Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, up too late...

     My younger sister called last night and kept me up way too late.  She has "the mother" right now so we had to go over Mother stories.  I really need my beauty rest.  I am still trying to catch up on sewing and failing as emergency customers keep coming.  Oh well look at it this way its money.

     Picked up all my groceries yesterday still need to get a can of fruit cocktail.  I will make pies and stuff the turkey this evening, put it in roaster and stick it outside.  I also will precook the sweet potatoes and have them ready to reheat.

     I need to get a couple of suits ready to be picked up this afternoon.  I also need to really clean mom's bath and change her bedding as other family will be here.  I want to get the Thanksgiving table set. The older couple (sewing clients) that are coming over to join us set a lovely Thanksgiving bouquet for the table.  I need to get linens out and rearrange a few things.  Pull the china out of the cupboard and check the silver.

     I have a short rehearsal today at noon, for a performance at a fund raiser the day after Thanksgiving.  I am also going to pull a couple of costumes from the high school before it closes for the day.

     I believe I have everything I need to complete the few costumes I have make for the show, so no excuses, that will get my concentrated effort after Thursday.  Yesterday I unloaded 4 boxes from the car and washed all the soldier uniforms.  The white shirts were filthy and I still have three soaking in biz that had lipstick all over the place.  I have the vests hanging to dry and I will have to steam them.  The pants I was able to dry in the dryer.  Once I have all the pieces clean these will be hung in sets according to size and then will be assigned to a dancer.  We have moms who help dress and undress and make sure that costumes are rehung with the name placard on them, so no fighting or losing pieces.  I was able to get all the 12 baby mice costumes hung and make sure they had tails attached also put the headdress's in a bag with each costume so they are ready to go.  Larger helper mice are hung and ready.  I have to make 4 additional 3 dimension mouse heads.  A harlequin costume and one other dress so that is a small list.  We have not handed out Tails and dress clothes for the male ballroom dancers nor the women's gowns.  These will probably need a few alterations.  Yikes I need to also pull long opera gloves from the highs chool, I think I only have about 5 pair at the studio. Crap too much, too much....

     Want to have all my errands done by 3 so I can concentrate on Thanksgiving.

I had better get busy lots to do!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. We don't typically set the table until an hour before. People tend to settle there and visit while we prepare the food, so it's not practical for us...
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. That is a long list. Can you delegate things like checking silver and setting the table?

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  4. Too bad you're so far away or I'd come and help!! Put hubby to work! Or is he still sick? Hang in there!