Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday, getting things done.

     I had to teach for 4 straight hours yesterday as one of my teachers was out.  She and I split 3 classes and then I have 1.5 hours alone.  So it was me for the whole time which was fine.  I love the kids, I was just very tired after running all day and then teaching non stop.

     I was able to get many errands done yesterday in about 1.5 hours without mom along.  I shipped her tooth:), I ran to Wal-mart and cashed a couple small checks, did my secret shop, dropped by the tire place to get a quote on fixing mom's car, stopped by the post office to mail bills, stopped by insurance office to make a payment and then home.

     I had several easy sewing things come in yesterday so I will be tackling all of that this afternoon.  There is a contractor coming buy this morning to give us a quote on windows.  We do have a window problem in this house.  They are all original and awful.  No screens nothing opens, everything leaks, spiders in every where.  We will get it back on resale.

     I need to do a quick run through of the house, put things away and maybe do a little dusting.  Now that Halloween is over the spiderwebs need to go as I can't claim they are part of the decor. Dang!

     Need to call my Sissie and catch up.  It is too rainy to do any yard work so that will have to wait.
Well I had better get busy as I have no excuses not to get something done today.  I am sure if I think really hard I can come up with a few.

Have a great and productive day!


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