sew before I leave for the studio.  Oh yes and I had better look at my kitchen it is a wreck!

Out My Window:  I think it is going to be sunny today!  cross my fingers!
Have a great and productive day!


  1. Nice! With our medical bills we asked if there were any discounts, and they gave us 25% if we paid in full. We put it on our credit card and lived very frugally so we could pay it off this month but it saved us $150. It definitely never hurts to ask!!

  2. That's great that you're getting a discount!! And double awesome that you're actually getting paid on time now! :) Keep on them, Kim!

  3. Wow! That's an excellent deal! Congrats on keeping your money in your pocket (we know you need it much more than the drug companies!!!).

  4. I've learned to ask for discounts on medicines too. I get a $50 a month discount from the manufacturer on my husbands Crestor medication, which helps a lot.

  5. It's worth asking for samples from your doc and contacting drug companies for freebies, rebates and/or discounts on ANY drug you have to buy.
    Be the squeaky wheel.....

    1. I can't leave my own comment again. Grrrr. But I don't mind being under sluggy!
      I think it is great that you got a discount. It is such a rip off. Good for you!

  6. Any discount helps! And I am SOOOOOO glad that your students' families are finally realizing that they need to pay for your services...ON TIME.