Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, remodel?

  Yeah remodel my life?  I spent 1.5 hours moving furniture around in my front room trying to come up with a plane for mom's things.  I still do not like the results.  I have a huge front room, but no matter what I do it is just too much.  Well I have to live with it so there, enough said.

     I think this is going to be the only nice day this week to work in the yard and I need to stay in and sew.  I might be able to sneak out for an hour if I get things done.

     Mom's tooth arrived in Missoula so all is well there.  She is enjoying herself.  I am enjoying myself:)

I had a contractor come and look at the kitchen yesterday.  Mom wants it remodeled.  She hates the kitchen.  I can understand this as it uses its space so poorly.  I don't have a built in dishwasher.  I have no storage.  I have lived with this for 17 years and have been able to put out many meals.  I don't know why it bugs her so much.  This is nothing we will do right away.  First of all no time and secondly no money.:)  It is the no money part that gets me.

     Meeting last night with studio boosters.  It went well different people every time.  I feel really positive about the Nutcracker this year.  Remind me I wrote this in a month will you. 

     I need to get into my sewing room and get a pile done.  I am dragging my feet so to speak.

But if I do get these things done I can go out in the sun shine!  That is a bargain.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Enjoyed reading about the "tooth" adventures :) I hope the bridge doesn't have to travel any further!

    1. I am worried she will leave it in Missoula and they will have to ship it here. It will spend more time in postal hell than in her mouth.