Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday, Wow November already?

     I swear that was the fastest October ever.  I feel like this whole last 6 months went by in one whoosh. Hub's was disappointed that we had no trick or treaters, but I spent 7 hours on my feet part of it in the rain with my dancers so I felt I had been treated just fine by the holiday.  I came home from the studio and collapsed on the sofa.  Mom took a nap and I slept for 2 hours.  It was lovely.

     I spent Saturday evening packing mom for Missoula.  She is very forgetful and I thought we had everything.

     Hub's and I came home immediately from church to get mom on the road.  It was a two hour drive to meet her friends who met us half way.  When we got into the diner where we were to meet I noticed mom had not put her bridge in.  She hates going out without it and I can see why.  I just need to watch her closer.  I make those kind of stupid mistakes all the time and it drives me nuts.  So I am FedEx her bridge overnight.  I will run out in a few minutes to do this and also mail my bills which I finally got done last night.

     I hope the new studio billing system works as I took back all the money I had loaned them this summer for the Wedding bills and I will need to make payroll this week.  I am trusting the money will come in and be there. It has been nice not to have to worry or see who has not paid.  The aggravation is certainly gone.

     I have had several phone calls this morning for work and then need to keep coming in as I need at least $500.00 for the house payment before the end of next week. Money is always such and issue and I hate that.

     I will do another secret shop this morning when I run out to mail mom's tooth:)  I am going to start another column now that I have the car paid off.  So you will notice on the right a new pay off box for the sewer loan, which is my next bill I will try to make hit the dust.  The studio I will go slowly and evenly so I don't strap myself for cash. 

     It is so quiet in the house without mom.  Although she is not noisy.  Just another presence.  She looked so frail coming out of the diner to get into her friends car.  I hope she will be okay. I don't think they realize how weak she is and I was somewhat scared to let her go.  I don't worry when she is at my sisters as they really watch her.  What I am hoping for I guess is that she will look forward to coming home here.  That this will be the place she comes to rest and regroup.  Once she starts to feel that way it will be her home.

Well I had better get my butt in gear.  Let's see, make bed, put face on, get mom's package sent, secret shop, load truck with studio stuff, do some laundry, sew and maybe work on yard a little later.

Have a great and productive day!