Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday, I know this will get better...

     Okay back to the doctor with mom this morning at 10:15.  My shop opens at 10:00  So I am gone again.  Need to have mom's handicap papers filled out by doctor for her license plates. Have to then take a prescription to pharmacy, they say it will be an hour, so take mom's car down to shop as she is fussing about it, they order a new mirror piece and a new sun visor which is also broken and I make an appointment for when she is gone to have the car fixed.  Run pay the studio rent as it is one the way.  Back to pharmacy and then take her to her bank for some cash.  It is now 12:20.  Back home she needs to make some pies.  But I have to do the crusts, so off and on I have been able to get a few things done.  Like return phone calls, but no sewing.

     Now it is 2:20 she is exhausted and I am making her lay down.  We have three pies in the oven and I have frozen 4 single crusts.  My kitchen is a disaster.  That does not bother me I can clean it later.  But where do I make up this time?  Mom is leaving for younger sister's next Tuesday and will be gone a little over two weeks.  I will need the break.

     There is a chili and pie feed tonight at the church and mom helped hubby make the chili last night. I have rehearsals most of the day tomorrow.  Trying hard to get the Nutcracker off and running.  Posters are done commercial is done, I have parents working like beavers to help me and thank goodness, without the support I know I would have lost it by now.  Just too much stress and I am learning to give specific instructions to people.  It is hard for me.  I have always tried to be a one man show but those days are past.

     I need to make some more calls and my da*& cell phone just died.Crap!  Well at least no one can call me and I can get some work done.:)  I know  all this time with Mom and doctors will slow down and right now as a new patient she is requiring longer visits.  This will eventually ease up, but I feel that all I do is spend time in doctors offices.

     I actually found myself sneaking into my shop last night aster dance and not letting her know I was home so I could get something done, but she found me and the first thing out of her mouth was , "Why didn't you tell me you were home?  Why didn't I?

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Whew, that made me dizzy. Why does she have to make pies? Learn to delegate! You know how you tried to sneak and go to the bathroom for a few moments alone when the kids were little? LOL Well, your mother found you this time. Is there not a way you can kindly tell her how important it is to get things done and just ask her to sit quietly?

    You may need to take a nap when she first leaves and the day before she returns.