Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday, Christmas will find you...

     We are trying to get Christmas put away in this house, well every where but in our hearts.  ( I am so eloquent, Sluggy get back here)  It just keeps popping up.  It finds me in every room I swear.  There are piles of Christmas still to be boxed.  Mom's rooms are especially hard as I think she hides stuff and brings it out when I am not looking.

     Sissie continues to cook gourmet meals.  Last night was prime rib soup with pop overs the size of my head.  I ate two :).

     Today we are going to work in and on my shop.  I am at the point in this business that I need to be more organized.  Organization is not one of my strong suits.  The shop is always a mess.  Now sewing is messy but I have no place to put things coming in and no place to keep things in order.  I just have piles and it is aggravating.  I do have a system but my mother thinks it is nuts and my Sissie well I won't tell you what she thinks.  It works for me but with tons of stress.  So they are going to organize me I guess.  I am very hard to organize. ( that was for you Dave)

     Hub's and Sis are out right now looking for things to help with the project.  I am a skinflint and Sissie just buys what is needed.  She is right in the fact that you should not be in business unless you are serious.  It does not present a good face to the customer.

     Sissie and mom had a plumber come last night and put in a new garbage disposal and fix the plumbing under the sink.  It has been leaking for over a year.  Now it is flooding and you can't use 1/2 the sink.  I have not had a working disposal for a while.  I did not want to do this as I am going to remodel the kitchen (someday) and I do not want to waste the money.  So I just clean the mess up every time with towels.  Okay, okay I know that is crazy.  Sometimes I have to have someone come in  and point out my crazy.

     Well I have a ton of people coming in so I had better go and fix my witchy poo hair and paint on a face that does not look like a pie.

Out My Window:  We have had a light dusting of snow.  Huge flakes fall so pretty but they melt.

 Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday, seriously I am back...

      I had a wonderful Christmas and hope all of you had the same.  Our grandson came down with a high fever and a bad flu/cold the day we arrived.  It was down hill from there.  Although I was able to get many things done it was hard with a cranky 4 year old.  He was so miserable.  Daughter had so much court that I tried to get up with him at night.  So my sleep was off. 

      Hub's went 2 hours back to get his folks and bring then in for Christmas.  I sewed 3 maternity suits for daughter.  But I only was able to compete one blouse and I had material for three.  I will get them done this month at home.  My old, old, old sewing machine (or one of them) was at her house and I always sew on that.  I sewed her wedding dress and her husbands weddings on that old machine, but it was really acting up and finally died.  So I bought a new machine and a new  serger both I desperately needed for the shop.  I was able to get a really good deal on them at Christmas so I was thrilled.  Made sewing a breeze.

     I got a Janome like Carla's.  It sews beautifully.  I will keep my old machine for mom.

     We ate like kings over Christmas and I have to lose some weight as all my clothes are tight.  Blah I hate that, but I will not buy new clothes.

     I came home to my mom and my Sissie!  We have been having such fun.  I also brought home my grandson's plague.  I have been quite sick with a bad cold.  Sissie is a gourmet cook and she has been force feeding me  because I am heavier than her and she loves that (bit%^).  She is a fireball and I am having trouble keeping up with her, but than I am not feeling well. 

     We have Christmas down and almost packed.  She rearranged the front room and I love the way it is done.  Sissie has an eye for design.   Today we are working on the shop which has needed love for a long while.  Hub's has all his books from his office in there and it is a cramped mess.  But Sissie to the rescue she will fix it and I will love it.  The problem is she can out work me 7 days to Sunday, plus I have this awful cold and I just drip, drip, drip behind her skinny a$$. By the way "too much info" but I wish I just dripped from my nose......

     Well I need to go make my bed Sissie insists on a clean house and she will check on me and I will be in trouble.

     So proud and happy for Sarah.  I was really worried that the car wreck would derail her, but no she is back on top and now I must really work to get back in the game.  I have idea's.  I have skills don't you worry.

Have a great and productive day.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday, Fun with Danny.

     Friday was a busy day.  Trying to get out of Dodge is hard.  The last minute sewing and banking and all the packing.  Making sure everything left at home for Sissie was up to snuff. Hub's even decorated the back porch for her so she could sit and enjoy.  Complete with lights,red chairs and a red and green polka dot table cloth.  I can't wait to see my sissie.  Daughter the just graduated was offered a full time job at the University in the Chemistry lab.  She will work for both the Micro department and the Chemistry department.  She is so lucky more money than she has ever made before and she can then decide does she truly want to go into research or medicine.  She is also studying for the MCATS.

     Hubs had his interview with Social Security and then we went and cleaned the church a day early.  Did you know if you save money in  401K or special account that the state and feds encourage you to save in for retirement they take it off you benefits?  Yes we just learned that.  Hubs benefits were based on his SS wages not his gross wages that we paid taxes and tithing on so we were shorted about 300.00 a month in SS because we had saved too or so much money.  We would have been better off taking the money and buying land.  Oh well we will be fine just frustrating that the government is always going to find a way to take.

     We left  for Twin Falls early and the roads were horrible the first 4 hours and then they were fine for the last three.  We stopped at Hub's mom and dad and agreed to go back and get them on Wednesday.

     Last night when we got in kids took us to new star wars movie.  It was good but predictable.  Too close to old script.  But then history does repeat it self, right?  We came home to homemade German Chocolate Cake.  Hub's favorite.

     Oldest daughter sang Jesu Bambino in church.  It was beautiful she did her Auntie Kay proud.  So well done.  Last year Daughter #2 sang in French with Bub's playing  the violin.  Also lovely.  All the girls sing well.  I am blessed.

     I have a bad headache this afternoon.  Oldest is taking a nap.  I will make homemade fried chicken for dinner with biscuits as it is son-in-laws favorite.  I have watched the video Sluggy placed on her blog about the Hippo for Christmas with my grandson several times.  He loves the song and the cartoon.  I just have a few thing s to buy here.  I am making daughter two maternity suits and blouses for Christmas.  She has to wear a suit into court.  I found a great pattern from the 50's with a perfect maternity car coat.  I will make one with long sleeves and the other with three quarter sleeves.  Can't wait to start.

     A nap sounds nice.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday,What a surprise!

     I was up and attem today, as we had so mush to do in order to get out to Orophino by noon.  I had to take mom's car into the garage for a myriad of things.  The shattered mirror, her gas cap was not engaging, the plastic engine pan was dragging, her driver side visor was not staying up she also needed to have her license plates changed.  There were a couple of lights on in the dash (warning lights).

     I had to rush to the theater for a meeting and then onto Hub's party.   It was very nice.  Hub's rec'd a beautiful plack from the Governor.  They also took a large piece of basalt rock off of one of his rock pits that he has had charge of for 17 years and put a section corner cap on the rock.  Very nice door stop.  They made a huge floor lamp out of the bumper of his brand new truck he received right before he retired.  He took it out on a fire mop up and hit an unexposed stump that flipped up and totally ruined the bumper.  It was a gag gift and quite the item.  The bumper is obviously new except for the huge dent that wraps around the lamp.

     They also gave him a huge smoker.  I mean like you can live in it smoker.  I don't know where we are going to put it.  Many funny stories were told about him.  My favorite was the easement that the State could not obtain to get across a piece of land.  Timber belonging to the state was land locked for over 50 years but the two ranchers that owned the adjacent land would not give easement permission.  This went on for 2 generations and up to the Governor and the land board.  Hub's goes out to fix a fence and runs into the landowners wife who was not very nice to him, but he continued to fix his fence and eventually got to know her.  Fencing goes on for months at a time and he got acquainted with both the wives on the state land boundaries.  They were on the hospital board and were having a fund raiser for the nursery.  Hub's agreed to play as a roving violinist for their Italian night.  After this event the landowners came in and signed the easement that the state had been wanting for over 50 years. The qualifying factor was you had to play the violin.

     We did not get home until 4 p.m. picked up mom's car and it is now in great shape.  I need to get come sewing done.

Have a great evening.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday, Computer issues:(

     My computer is having issues.  It took me all day to fight with it.  Well off and on I fought with it.  Actually I spent the morning helping a bride and getting mom's packages ready.  We left about 1 and I slogged packages, and then we went down and licensed the car which was a pain, she will not be able to drive it much longer.  I think I will send it to Sarah.  Anyway everyone needs to say a prayer for Mysti.  Sarah needs a few good wishes sent her way.  Remember when my sewer line collapsed and put us $18,000 more in debt?  So discouraging when you are working so hard and making progress.  But I know we will all persevere.

     Mom and I baked cookies last night and made caramels and 2 batches of almond roca.  I have had no time to sew today.  Mom has taken all my time and it is crazy here.  I need to get into the shop tonight.

     Hub's official State retirement party is tomorrow at noon in Orophino.  I think I have most of my shopping done except for hubby, and one son-in-law.  We can take care of a few things in Twin Falls.

I need to get to work after all it is only 5:30  yikes.

Have a productive evening.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday, Lazy me

     I have slept later than usual the last two mornings.  Yeah!  I also paid bills yesterday, Boo... sniff...

But at least it is done.  Holding checks until payday Thursday.  I did no sewing.  I ate way too much crap.  I did not even make the beds.   

     I was able to help mom get her packaged ready to mail out.  Hub's actually took a load to the dump by himself.  I am still in a state of shock.  There is too much stuff in my house for my comfort.  I go into mom's bathroom and bedroom and put stuff away constantly.  If two things on the counter are good 15 must be better.

     I was able to get a little Christmas shopping done via Amazon last night.  Will do a little more this week and then finish in Twin Falls.  I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

     Mom and I worked up two batches of Christmas cookies last night and they are in the fridge ready to bake today.  I need to do some caramels and toffee.  Blah, Blah.

Meeting the students at the studio tonight at 4 to watch the video of the show.  That will be fun.

     I also need to go pay the water bill today.  I cannot forget.  Don't want a 15.00 late fee.
  Because I was lazy yesterday I need to get on the ball today.  i am going to get dressed and head for the shop.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, Woo Hoo!

Here is a poor cell phone image of the three girls after B's graduation.  Both older girls are pregnant.facebook
   The weekend was too much.  But it is over and I am so happy.

     Friday afternoon I about killed hub's as it took him 2.5 days to partially hang Christmas light and clean up the yard.  Well the yard is not cleaned up, the truck has not been taken to the dump.  The lights he did hang looked awful like a kindergarten kid did them.  I of course was frustrated all week and finally blew up was told to do them myself so I did.  In 45 minutes the lights were hung PERFECTLY and the front porch was cleaned off.  Still don't know how I am going to live full time with the lazy piece of work.  That is another story.

     Show went well Friday and Saturday was a rushed and busy day.  Up and dressed and up to the University and then Graduation.  By the way you have to pay 10.00 to get a program that has your child's name on it, as I don't know what the $14,000 a year in tuition pays.  B was the 6th to the last person called across the stand and one of two to graduate in Micro-biology and chemistry.  There were 792 graduating as Christmas so all schools and disciplines were involved.  D#1 was able to see a few of her professors from Music and the Law school.  B took us to the three labs she will be working in this next semester.

     We arrived home about 5 p.m. and one of my dance mom's had brought us dinner.  Then off to the theater.  Both the older girls were very impressed with the Nut Cracker and my grandson loved the show.  He was enthralled with Drosselmeyer and every time he shot fire out of his hands he would say ,"How did he do that?"  Our grandson is 4 he will be 5 in February.  He had to sit in dress clothes through a long concert, a long graduation and the Nut cracker and then church and he was an angel.  Now try to get him to put his shoes on or take a bath a different story.

     I am getting very tired by this point and I need a nap so badly.  Church was at 9 and we left after Sacrament and then. had to hurry home to clean up and get ready for the last Nut cracker performance and B's party.  I took a short rest and went to the theater.  The show sold out and was very good.  Parent really helped tear down and put away I was home by 5:30 to continue preparations.  B's open house was from 6-9.  I had to wash every cup and glass in the house twice to get everyone served.  It was a nice party.  Hub' and I did dishes and cleaned up until midnight.  I slept until 10:30 this morning.

     The studio is full of dirty costumes and there is so much work to do down there but that can be taken care of later.  I have to pay bills today. Yuck and then I have sewing to do.  Life never changes even when it really changes.

Anyway, I have so much to be grateful for, three kids and they are all through college.  That was my goal.  Now B has to go on, but that is her domain.  We will help with incidentals, but it is up to her to pay for her life and school.

     Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday, Was there a Thursday?

     Mom insisted on going to Costco on Wednesday afternoon to get a few things.  Mostly rotisserie chickens.  I bought some pecans.  We had chicken and salad for dinner.  I don't know what it was some kind of seasoning but it did not agree with me.

     When I went to bed I groaned all night with nightmares about my stomach hurting.  Hub's woke me up and I went to sleep in the spare room.  About 5:30 he came into the room to check on me and I about knocked him over with well I am too much of a lady to say.  He brought me a glass of ice water and I drained it and went back to sleep then finally went into a deep sleep and I did not get up until 11:00!

     I was a so shocked.  First of all because the phone starts to ring constantly about 9:30 or the door bell rings, mom needs something Hub's cannot stand it if I sleep when he is not sleeping.  What the ?  They wanted me to sleep so I would feel better.  I was much better but will stay away from Costco chicken, it has the same affect on me as Curly fries from Wendy's.  Must be some spice they use.  The rest of the day was a blur.  I got in the tub and did my roots realized that oldest daughter and grandson were due at the airport at 7 that evening.

     Hubs had brought up all the boxes of Christmas decorations the night before , which I had emptied in a big pile on the floor of the front room.  So it was like Christmas had vomited.  That is so descriptive.  Mom has a hair appointment at 1:30 so Hub's and I dropped her off and went to get Christmas lights for the out side of the house. Then back to the house to start putting things away.

     Hub's picked up d#1 and grandson.  She is looking pregnant now.  Last time I saw her she did not look pregnant at all.  By the way she is having a BOY!  So I will have two new grandsons in March and April.  So excited.

     I have another show tonight and tomorrow d#3 graduates from college.  It will be busy, busy here.  Hub's is having a melt down, I am not sure about what.  Probably that company is coming and I mean a lot of company and he is about 1/3 of the way done with several things that need to be done this afternoon.  This is what you get when you move slowly and do everything the hardest way possible.

Well I am off when I post next I will be the mother of three college graduates, now if they would just support themselves.......

Have a great and productive day


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday,Time flies when you are...

     Time flies when you are not getting anything done.  I was able to sew yesterday until Mom had to go to her appointment and then life took over as usual.  Mom is slow and always has a list of her own to do's.  I am trying to humor her while my humor takes a beating.

     Hub's actually cleaned almost all of the windows in the house outside and inside.  He also cut down the ivy outside the spare bedroom window that was ready to take over the house.  So he did accomplish something.  He also grilled a salmon fillet for our dinner.

     When I finally got mom home from her appointment, I made a salad and fried some leftover potatoes from Sunday dinner. Then mom continued cooking.  She made three almond cakes and two batches of fudge one with nuts and one without.  Then she started on my favorite Swedish cookie.  A lemon flavored melt in your mouth pressed cookie.

     I was cleaning the kitchen when mom started the cookies and she kept asking for things and as I was finding them I was pulling crap out of the cupboards and then the mouse took over and I ended up cleaning the cupboard above the stove and the food cupboard.  What a mess duplicates of everything.  By the way who needs 15 small bottles of blue food coloring?  I am sure much of this stuff came from Mom's. I also spilled a box of corn starch upside down and it was so hard to clean up.  It went every where.  Finally at 9 I was exhausted.  I am still exhausted.  4 large bags of throw away.  It is gone.  Cupboards look bare but clean. I still have one more cupboard I dread since the mouse issue.  I might tackle that late this afternoon.

     Mom will not be flying to Sissie's for the holiday's as the doctor does not want her flying until she sees a heart specialist.  I think she is relieved as she does not have to make the decision. Now I have to get Sissie here.

     Well I have so much to get done since I feel like yesterday was a bust.  I worked like a dog and I am still behind.  How did that happen?

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday, Survived first day of Hub's retirement.

     I think I was grabbed from the side, the front and behind about 5 times by ten in the morning.  I put a stop to that in a hurry.  This is not what we will be doing in his retirement.  Were we not taught to keep our hands to ourselves in kindergarten?  I don't think Hub's went to kindergarten.

 I did get the shop really cleaned and then messed it up again.  Hub's cleaned some windows. That was appreciated.  Today I am going to send him for a printer ribbon and to the dump if I do nothing else.

     I was able to do a Sluggy and get mom and I some hair color for about .36 cents a box!  Go me.  Really if you read and watch her posts you will learn so much about saving money. 

     Mom is upstairs baking Almond cakes and I am going to run through the house and get laundry done.  Mom wants her bedroom and bath room decorated for Christmas, and I don't even know if she is going to be here.  Oh well what ever makes her happy.

     I did not get as much done in the shop yesterday as I wanted, too many interruptions mostly from my inner brat.

     Mom has a doctor appointment at 1:30.  This means I need to get my butt in gear.

Wish me luck!

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday, First day of retirement with hubs....

     So far I haven't killed him but I am thinking......  It is raining hard so all his outdoor plans have failed and he is inside driving my crazy.  Love that man.  LOVE THAT MAN.  ( just a little reminder to self as this problem is not going away:))

     I forgot to pick mom up at the airport last Friday.   I thought she was coming in in the afternoon and she got here at 11:28 as I was sewing a costume frantically.  She was not happy.  Luckily it is only a 5 minute drive to the airport from our house.  I got her home dropped her off and left for the theater.  I still had to set up the treat table for the party scene and steam the mother ginger dress.  We also had to tape the floor which is a big job.  I delegated much of this and we were off.

     Hub's brought mom to the theater to watch the first show.  It went well except for some tech boo boos and it is almost always tech.  Kids were great.   Hub's took mom to grocery store after show while I stayed to clean up.  He said she is so slow.  Hee, Hee.

     Every show has gotten better and it grows.  It is so fun to see the kids get into the parts.  Hub's confluence string group played for 1/2 an hour before we opened on Sat. and Sunday and is was so nice.  They played Christmas carols and it added such elegance to the program.

     Still don't know what mom is going to do for Christmas but I will let her decide.  My shop is a wreck, I am behind on laundry, plans are to clean up shop and get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, show opens, mom comes home!

     So as usual running with scissors.  Lot's of little things to do to get ready.  I can't remember what time mom comes in but sometime after noon.  So I have about 2 hours to get my ducks in a row.  Assuming I have ducks.

     I need to get dressed and clean myself up so I don't forget and get to the theater in a frazzle.  Only have one dress to finish and 4 pairs of pants to hem for customers then a few items for studio.  I want all to be done by noon.  I need to straighten the down stairs a little before mom comes.  That may not get done.

     Dress rehearsal was as usual a technical nightmare.  But I have a faith that it will pull through. Mostly leads not thinking things through and using the music to fill the time on stage.  Nerves will make them do better tonight.  I am way too critical and see every little mistake, for others it is magical.  I hope I can see the magic.  I love the kids, they inspire me.

     This is hub's last day of work.  He has been bringing home all sorts of crap from his office.  There are piles everywhere.  I cannot deal with them right now so am ignoring the mess.  I am good at that.  I feel bad as I have not really had time to pay attention to this huge transition in his life.  Emotionally it has to be hard.  We went to Wal-mart last night and then out for a taco.  We were able to talk a little.  I told him my biggest worry.  It was a good heart to heart conversation.

     Well I had better get ready to get something done.

have a great and productive day!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday, Mom not coming?

     I was due to pick mom up at the airport this afternoon and her flight was cancelled.  I am somewhat relieved as my house is a mess and I really don't have time to give her any attention.  I miss her and want her back but I can wait until tomorrow.

     Rehearsal last night was good, only one blow up with Ballet mistress.  She was over here last night uninvited having a break down, crying, what a mess.  I know she is just nervous about things I have asked her to change and she has unwilling to work with me.  So stubborn now she is seeing the results of her wishes.  But we can fix everything she just has to listen.

     I have a few costumes to fix today and I have to put together a treat table and a hair and sewing kit.  Just  so much to do, but it will get done.

     I was able to get all the military jackets done last night and I have one pair of pants to do for dress blues.  This is tearing apart the pants and putting the gold stripe down the side. Really a tough job.  Still have one set of BDU's and 4 pairs of mortician pants and then one ball gown to alter, everything else will have to wait.

     I am going to steam every thing so I can take the steamer down to the theater.  Dress rehearsals are always such a mess.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday, I love my country, but?

     Why does the big Military ball have to occur every year the same weekend the Nutcracker open?  Why do Military men wait until the last minute to get their uniforms updated?  I only had 7 come in yesterday.  Everyone knows how much I love these uniforms.  Complain, whine, sniff.

     Rehearsal last night was okay.  It actually went quite well.  I only had to squash my ballet Mistress about 10 times.  I would not let her come over after rehearsal last night to work on costumes.  Then she tried the I will work on the program which would have to be done here and my Board Pres stopped that, thank goodness.  Things have been a little rough but at least she is not living here.  I did not need her bothering me and badgering me until late in the evening.  I need down time and sleep.  She has such control issues and needs to let go and realize that things will get done and it will be fine.  Yes there will be problems and mistakes but the average age of our dancers is 9.  They are little kids and young people doing a great job!

     I have several alterations plus one costume to make today before I start on my military stuff.  I have most of it ripped.  I just want it over.

     It is the same old argument with Ballet Mistress.  I will get my work done in the shop first and then costumes.  I make no money with the studio.  Extra money goes to debt and taxes.  I have to concentrate my efforts where it pays my bills.  She wants me exclusively to work on Nutcracker things and I will not.  It will get done. It will get done in time but at my time schedule. Last night I ripped military uniforms I did not need her over here nagging me.

     So much is happening right now, Hub's last day of work is Friday.  Yikes!

It snowed last night a little and it has been very cold, but is supposed to warm up this weekend.

Sluggy has another give away so go post a comment or I am going to win a gain and you all know how I like to win!.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday, here we go again!

     Well rehearsal went well with the adults last night.  Everyone is costumed.  I have a heck of a lot of sewing to do today for the show so I am going to keep this post short.  I can't believe it is December already other than I am up to my ears in Nutcracker.

     We moved the floor over to the theater last night and it will need to be taped today.  I realized I was down to one roll of gaff tape and a new order should be in this afternoon.  It is always something.

     The title for mom's car came in yesterday so we can get that taken care of when she returns. One more item ticked off the lists of things to get done concerning mother.
     Well I am off to sew.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, Hell week begins

     Sluggies package arrived and it was so fun to open.  Really made my day.  I actually found it among the smaller packages that were shipped for the show and I was so tired and frazzled. Quite the pick me up let me tell you.  Thanks Sluggy! You are the best.  Right on top some cough drops which I needed.  Lot's of goodies just for me.

 I was able to get some rest yesterday which was good.  Had originally thought about having people for dinner which would have been fun, but hub's schedule was a little iffy.  So I took a long nap after church and then was in bed a got at least 8 hours of deep sleep it was great and does not happen very often.

     The Friday performance for the kids went well even with the carpeted stage.  I was not in good form.  I had worked way too hard the few days before and having to get up early again was just not in me.  I am NOT A MORNING PERSON.  I was in tears when I arrived home to a messy house, which was fine the girls were home and that was expected.  I had a terrible headache and took something then started to get a handle on my emotions.  B came upstairs and said that there was a young man downstairs that needed me.  Crap!  I am closed, this is a holiday for me please....  Another brother from the Wedding party had just flown in on Thanksgiving and his suit was hopelessly too big.  So instead of resting and doing the things I wanted to do I got to completely remodel a suit.

     I wanted to cry but it was one of those moments where you just put on your big girl panties and get with the program.  I quickly made the beds, put away the silver and all the china.  Basically cleaned the house.  Son in law had packed off a ton of left overs the day before and I packed up a whole bag of things for B and then cleaned the kitchen.  Girls took off for B's so the house was quiet and Hub's was outside raking leaves,  I conquered the suit and the laundry.  We thought about going to a show and I was just to emotionally drained to do this.

     Saturday we were due at the civic to start on set.  I was there all day.  Hub's left at noon to join the girls.  It was B's 23rd birthday and they were going to a Vandal football game.  Then Hub's was driving D#2 home to the Tri-cities where her husband lives. We were able ( me and group of parent volunteers) to get most of the painting done.  Then a group of us decorated the lobby and we were done about 5:30.  It was a long day.  Hub's called to say he made it to the Tri-Cities about the time I thought he would be home.  He was staying the night and would come home in the morning.  So I was able to have a quiet evening and I really needed some down time.

     I boiled the turkey carcass and I am going to make a big pot of soup today which we will eat on for a few days.  Mom is due home on Thursday.  I have major sewing today and tech rehearsal is tonight.  I also am getting a basket of goodies together for my besties birthday.  So I had better get busy and quit goofing off blogging.  Hell week begins we open Friday.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, so much to be grateful for:)

 What happened to the Chinese food idea?
 Someone wash those windows!
 Who got into the pie?

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I hope you all eat until you are stuffed and have great times with family and remember just how wonderful life can be.

     Yesterday was a very interesting day even for me.  I am up and running around trying to get as much done as possible.  I mean I am in overdrive.  I have two full men's suits to get altered before 3 o'clock.  These were taken in on Tuesday from a young man that lives in a community 40 miles away.  He was getting married on Saturday and his suits had just come in.  So of course I said yes because I felt sorry for him.  I was so glad I did this because his best man was his older brother that was severely disabled.  He was so cute and funny.  The groom kept calling him brother.  As in "Stand up straight brother." Extreme scoliosis, made this suit hard to fit.  Such a sweet relationship and love between these two brothers.  But full alterations on mens suits including the vest of the disabled man are a great deal of work.  So I was trying to get as much done as possible before I left for rehearsal.

     My ballet mistress calls me while I am at my sewing machine to tell me not to forget the Russian costumes at the high school.  I run upstairs to put some makeup on and don't even set my Chia pet hair.  I only have 15 minutes to swing buy pick up the costumes and get to the rehearsal.  So I get tot the high school and they closed at  noon, I cannot find my outdoor key card.  I try every door and then say to myself, " What the hell, I can get these on Monday we do not open until next Friday".  I head to the studio, right when I walk in my ballet mistress says ,"Miss Kim where re the Russian costumes"?  Now I knew that the Russians were dancing at the Festival of trees on Friday morning, why did my brain say I did not need these costumes?

     I made the cutest set of Nutcracker Russian costumes, but two of my dancers have outgrown them and I know there are really nice Russian costumes that I made for Fiddler on the roof that are at the High school so I am not going to make another size.  I rush back to the high school because I know there are basketball games going on at the big gym and I will find a janitor or another coach with a card, I have all the indoor keys. I found a colleague that walked me over and we reminisced my coaching days.  He passed me in and I started the long process of opening the doors into the costume closets.

     I watched too many slasher movies about high schools so walking down those dark corridors and turning corners is creepy.  I unlock the smaller choir room door, go across the dark room then unlock the passageway between the choir room and the band room  it is dark and you have to walk across it to find the light, then you unlock the big band room.  My costumes are in a huge closet that is in the ceiling of the entire band room.  I have to get into it from a ladder stairway that comes out of the ceiling.  I cannot reach the door handle unless I stand on a chair.  So I drag a chair over and the long handled hook that opens the door is not hanging on the door frame where it has been for the last 28 years.  What else can go wrong?  Well I now have to balance an upside down metal trash can on top of a chair and I still cannot reach the handle. "Flip"  So I go looking for something that I can use as a hook.  I get the big bass drum over the shoulder thingy as it has hooks on the end.  Now I am balanced on top of a chair, a trash can holding a bass drum vest and trying to precariously get the hook into a loop on the ceiling above me.  It looked like a Doctor Seuss movie this was also in the semi darkness.  Finally after a few tries ( that base vest was heavy) I hooked the loop and the damn closet was locked!

     Now I have to find a janitor.  I have many keys but I do not know if my theater key or green room key will work and I cannot reach the lock.  So I leave my vest hanging and go in search of a janitor.  When I finally find one I don't know him, he speaks Spanish and I am trying to explain what I need.  He is looking at me like I am from outer space eventually another janitor came by and he knew me so they both followed me in the dark band room through my maze.  When janitor #2 saw my chair, garbage can and a bass drum vest hanging form one hook to the ceiling he started to laugh. My reply was "Well you try it."  He goes and gets a ladder.  (show off) gets up and unlocks the stairway)  I go upstairs and start turning on lights so I can find the Fiddler costumes.  I get what I need and rush back to the studio.  We rehearse I get kids fitted and I get a call from a soldier that is at the shop with a dress blue so I tell Miss Jena I have to go and she says in a very rude tone "Oh just go be you".  As I am leaving the studio one of my older girls says to another. "I wonder if Miss Jena means that in a good was or a bad way".  I told them they do not want to know what she really thinks.

      Now I am home trying to get the suits done and I finish about 2:30.  Then I clean the shop and start on mom's room and bath.  The housekeeper does the upstairs every other week and she was just here on Tuesday so it is in good shape I think.  ( that I think is a big old joke)  I change sheets, dust vacuum, scrub the toilet and sink, grab all the rugs and towels that are on display to wash.  Hub's come home as I am finishing this and I tell him I have to run to K-mart and I will pick up tacos for dinner.  I get home and we eat and then I head upstairs to start cooking.

     The first pan I take out of the cupboard to put sweet potatoes in has mouse poop in it.  I wash it and start the sweets.  I pull out the turkey and start the giblets boiling.  The pan I pull out is full of mouse poop.  Now on closer inspection the entire cupboard is taken over.  We have traps out but I am freaking out.  I have thawed pumpkin and pie crusts out and I have a huge cupboard that is a cess pool.  I also have a pregnant daughter coming and this is dangerous.  Mice carry disease.  I call Hub's to go get the turkey roaster off the back porch and line it with foil.  Then I start pulling all the pans out of this huge cupboard.  The kitchen floor is covered with pans and poop.  I will not reach in the back of the cupboard.  It is dark and goes clear under my arm length.  I leave it and go over to pull the squash out of the garden basket.  I am trying to calm down so I can continue.  One of my strategies when things get hairy is to  stop what I am doing and go into another project.

     There is a distinctive smell to the baskets.  Something is rotten in Denmark.  So I start to look and sure enough a rotten potato and squash at the bottom of the big baskets.  So I empty the baskets all over the floor.  Between pans, poop and vegetable you cannot walk in the kitchen.  Hub's realizes a major melt down is about to occur and steps in and starts to fill both sinks with hot bleach soap water and proceeds to wash every pan we own and that is a lot.  Out dining room table is covered with pans and then he sweeps out the cupboards and sprays them down with bleach and drys them out.  It was a great deal of work.  I am trying to cook around him.

     Thank goodness daughter come in with her husband at this time and sees the mess.  We won't let her into the kitchen until it is cleaned up, but she did press the linens and get out the silver, she also pulled the china form the cabinet.  Once I was able to really clean things up she set the table.  I continued to clean and disinfect until 11 o'clock.  So the lovely picture I woke up to today was a nightmare to create.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope today goes way better for me....


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, up too late...

     My younger sister called last night and kept me up way too late.  She has "the mother" right now so we had to go over Mother stories.  I really need my beauty rest.  I am still trying to catch up on sewing and failing as emergency customers keep coming.  Oh well look at it this way its money.

     Picked up all my groceries yesterday still need to get a can of fruit cocktail.  I will make pies and stuff the turkey this evening, put it in roaster and stick it outside.  I also will precook the sweet potatoes and have them ready to reheat.

     I need to get a couple of suits ready to be picked up this afternoon.  I also need to really clean mom's bath and change her bedding as other family will be here.  I want to get the Thanksgiving table set. The older couple (sewing clients) that are coming over to join us set a lovely Thanksgiving bouquet for the table.  I need to get linens out and rearrange a few things.  Pull the china out of the cupboard and check the silver.

     I have a short rehearsal today at noon, for a performance at a fund raiser the day after Thanksgiving.  I am also going to pull a couple of costumes from the high school before it closes for the day.

     I believe I have everything I need to complete the few costumes I have make for the show, so no excuses, that will get my concentrated effort after Thursday.  Yesterday I unloaded 4 boxes from the car and washed all the soldier uniforms.  The white shirts were filthy and I still have three soaking in biz that had lipstick all over the place.  I have the vests hanging to dry and I will have to steam them.  The pants I was able to dry in the dryer.  Once I have all the pieces clean these will be hung in sets according to size and then will be assigned to a dancer.  We have moms who help dress and undress and make sure that costumes are rehung with the name placard on them, so no fighting or losing pieces.  I was able to get all the 12 baby mice costumes hung and make sure they had tails attached also put the headdress's in a bag with each costume so they are ready to go.  Larger helper mice are hung and ready.  I have to make 4 additional 3 dimension mouse heads.  A harlequin costume and one other dress so that is a small list.  We have not handed out Tails and dress clothes for the male ballroom dancers nor the women's gowns.  These will probably need a few alterations.  Yikes I need to also pull long opera gloves from the highs chool, I think I only have about 5 pair at the studio. Crap too much, too much....

     Want to have all my errands done by 3 so I can concentrate on Thanksgiving.

I had better get busy lots to do!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday, I do believe that this is a PF blog?

     I realize that over all this is a personal Finance blog.  A group of bloggers that get together and admire each others ability to save money and eventually treat it with the respect it deserves.  Kind of like a support group of sorts and blogging has been great for helping sort out the financial end of my world. Really it has evolved into friendships and a diary and a place to write and unload.  Mostly a place to unload and keep track of said life.  Not so much financial, maybe I am wrong.  Anyway here I ramble.....

     So since my big payoff at the end of September I have only been able to get the house payment and regular bills paid.  This is mostly due to the Wedding which was expensive.  I have dropped my total debt owing on the house and over all by about $2000.00 and I am hoping that this will go faster next year.  I am in the 70's now and was so excited to finally pass Sarah but again she snuck in and ( yes snuck is a word) and she is still BELOW me.  Oh revenge will be so sweet when I blast past her.  See I always have to brag every time I update and make progress no matter how small,she just humbly tosses in her coins.  Well we will see about that.  Anyway for those of you who want to celebrate with us we are making progress.

     Yesterday I sewed like a woman on fire between coughing and sneezing.  My ballet Mistress was busy getting Nutcracker things done.  We worked out props and different costumes. I ran to the studio with her and pulled all the soldier costumes which need love.  So I am soaking and washing shirts and she is redoing the sparkles on hats.  I have another father repainting the guns.  She was here with me all day into the evening working on things and we still have a ways to go.

     Hub's came home last night and went right to bed without eating as he was feverish.  He has the same crud I have.  His fever broke about 10 p.m. and he got up for work this morning.  I am hoping he is in good enough shape to go out and do a little Thanksgiving shopping.  I am so glad I have almost everything and the pie shells and pumpkin are already frozen.  So I can quickly stuff a turkey and all I will have to do is make the pies tomorrow and get the rolls made on Thursday.  One of the things about cooking mostly from scratch is that a Thanksgiving dinner is nothing.  This was we can send left overs home with our guests (one of my older sets of sewing clients) We will also have sandwich fixings for the weekend.

     Well I had better get busy as I have a ton of laundry to  put away and more sewing to do.

Have a great and productive day!




Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday, so what about Thanksgiving?

   I finally have my kids nailed down on Thanksgiving.  D#2 and husband will come down and then youngest the next day.   Let's see youngest turns 23 on Saturday, which makes me officially OLD. So do I cook or is it Chinese food? Hmmmm....

     I have to sew all day and then sneeze and cough all day.  My plan is to get everything in the shop done and then concentrate on Nutcracker things.  Thank goodness the housekeeper is coming on Wednesday that way I don't have to fuss about the upstairs.

     I did manage to make a quiche yesterday as I had frozen ham, and pie crusts in the freezer.  We have tons of eggs, and some fresh spinach.  Voila large quiche, enough for today.  Thawed out some burger for tomorrow and besides Thanksgiving that is as far as I am going to think.

     My head is stuffy, but at least my nose quit dripping constantly, I am still chilled and I had a bad night with sweats, which reminds me to go take my meds.  Okay done.

     Now I am going to tackles the laundry and get into my shop with my Kleenex and space heater.  I am cold.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, down with a cold.

     I won Sluggy's blog give away!  I am so excited.  If anyone else would like to send me packages feel free.  Hub's and I so enjoyed going to see Sluggy and her husband.  Hub's talks about it quite often.  I want to go back and get them to go to downtown Philly with us.  I want a picture of Slug's and I at the top of the William Penn steps shouting ADRIAN.
     Funny that yesterday I was in rehearsal until 2 and then came home and started to get ready to do projects, and I started to sneeze and within and hour had all the symptoms of a really bad cold.  It just came on so fast  no warning.  So I slept in this morning until 1 p.m.  Can you believe that?  I am still shivering and head achy and drippy.  All I can say is that I am grateful it struck now and not  the beginning of next week when we go into Nutcracker.

     I really dislike that feeling behind your eyes that you get that makes you feel like your head is going to explode. My head explodes regularly teaching and I just go get a replacement head.  Sometimes I tell my students not to push me as I did not bring an extra head with me and the results are really ugly.

     I am starting to make lists of all the things I need to get done for the Nutcracker.  Mouse heads, for one.  A party dress for a dancer, alterations out the wazoo. Not really a bad year.  The shop has a lot of things to do so I will be very busy the next week, plus I will need to be at the theater checking up and helping in the evenings.
     It will be nice when it is all over and I can concentrate on Christmas.  I wish I loved Christmas more, it was just such a stressful time when the kids were growing up.  Lack of money and time just made it so un enjoyable for me.  I am sure that I put more stress on myself than I needed to that added to the woes.  So I am trying to see it from a different light. I have never been a person that concentrates on what I am getting or wanting.  I always want everyone else to be happy.  I love giving and get great joy out of that.  Every year I try to cut back and only do that which make me really happy and that has helped.

     Learning to shop the Rite aid and  Walgreen freebies over the years, means that all my stocking stuffers are done.  Thanks Sluggy!  I think stockings are one of the funnest parts of our holiday traditions.  I am looking forward to the day when I can just stuff stockings and write each of the families a check for Christmas. Lazy I know but such a stress relief.

I am going to lat down

Have a restful Sabbath.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday, still sewing

     I slept much better last night but I also went back to double meds yesterday.  So it looks like that is the story for a while or maybe permanently.  Drat!  I am blessed to have medications that control this so I should be grateful.  Severe night sweats are a sure sign of active disease.  I have had blood work every two weeks and meds were reduced because of SED rates going down right after the Wedding, but now are climbing again.  It is a question of what I can tolerate, no sleep?  OR the constant headache I have when I take the drugs.  I feel like my eyes are going to pop out.

     I worked my kids hard last night and I think things are coming together.  Still have much to do but this to will pass.  I am going to get military uniforms in because of the big Christmas ball and of course we all know how much I love those.  Soldiers and Nutcracker must go together.

     Hub's and I have been living off chicken all week so I may get him to take me out tonight.  I am in rehearsal all day again tomorrow.  Finally got the kitchen cleaned up, now need to get the laundry done. I miss my mom and so does Hubby, he said she was a soft presence in the house.  A soft presence, never thought of her as soft.

     We have had a problem with mice since the bad fires and we have set out traps and finally poison.  Now I smell a dead mouse downstairs and one upstairs.  Of course I don't know where they are and I don't really want to look for them either.  It is just gross.  They are supposed to go outside and die the little ingrates.

I have so much to do before I hit the studio so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, Dis-ease

     I was up all night sweating and wet.  Finally fell asleep around 5:30 and slept late.  My hip joints are becoming affected by arthritis.  I have been trying to ignore it but with the night sweats and the pain and stiffness I cannot any more.  My only hope is that they do not get as bad as my shoulders did and that it moves on in less than two years.  Dis- ease that combination of these two words makes disease and that is what I have rearing it's ugly head.  I can deal with the pain and stiffness most of the time, but the night time really blows me out of the water.  I need to sleep and feel good to carry on with my responsibilities.  I also do not like the headachey out of body feeling I get from upping my meds.  Okay enough whining.  Just thought you would like to share:)

     I was able to costume all of my little girl mice yesterday and I went to Wal-mart with hubs to get fabric for a party dress for one of the dancers that has grown too tall.  Costumes are coming in and we were shorted a costume which is now getting sent.  Staying on top of the details is a full time job. Battle scene is coming together.

     Was able to get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday and finished a wedding alteration late last night so Hub's could take it to work as bride lives about 50 miles away.  She can pick it up at his office.  I have plenty left to do today and more is always coming.  This is good I just have to fit in the costume sewing.

     One of the aggravations of my life is that the house does not take care of itself.  I need to change the sheets on mom's bed and dust and vacuum her room.  Her bathroom needs a good scrub.  The basement needs to be vacuumed again.  Laundry could be done.  My kitchen is shameful right now.  I know, I know I will take care of it, I just wish it would take care of itself.  I will just have to stop for an hour and do a little house love.  I did a little yesterday but stopped halfway through the kitchen.  I had to make up a big container of chicken salad for dinner and that was where it ended.  Now I have a stinky mess up there.  Where are my matches?

     All the blogs are writing about Christmas.  I have not even thought about Christmas and I don't want to either.  It is not the money it is the pressure.  Right now it is in a compartment of my brain that I am not going to open.  That works for me.

Well I am off to the races so to speak.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, Mom's off...

     Getting mom off to the airport was interesting to say the least.  We were experiencing 60 mile and hour winds here.  Yes 60 miles an hour.  It sounded like a tornado when you were in the airport.  Her knees buzzed off the machine and they almost completely undressed the poor woman.  Then they did not like her carry on which had 2 large individual twice a day pill cases in it, that I swear they went through pill by pill.  Then when she finally got through they started to hold flights.  We have a very small airport that serves a 4 city radius of about 30 miles.  We have a population base of about 120,000 in four 30,000 towns.  The pilot of Delta airbus came on and said it was the worst landing he had experienced in the 11 years he had been flying and I am sending my mother back up in that thing?  They finally cleared her for take off but I was at the airport for 3 .5 hours.

     She was delayed in Denver because of the snow and and did not get to St Louis until 1 in the morning.  My poor mommy I don't think we will be sending her alone again.  This was not good.  She is already terrified about coming back.  Maybe we could fly a grand kid with her round trip.  I don't think my sister can take any more time off.  But at least she is there in one piece.

     We had a good rehearsal last night and I continued pulling costumes.  My list is getting longer but is still not unmanageable.  As it continues to grow it will become unmanageable, trust me.  Thanks goodness for my Ballet Mistress who has a love /dislike relationship with me.  She is so good and helpful at so many things.  I have to love her when she isn't driving me crazy. 

     We had such high winds all day yesterday and then it hit Moscow where our daughter goes to college.  I received a Vandal alert call from campus  at about 8:30 p.m. that students were not to enter campus, and if they were on campus to stay in the buildings as trees were blowing down and power lines were down.  I just knew that B was in a lab.  I called her and she did not answer which told me she was in a class.  So I text her and she immediately called me back.  Yes she was in lab.  Someone was coming down the hall yelling Vandals alert and they were kept in the building until the campus was safe enough to walk through.  She called me about 10:15 and said she was running to her car with others she was going to take home.  Many students do not have cars.  I kept her on the phone until she was in her car. Then told her not to park under trees when she was taking people home and to call me when she arrived home and was in her apartment.  She said the town was a mess.

     Daughter #2 is with out power and heat in Spokane Washington.  She sent pictures of them sleeping around the fireplace last night and drinking coffee heated up on a camp stove.  True pioneers.  I guess Seattle took a real hit. We just have leaves every where but no downed trees in our yard.

     I have plenty to do, so I had better get my butt in gear before I hit the studio.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday, Getting things done.

     I had a good sewing day yesterday, finally, then on to the studio for 4 hours.   Trying to keep my ballet Mistress calm is no easy task.  At least she is not living with me like she was through the last show.  It is  hard to be young and an artist.  You think every little thing reflects on you and it really does not.  No amount of convincing will make them feel better.  It is only age and wisdom that does this.

     I started to pull costumes for my dancers and hope to have that done tonight.  It looks Like I have to do a total remake of one and I have no idea what else.

     I am taking mom to the airport this morning and she will fly out for a little over 2 weeks.  I will miss her, but with so much to do it will be nice not to have to worry about her.  She does take up a great deal of my time, Lord love her.  When she returns I will be into the throws of the show.  I think she comes back on the day of major dress rehearsal.  If everything is not done by them it it my fault.

     I ordered a new replacement title for her car yesterday so I can get it licensed while she is gone.  I also have an appointment to take it into a shop to get e few odd things fixed. ( like the mirror Hub's broke:)  I think mom has driven her car to church here twice.  That is it.  The church is just a few blocks from our house.  Her driving days are coming to an end.  I am putting my name on the title to her car just in case something happens.  It will be easier to liquidate.  I think she is going to be around for a few more years however, and I am happy about that.

     Our oldest cat is 17 and she is so thin, blind in one eye and very arthritic.  She reminds me of myself except the thin part.  I am worried about her making it through the winter.  She is having trouble jumping and moving some days.  She eats a great deal and puts on no weight which indicates that her thyroid is dead.  I hate to see her suffer so I think a tough decision has to be made.  She gets sick quite a bit, but she still brings us critters.  In her younger years the neighbors called her the huntress. I would just feel terrible if she suffered a death outside because she could not get away from a larger animal, or became too cold if she could not get inside.  I can't force her to stay in as she has always been an outdoor cat. I will be thinking on this.  Just watching her get down and up off her favorite chair is painful.

     I was talking to mom about it and we decided that she and the cat are a lot alike, only mom does not catch mice with her teeth.

Well I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, busy day!

     I am thankful I have dinner all figured out as it is going to be a busy day.  Mom flies out tomorrow, so getting her last minute things done will be tricky.  I have had several clients call already this morning and the shop is busy.  I have much to do in the next two weeks and then the show opens.

     Made a big pot of split pea and ham soup yesterday that will feed us for a while.  Also cooked up a chicken from which mom will make chicken salad.  So we are set for eats for a few days.  Leaves are falling like crazy here now and you can hardly see the back yard.  Hub's has his work cut out for him as I have no time until after the Nutcracker.

     Both my oldest and my youngest called me yesterday and they are both sick with bad colds.  The younger one seems to be sicker.  I am sending her to the doctor.  Not the University health service which is free but I swear only dispenses birth control, but to the clinic where I will pay a co-pay and she will get help. She has always been a little weak since her bought with toxic shock, but every year gets better and better.  It is just funny that they both call whining.  One is 34 and the other 23 and they still call mommy when they are sick.

     Had a meeting last night to go over Nutcracker scene changes and music and staging.  I think it went well.  Ballet mistress and I only went for each others throats once.  So I would call that good.  I think things are on their way.  We are not using as many big props this year which is so nice and will make the back stage area easier for the dancers to maneuver.  Just simple changes that are made to eliminate confusion.  Actually last year I was dealing with three bosses one of which was my daughter.  All three had their ideas and wanted them to work they did not care about anyone's ideas other than their own.  I virtually had no say without a knock down drag out fight.  But this year it is really more my way, in the fact that I have allowed the Ballet Mistress free reign and then I put my foot down where I think things are going overboard.  We see most things alike, she would like some things different and we have knocked heads, but I only have to veto her and not the three amigo's.

     Well the work isn't going to do itself so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday night, rehearsal headache

   Came home from rehearsal with a terrible headache.  Can't figure out why as 6 hours of blaring music 85 kids and florescent lights should make you feel great right?  Then I had customers here as Mom has taken up so much time this week I could not fit them in during normal business hours.

     Ran and got a bunch of small props for the show and a few groceries. I'm trying to get mother packed as she leaves on Tuesday for two weeks.  Hub's worked all day trying to get the kitchen sink from leaking.  It is still leaking just not as bad.  The kitchen is a huge mess.  So I will head up there to clean it and then put my p.j.s on early.

     I really liked my Ballet Mistress's choreography for the land of the sweets dancers.  She is so talented.  I am blessed to have such great help  Tomorrow I get to go to church and then take a long nap.  This is the first week in 7 weeks I get to stay home and not travel at least 4-5 hours.  Even with the long rehearsal it will be nice.

     Well the kitchen won't clean itself.

Have a great evening.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday, I know this will get better...

     Okay back to the doctor with mom this morning at 10:15.  My shop opens at 10:00  So I am gone again.  Need to have mom's handicap papers filled out by doctor for her license plates. Have to then take a prescription to pharmacy, they say it will be an hour, so take mom's car down to shop as she is fussing about it, they order a new mirror piece and a new sun visor which is also broken and I make an appointment for when she is gone to have the car fixed.  Run pay the studio rent as it is one the way.  Back to pharmacy and then take her to her bank for some cash.  It is now 12:20.  Back home she needs to make some pies.  But I have to do the crusts, so off and on I have been able to get a few things done.  Like return phone calls, but no sewing.

     Now it is 2:20 she is exhausted and I am making her lay down.  We have three pies in the oven and I have frozen 4 single crusts.  My kitchen is a disaster.  That does not bother me I can clean it later.  But where do I make up this time?  Mom is leaving for younger sister's next Tuesday and will be gone a little over two weeks.  I will need the break.

     There is a chili and pie feed tonight at the church and mom helped hubby make the chili last night. I have rehearsals most of the day tomorrow.  Trying hard to get the Nutcracker off and running.  Posters are done commercial is done, I have parents working like beavers to help me and thank goodness, without the support I know I would have lost it by now.  Just too much stress and I am learning to give specific instructions to people.  It is hard for me.  I have always tried to be a one man show but those days are past.

     I need to make some more calls and my da*& cell phone just died.Crap!  Well at least no one can call me and I can get some work done.:)  I know  all this time with Mom and doctors will slow down and right now as a new patient she is requiring longer visits.  This will eventually ease up, but I feel that all I do is spend time in doctors offices.

     I actually found myself sneaking into my shop last night aster dance and not letting her know I was home so I could get something done, but she found me and the first thing out of her mouth was , "Why didn't you tell me you were home?  Why didn't I?

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, have you noticed?

    Have you noticed we are into the third month of the the dance year and I am not complaining about tuition and parents?  Have you noticed?  Have you?  Well because I haven't!  Has the problem gone away?  Well not exactly.  But my good buddy has been picking up all the checks and making the deposits.  At the beginning of the year we made changes to the tuition structure not so much in raising tuition but in allowing parents to pay 1/2 a year or a full year at a discount. Also they are required to pay an additional charge per child for recital fees on a monthly basis.This makes cash flow and ordering and paying for things like the upcoming show easier.  It also gives us a slush fund.  I am not irritated by slow payers and let me tell you they are there and always the same people.  That does not change, but I don't have to be stressed or irritated.  Or I don't have to be stressed or irritated as much, Hows that?  Pretty nice if you ask me.

     Mom's eye appointment took about 3 hours out of my day.  But I took work with me and sat in the lobby and sewed and completed a tux jacket and another jacket.  Then I looked down and saw a hole in the upholstery of the bench I was sitting on so I also rewove and sewed that up.  Could you please take that off my bill?  Or my Mom's bill?

     I am getting behind, behind, behind...... I will figure this out. My younger sister kept me up last night until 1 a.m. talking and then mom of course could not stand that I was talking to her so she was up when I finally went to bed calling out in this little helpless voice, "kim"   So then I had to get her asleep and we laughed like a couple of school girls.  Okay Sis this is too much, just telling you. Call me.

     I have a hell of a day ahead of me so I had better get to work.

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday,I am my mother's daughter....

     Yesterday I took mom up to see her new dentist.  She needs two crowns on existing crowns that were going bad with age.  Just getting her out the door is a triumph.  Getting her bathed, dressed, hair done. pills taken, fed.  Do you have your purse?  Do you have your meds?  Do you have your tooth?  I swear I am going to hang that thing around her neck.  Her list of meds is a mile long and we or I should say she can never find a copy for all these new doctors.  So I did not argue when she wanted to take a big yellow grocery bag with all her meds.  Since one of my good friends works at the office I could finally get a list of what was really a medication and what snake oil she is taking.

      We get to the dentist,  She has taken out her tooth at home.  She pulls out her bag of meds and hands it to the receptionist, who opens it.  It is a yellow trash bag full of soda cans she has collected.  She goes around the house and collects cans and saves them in the trunk of her car.  We just recycle them into the city recycling bin as you can take a whole car load of cans in here and get under $5.00.  Not worth your time, mess or aggravation.  Mom thinks she will get to Hawaii on these cans.  ( like she could survive the flight)  Hubs and I just humor her.  It is her routine to putter through the house with a yellow grocery sack.

     So I go back home for her tooth and her meds.  By the way this was all my fault, but as I am used to taking the blame for everything that goes wrong around here I am used to the honor.  I get back to the office and they are ready to treat mom.  It will take a couple of hours so I run down to Winco to get some groceries mostly for her.  Winco is having a huge meat sale.  Chicken thighs, and legs are $.48 a pound.  Boneless skinless breasts are $1.48, the good ground beef in 10 lb tubes is $2.98.  Needless to say I stocked up!  When I came out of the store I loaded the yellow plastic bags in the back seat and then locked the car and took the grocery cart back.  When I returned I presses the unlock button on the key fob and it did not work.  I could hear it but the locks did not disengage.  I did this about three times and a voice from my far left says, " Ma'am that is the wrong car."  I look up and there is a man about 95 years old driving a( okay that is an exaggeration he was about 96)  handicap van in a handicap spot looking out his window watching me.  Mom's car is one over.  I am trying to open the wrong car. So who knows maybe I did put a bag of cans in with her medicines.

     When I picked mom up she was very hungry and they told me not to let here eat anything chewy like caramels.  She also needed to be careful not to bite her front lip and she would have some swelling and pain.  I take her to Taco Time as that is where she wants to go.  The first thing she does is bite her lip which bleeds like a stuck pig and then proceeds to swell the size of my fist.  Oh this was a fun day.  Got her home and still had to burst all that meat into smaller portions.  She insisted on helping after taking a pain pill.  Then she had to deep clean my fridge and freezer.  I finally got her to lay down and put ice on her lip which when she woke up was quite painful.  I swear taking care of a fussy baby is easier.

     Today Mom has a trip to get a shot in her eye.  I found a retinal specialist in Clarkston.  Then tomorrow she is back to the dentist.  Needless to say all these trips really cut into my time.  Still haven't figured that one out yet. At least she is pleasant.

    I must really work in the shop today and plan on finishing my battle routine tonight.  I am actually getting excited for the Nutcracker.  Somebody pinch me please.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday, It's all worked out....

     Hub's finally told mom he hit her car.  Her response was," poor man."  Mine is still *&^%$#.  But don't worry Sluggy and I have it all worked out.  We will let the men live together in retirement and we will live together and laugh at them.

     Mom managed to take my whole day yesterday and today she has a dentist appointment at 11:00, then tomorrow I have to take her to the eye surgeon for her eye shot.  I am trying to get all these things done before she has to leave for my little sisters.  She is very weak and tired and was quite sick yesterday and hardly ate a thing.  It is hard to run the sewing business with her sometimes, but I will work it out.

     I keep my cell phone with me when I am out with her and then run home to meet with clients.  While she is at the dentist today I am going to run to the store for a few items we are out of that she needs.  When she was gone we did not add these to the grocery list.

     Things are stacking up in the shop so I hope to get a good few days of sewing in this week. Hub's has tomorrow off, but I am sure the weather will not cooperate so more yard work can be done.

     It is really turning cold here chickens are down on their numbers. 

I need to go clean up so I can take mom to the dentist!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday,expensive weekend, Hub's in dog house.

     Saturday was my last full day to spend in the yard a Nutcracker season is upon us.   I woke with a really bad headache but was able to get it under control with Excedrin.

Started Yard work at 11:00 with me cleaning out the garden which is no easy task mind you.  Hub's had to clean the church that morning and then I sent him for a hair cut.  He of course went to the drunk female barber that no one else goes to because he would not have to wait.  She did a lousy job which he tried to fix and did a worse job.  So I will have to look at this mess for about 2 weeks.

     We continued to work on the yard and at 3:30 took a load to the dump.  Hubs was nice and clean and I looked like I had swam in a swamp.  You all know that cute picture of Mavis Butterflied in her overalls?  Well imagine that covered in mud and hair sticking out like a witch and you have me.I mad Hubs promise to come back and reload the truck for me as he under loads it so he does not have to get the work done and I WANT IT DONE!!!!!!!!

     He is backing the truck into the driveway and takes out the side mirror on my moms car and the whole side of the pick-up.  About an $1800 boo-boo.  I could not believe it.  I did not say a word.  But we all know who will have to pay for this and it most certainly will not have to be him.  I will just work harder and do without something.  He will not work harder or wait for anything.

     We took off Sunday at noon to pick up mom.  We arrived at almost the same time and on our way home I drove and Hub's was awful.  At his worst.  Giving backseat directions, yelling because I stopped  30 miles earlier to go to the bathroom. Screaming when I did not pass when he wanted me to.  My mom asked him if someone was waiting for him at the house. I was a nervous wreck and my mom finally yelled at him. He shut up.  I don't know what his problem was.  Still don't.

     We got home about 5:30. Daughter #2 was home for a few days and she went right in a laid down as she is still sick with her pregnancy. I unpacked mom and started dinner.  We had a big ham, new potatoes, and squash from the garden.  I also made corn bread.  After we ate and I was clearing up, Daughter #2 complained that it was very cold in the upstairs bedroom as the window was open and cold air was pouring in.  I told her to ask her dad to shut the window.  I had asked and told him several times that we had turned the furnace on and this window needed to be shut.  Now remember I cannot do this or I would do it myself.  But because daughter was cold he went in room and tried to do it and of course had to go outside and do it from there like we or he does every year.  Then when he came inside he tries to defend himself in front of mom like I had never asked him which is bull sh*&.  I tell him that the bathroom window is also opened and needs to be close from the outside.  He sighs and goes out to close it.  Then comes in and says I kid you not," Now that is the last thing I am going to do today, I'm not going to go down a whole long list of honey do projects for you, What have you done today?  Well let me see when we got home you slept on the couch for two hours and I cooked dinner and did all the dishes.without a dishwasher as we can't get one because I never have any money to improve anything in the house as I spend it fixing stupid mistakes made by ?  I thought my mom was going to croak when he asked what I had done today.  Is this guy just plain stupid?

     Needless to say I am at a loss for words. 

Any advice on this situation and remember death is an option.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday, My last weekend of freedom.

     Yesterday I was able to get many small things done.  Payroll and sewing and housework.  I am hoping to be able to really work in the yard on Saturday.
    Last night we had a dinner party for a good friend.  I didn't dare miss it, but I had to leave class early and I know the little buggers did not get anything done.  I just have to be there.  This is the most frustrating part of owning the studio.I cannot replace me.  Fortunately I love my students and I can get really good results out of them.  It might take a beating or two.:)

     I bed hopped last night as I was having trouble sleeping.  So I have three beds to straighten this morning.  I have several sewing projects to finish today.

     I am stopping into the studio at 4 to check on classes and then Hub's has a gig at a festival at the Methodist church so I will go there for the evening.

     On the way home from the party I stopped by a store that had soda on sale and as always I go through the meat department.  I picked up 4 packages of bratwurst marked to 1.99 and a huge sliced spiral ham for 1.99 lb.  It is gorgeous.  So we will be hamming it up here for a while so to speak.  I love those bargains.  Any readers want some ham?  Come to my house.

     Got a confirm on the posters so I hope they go to print by Monday at the latest.  The agony is in the details.  If you know what I mean.

Have a great and productive day!

Oh by the way Sluggy has a great give away, so check it out.  Wonderful stocking stuffer material.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday, feeling blessed.

       Daughter #3 who will graduate from college with a double major in Chemistry and Micro-biology on December 12th, just landed another job with her University.  It will be an additional 10-15 hours a week.  This will put her working 20-25 hours a week for two professors.  She can put in her notice at the gas station where she works, which I hate.  I do not like her working at an all night gas station convenience mart right on the highway.  The pay is terrible, her co-workers are sometimes worse.  Her boss loves her as he should, she is responsible, smart and hey she can follow directions.  Anyway this job will go into full time with benefits which is what she needs.  It also allows her time to study for entrance exams and really get insight into what she wants to do, plus great experience.  It solves our dilemma about insurance for her as she will be off ours in January. She can walk to and from work.  When she needs to use her car she will have a parking permit.

     Daughter #2 will be here this weekend and she is picking up the huge Swedish trunk that is blocking the downstairs fireplace.  Yeah let's get something out of this house.  Maybe I can get her to take more of her junk?  She is married now time to grow up and take yo stuff.

   I have to say I have been a little bored this week and it has been wonderful.  I have nothing really pressing except to get the choreography done for the battle scene in the Nutcracker.  It's not that there are not a thousand things to do for the next performance it is just that nothing is pressing.  Well I did just nag the poster guy.  As in "Where is my poster?"  This is the last free Saturday I have before Nutcracker. I should be a little more anxious. Don't worry I will get there.  Maybe I needed this week without mom here and no real deadlines.  I don't get this very often.

     Mom called yesterday and we are picking her up on Sunday.  I was to originally go next Monday but this way Hub's can drive with and it is better for me.  Then mom will fly out to my younger sister's house on the 17th?  So the real prep weeks of Nutcracker she will not be here.

     I was able to get quite a bit done in the shop yesterday.  I also was able to get a good portion of the dream scene done at the studio.  Tonight Hub's and I have a 85th birthday celebration, it is for a client and it will be nice.  I will have to leave the studio early so it cuts into my time.  I gave the kids so much yesterday that I figure it is better to let that jell before I stuff more into their brains.

     I need to do payroll when I get to the studio.

     So today is putzing around the house.  A little cleaning, a little laundry, a little sewing, a little bookkeeping, no yard work.  I also did not get out into the yard yesterday.  It was sunny but very cold and windy.  I can handle the cold just not the wind.

     I am sitting here with a wet head so I am going to find Mr. blow dryer.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, remodel?

  Yeah remodel my life?  I spent 1.5 hours moving furniture around in my front room trying to come up with a plane for mom's things.  I still do not like the results.  I have a huge front room, but no matter what I do it is just too much.  Well I have to live with it so there, enough said.

     I think this is going to be the only nice day this week to work in the yard and I need to stay in and sew.  I might be able to sneak out for an hour if I get things done.

     Mom's tooth arrived in Missoula so all is well there.  She is enjoying herself.  I am enjoying myself:)

I had a contractor come and look at the kitchen yesterday.  Mom wants it remodeled.  She hates the kitchen.  I can understand this as it uses its space so poorly.  I don't have a built in dishwasher.  I have no storage.  I have lived with this for 17 years and have been able to put out many meals.  I don't know why it bugs her so much.  This is nothing we will do right away.  First of all no time and secondly no money.:)  It is the no money part that gets me.

     Meeting last night with studio boosters.  It went well different people every time.  I feel really positive about the Nutcracker this year.  Remind me I wrote this in a month will you. 

     I need to get into my sewing room and get a pile done.  I am dragging my feet so to speak.

But if I do get these things done I can go out in the sun shine!  That is a bargain.

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday, getting things done.

     I had to teach for 4 straight hours yesterday as one of my teachers was out.  She and I split 3 classes and then I have 1.5 hours alone.  So it was me for the whole time which was fine.  I love the kids, I was just very tired after running all day and then teaching non stop.

     I was able to get many errands done yesterday in about 1.5 hours without mom along.  I shipped her tooth:), I ran to Wal-mart and cashed a couple small checks, did my secret shop, dropped by the tire place to get a quote on fixing mom's car, stopped by the post office to mail bills, stopped by insurance office to make a payment and then home.

     I had several easy sewing things come in yesterday so I will be tackling all of that this afternoon.  There is a contractor coming buy this morning to give us a quote on windows.  We do have a window problem in this house.  They are all original and awful.  No screens nothing opens, everything leaks, spiders in every where.  We will get it back on resale.

     I need to do a quick run through of the house, put things away and maybe do a little dusting.  Now that Halloween is over the spiderwebs need to go as I can't claim they are part of the decor. Dang!

     Need to call my Sissie and catch up.  It is too rainy to do any yard work so that will have to wait.
Well I had better get busy as I have no excuses not to get something done today.  I am sure if I think really hard I can come up with a few.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday, Wow November already?

     I swear that was the fastest October ever.  I feel like this whole last 6 months went by in one whoosh. Hub's was disappointed that we had no trick or treaters, but I spent 7 hours on my feet part of it in the rain with my dancers so I felt I had been treated just fine by the holiday.  I came home from the studio and collapsed on the sofa.  Mom took a nap and I slept for 2 hours.  It was lovely.

     I spent Saturday evening packing mom for Missoula.  She is very forgetful and I thought we had everything.

     Hub's and I came home immediately from church to get mom on the road.  It was a two hour drive to meet her friends who met us half way.  When we got into the diner where we were to meet I noticed mom had not put her bridge in.  She hates going out without it and I can see why.  I just need to watch her closer.  I make those kind of stupid mistakes all the time and it drives me nuts.  So I am FedEx her bridge overnight.  I will run out in a few minutes to do this and also mail my bills which I finally got done last night.

     I hope the new studio billing system works as I took back all the money I had loaned them this summer for the Wedding bills and I will need to make payroll this week.  I am trusting the money will come in and be there. It has been nice not to have to worry or see who has not paid.  The aggravation is certainly gone.

     I have had several phone calls this morning for work and then need to keep coming in as I need at least $500.00 for the house payment before the end of next week. Money is always such and issue and I hate that.

     I will do another secret shop this morning when I run out to mail mom's tooth:)  I am going to start another column now that I have the car paid off.  So you will notice on the right a new pay off box for the sewer loan, which is my next bill I will try to make hit the dust.  The studio I will go slowly and evenly so I don't strap myself for cash. 

     It is so quiet in the house without mom.  Although she is not noisy.  Just another presence.  She looked so frail coming out of the diner to get into her friends car.  I hope she will be okay. I don't think they realize how weak she is and I was somewhat scared to let her go.  I don't worry when she is at my sisters as they really watch her.  What I am hoping for I guess is that she will look forward to coming home here.  That this will be the place she comes to rest and regroup.  Once she starts to feel that way it will be her home.

Well I had better get my butt in gear.  Let's see, make bed, put face on, get mom's package sent, secret shop, load truck with studio stuff, do some laundry, sew and maybe work on yard a little later.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, Happy Holloween

     The dancers have an event in downtown Lewiston today.  It is rainy and awful so don't know how successful we will be.  I hate spending yet another day down there, but I love how excited the kids are when they get their makeup and costumes on.  The city will close off the streets and kids will trick or treat the businesses including mine.

     I did get sewing done yesterday finally.  Mom will be gone for a week starting tomorrow so I will be able to see how things go while she is gone.  She is ironing my pillow cases right now.  He He, this is where I got the ironing bug.

     I am starting to make lists of  house projects.  Even hub's admitted that we have neglected this place for the last several years.  We worked really hard on fixing it up the first few years we were in it and then everything kind of froze.  Medical bills, my health, braces on teeth( hold it sissie paid for those)  okay surgery on teeth.  School expenses for the kids Weddings :).  You name it something always was there to take the money. Other than have to improvements like the sewer collapse, we have not painted a wall or replaced a rug upstairs in  the living are or kitchen in over 15 years and I am afraid it really shows.

     You just don't look at those things or at least I don't.  We have 6 doors that need replacing and we need new handicap handles installed.  The house is just dated and old.  This does not bother me.  I am dated and old.  I have never insisted on everything new and perfect.  Well let's be realistic I have never been able to insist on new and I actually like old things.  This is why I love Sluggy.

     With hubs retiring soon I am making a list of the things I feel that he can do with out hurting himself.  If he can't conquer them we will pay for them.  A couple of items at a time until these things are all done.  That way when we go to sell the house it is ready.

     I could be several years or maybe never, at least I will have doors that have not been chewed on by a dog.  How about floors without holes.  Or better yet furniture that is not worn through to the cushions.  A kitchen with more than 3 drawers.  A dishwasher built into the wall, or a dishwasher period.  Maybe counter tops that are not worn through and disintegrating.

     The house was built in 1952 I think and it still has the original kitchen and most of the fixtures.  Let's see I was built in 1958 and still have most of mine, they are just bigger and a little softer maybe drooping.  I was talking about my eyelids you guys.  Disgusting and I call you my friends......

Well I am off to the races!  Say a prayer.

Have a great and productive day!  Mine will be wet but productive.