Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thursday, Getting a cold, drats!


Yes, here it comes and drat I so do not want this right now or ever!

Day two with another day of coming and three days of there and three days gone. At least I don't have a full weekend, although Lil sis's birthday is the 5th and I know I will bake her a cake.

Right now, I just want to wrap up in a blanket and go back to bed.

I did get all 31 pairs of pants hemmed yesterday what a job. But I did not finish until 7:00.  Too long a day I tell you.

Today it is wedding dresses.  I want to get a couple done and maybe a third started.  We will see.

Then with it being the end of August I will need to pay bills also not my favorite chore. But it must be done. 

Kelsa is here today, and I think I will watch Oliver on Saturday depending on how I feel. Really don't want the grandkids to get this crap and then run it through the whole family.  But who knows maybe they gave it to me?

I am off to work.


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Wednesday, Will I ever return?

Enlarge and look at the pip squeak at the end of the line with the Buddha belly.  It is Kelsa Kay who is potty trained and started gymnastics!  She is so small she had to be helped up on every device.

Look at that flexibility, just like her grandma.  If I did that now I would need a block and tackle to get up.  But a girl can dream, right?

Both William and Kelsa at gymnastics.  Oh, I love these two and they make my life great.

Not to forget the cutest lil boy ever. My Oliver! He just got done with a haircut and he looks like the Campbell's kid. So fun.

I have been super busy catering a wedding (don't ask) and taking care of grandkids and of course sewing. I am still struggling with just wanting my old life back and that is not going to happen.  I want the schedule back.  Get up have a soda, look at phone messages for shop, get dressed and blog, then sew.  But I can't get any kind of consistent schedule.  Even with Sissie here I could not. It frustrates me to no end.  Really what is so different? Oh, so many things......

Talked to Sissie this morning and she was on me to blog more consistently.  It has been 8 months and I still feel upside down most of the time.

Kelsa celebrated her 3rd birthday, and she was so excited.  She actually understood what was happening and that it was just for her.

She has a new kitchen set at grandmas and food and pots and pans.  She just plays and plays.  Such a joy. I don't think I could have survived Joel's death without these little munchkins. They keep me busy and that helps so much.

I have 15 shirts to put patches on today and then 31 yes 31 pairs of pants to hem.  I would also like to get to a couple of wedding dresses if I can.  Yeah, right, let's just skip the wedding dresses, shall we? There are still 11 lurking behind me taunting me with their evil laughter.

I did get 5 dresses hemmed (bridesmaid) yesterday, and a wedding dress done plus a few piles, so it was a good day.

I have a headache and some sinus drainage today, it is very smokey out, so I am hoping it is just a reaction to the air quality.  I have been so healthy (well except for my eye) and I don't want to go back into the sinus infection crap. It seems like once it starts it last an entire season.

Oh, by the way I am going to DC the 17th to the 31st of October.  I will be joined by my middle daughter and her husband for part of that.  The fall girls' trip cannot take place as Slugs is having surgery.  But maybe Kay and I can get Anne to come up or drive down and harass her. Hey anyone want to join? We will laugh a lot. Bring extra panties (I don't have to explain do I) 

Well, the shop is awaiting. Thanks for your patience with me as I travel this awful, stony, slippery, dragon infested road of grief.  Well, all except Sissie who has no patience.

Uncle Jeff will recover, he is very ornery with the nursing staff, which bodes well for his recovery. For this I am grateful. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tuesday, Working hard

 I have been missing Joel more lately, possibly because Sissie is not here. All I can do is work through it and yesterday I was a workhorse. I was able to get through many piles in the shop.  I am very happy about that.  I also finished a wedding dress and got a good start on two others.  I am hoping to finish those two today and get to some dresses.

It was a long day. Today will be the same.  I dream of having no wedding dresses in the shop.  I can't wait.

We have had a steady drizzle of rain for two days now, which is nice.  It will really help knock down the fires. I wonder how long this will last.  I have a hard time believing that it is still from the hurricane.

Both my daughters had bad days at work yesterday and then my youngest called and I said please don't tell me you had a bad day, I have already listened to your sisters.  See what a supportive mom I am? Mom the sounding board for all grievances.

I sent Sissie home with an ambulance bill that I cannot get the company to bill correctly.  I have called 4 times and sent three letters with all the info.  She was going to talk directly to them. I called again this morning and low and behold they had not billed Medicare yet.  I pulled out the bill from the month before and in it was Joel's Medicare card and insurance info.  I knew I put it somewhere. Anyway 8 months later we might get this thing paid. They keep billing the wrong state and then added charges back on.  IT is such a mess.  But I don't think anyone follows through.  When I finally got through the phone tree and was able to speak to the person, she had all the right numbers.  So why? No just keep sending me bills.  Crazy!!! I have done my part and you will receive no funds until you do yours. Can you believe I am still dealing with this crap?

I wore white shorts yesterday and then went down to feed the menagerie.  That was a mistake. Came home filthy.  What was I thinking?  Obviously, I wasn't.

Well, I am off to get some things done around here!


Monday, August 21, 2023

Monday, Missing my Sissie

 Have not done much since Sissie left, mostly due to just an overly busy schedule.  But it is Monday and I need to saddle up and get things done.

I have piles upon piles that I want to attack today and a couple of wedding dresses. No kids today so that is a blessing.

We are back into smoke due to the wildfires in the area, but it is raining now so hopefully that will clear the air up a little. If it rains hard enough, I won't have to water always a plus.

Froze two-gallon bags of tomatoes this morning, for sauce later.  Lots of cucumbers and tomatoes here not much squash. Anyway, more than I can eat, so into the freezer they go until I can do something with them.

Taking care of the neighbor's place is way more than I should be doing.  I have done it for a weekend, and it is not bad, but this is overkill. I will say no next time. There are several huge water troughs and pools that need to be emptied and refilled and it takes forever. I am trying to do a couple a day so I can rotate.  My daughter has gone with me twice to help me.

I am missing Joel so much lately.  Sundays are hard for me, just so many memories. Kelsa asked to see pictures of Papa the other day, it was very hard.

I am looking forward to a rip-roaring week of sewing and I am anxious to see how I do without my bossy sister behind me. 

I had a friend come over and get a bunch of meat out of the freezer that was going to burn.  Just too much and I would never cook it up, so let it bless someone else.

Uncle Jeff is recovering.  He is a doctor, and they make the worst patients. He is true to form, which I love as it shows he has fight in him. So, I am very happy about that.

Still practicing the piano for choir which is good for me.  It gives me something to focus on that is hard. 

Well, I had better get busy, and thanks for sticking with me, even though I am inconsistent and not replying like I should.  But I am getting better little by little I think and then wham!!!! down I go.

This is hard.

Love you guys more than you know.


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wednesday, Book Club tonight

 Book club is tonight, and I am frantically trying to finish a book.  Sissie is after me to sew, and she is right I do need to sew.

Sissie is running around packing and planning my future while she runs.  It does not look too bright.  But don't worry the voices in my head will help me along.

Working on the hardest wedding dress and I will call her for a try on before I finish the inside.  No way I am doing that sucker again.

Went out to Mexican last night and it was good. Eating the leftovers today for lunch.

My neighbor down the street left yesterday for Germany, and I have the menagerie for the next three weeks. I was down this morning, with the 4 dogs, 5 cats, 37 chickens, 8 ducks, 3 geese, 1 potbellied pig, one tortoise, one turtle, and a large parrot. Plus, her huge garden where I picked 8 cucumbers that were ready. Also, a dozen eggs. I will go back down this evening for dog snuggles. A half an hour of getting jumped on and kissed by four dogs.  But they need the love. 

Joel's favorite Uncle is in grave condition.  He is 78 just a few years older than Joel so they were really friends growing up.  He has a brain bleed, and the doctors are going to do surgery but do not think he will survive. I just dread another funeral.

Well, I am off to sew on that wedding dress so I can call for a fitting. 

Also, I counted my $5 bill box and I have $710.00 saved. I thought I had only a little over $500.  It was a nice surprise.

Sissie wants me to get to work.



Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Tuesday, Focused

It is only Tuesday, and this seems appropriate. Sissie leaves in three days, and I am already nervous about it. I am thinking of having her make lists for me to follow to keep me motivated. But I don't know if that will work.

Kelsa is mostly potty trained, but I was on the run yesterday, keeping her on track. The picture below was taken because she wanted me to know I could not see her.  If I could not see her, she could still potty in her pants.  Where do these kids come up with this stuff?

As we were driving back from Twin Falls, Schmills asked his mom if her could play some music. She said she had a headache and did not want to hear music, but he could listen to her iPad with headphones if he wished.

So here he is in the back seat with his headphones on and his eyes closed singing LOUDLY, OFF KEY. Highway to the danger zoooooone.  Over and over, and during the drum solos and riffs, he would clap his hands (not to the rhythm) kick the seat, slap his thighs, and even made fart noises under his armpit, to imitate the drums.  I thought Signe' and I were going to die laughing. He was totally oblivious, and this went on and on with him repeating his favorite songs. I turned to Signe' and suggested that we just let him listen like he originally asked.  IT was so funny. Kids!

Did not get done what I wanted yesterday. But I am going to try hard today, as there are no kids here to interrupt. 

Sissie is out running errands.  I might just sneak in and watch TV.  But do I dare?


Monday, August 14, 2023

Monday, Out of touch!

 SO much traveling.  I went to the coast, then down to Twin Falls and then to Missoula all in a month's time. I really need to stay home and focus.

Although Sissy has been keeping me in line, let me tell you. 

We had a nice drive to Missoula to help with one of our old school chum's parents memorial service.  Why is it only funerals when we get together anymore?

Stayed with our 85-year-old Aunt. It was fun to catch up. But now home to face the dragon and I am not talking about Sissie.

12 Wedding dresses in the shop 9 of them for Sept.  It is crazy.  I have never been this busy in Sept before.  Now I have been this busy in October, so we shall see.

Signe' and Nate dropped the kids off last night with a new apple phone and watch for me.  I am so spoiled. They are also coming this evening with crab that was given to them for a crab feed.  Yum.

Sent Sissie out for corn on the cob and baby potatoes. I will do up green beans from the garden and a tomato cucumber salad also from garden. Still producing more than I can eat, but I have given things to the kids.

I am still struggling with grief.  It comes and goes in waves. Sissie leaves on Thursday, and I hope I can stay ahead of the game once she leaves. She has really got me organized, but there is so much to do. I just have to stay focused.

They are building a new Temple in Moses Lake, Washington and a girlfriend and I are going to drive over on Friday and tour it before it is dedicated. So I am looking forward to that.

Right now there are over 35 pairs of pants to hem in the shop and a bag of little person clothes. I want to get a few piles done and at least two wedding dresses ready before I go to bed tonight.  Don't know if that is possible.

Happy to be back.  Anything I should know that I missed?


Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Wednesday, August 2nd 2023 Sissy Here!

Sissy, Mom and I at our forty year class reunion. Mom passed two years after this was taken.

 Okay today has been a little crazy even without the Grands.  It is very hot and I think both Sissy and I are just tired.  

Finished the ironing and did my normal morning chores to keep up with the House.  Cleaned the outside grill and installed a new cover and it was a mess.  Bleached a pair of Kelsa's little shoes which were a mess and cleaned bathroom mirrors of all little Children blobs!  Really why they will be back again tomorrow to mess it all up again! 

Sissy had a good sewing day yesterday in spite of Kelsa and the potty training that is going on.  Kelsa is a little more responsive this time, but you have to stay on her constantly.  I think back to when Sissy tried this in February and all of the comments.  She definitely was not ready. My favorite was Hawaii Planner and Her little one passed out from a sugar high with wet pants.  Yep we are right there.

Sissy has three dresses torn apart and two finished for final try on.  She had one fitting at 2:00 and these take at least an hour, another at 5:30.  She does not know it yet but we are going out to dinner if we are not too tired.  I have lost my cooking Mojo and I think another "Girl Dinner" would not be a healthy option.

I let Sissy sleep until 9:00 and I was up at 5:00 and watched the Sun come up.

Sissy has a beautiful view and it is nice and cool in the mornings.  I sat and prayed and drank my three cups of coffee ( which I need to get started) . Anne in the Kitchen and I are simpatico with this. I keep an old Mr. Coffee in Sissy's garage that I bought over twenty years ago and it is always ready for me when I come but covered in garage grime, that I clean off. I also called my Husband and chatted for a bit as it was already eight O'clock EST.

I have always been a morning Person as an Adult (Married to a now retired Navy Man for 39 years)and can get more done before ten a.m. than most, but I really slow down about three p.m. and that is when Sissy is at her best.

Had a very stressful call with our youngest Brother (who has issues and our Mother always took care of His issues to His detriment) and have had to step into help.  He is having all of His teeth pulled by Medicaid ( too long to explain) and they only pulled half the teeth and He now has a raging infection in one on the bottom and claims that the Dentist doing the work is booked solid with other patients...yada, yada, yada,...I am rich and I can afford it ...yadda, yadda, yadda... It was ugly and I lost it with Him as He will do nothing to help Himself.  So I called Girlfriends and they helped me find a Dentist and will take Him and help and Kim and I will write the check.  Teeth can kill and He is halfway there to having dentures so we must stay on top of this.  I do not know if His stupid arguments or accusations make me feel guilty or just plain angry.  I will not let an Animal suffer.  But this situation has brought me a little low, or I am just tired. 

When our Mother passed we told Him the Bank was closed and He has been respectful of that but just open the door and He becomes a "sucking chest wound".

It is 4:05 and time for a glass of wine...Okay 4:45 and I think I will try and organize again under the kitchen is a rat hole! Okay that is done, and really not a rat hole, so I eat my words.  Just certain things that need to go out to the garage and now that is is clean and organized this is a not brainer.  I then gathered all bath waste baskets and gave them a good scrub as they were nasty.  I have gotten Sissy to use liners ( which I bought when I was here this past winter and She has been good, but not always and the Grands do not help) another chore for a cleaning lady!  Trash cans are drying on the deck and I am watering the small garden.  Sissy just finished a very hard dress. Going for SUSHI!!!

The house nazi

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Tuesday, Sissie here


This is my Sissy (Kim) in the male form as I have pushed her hard, to get things out!

We call each other Sissy so track with me.

The Shop is really busy at present, and She has 12 Wedding Dresses due out by the end of September.  We hope to have all of them done by the time I depart on the 17th of August but...

We will be taking a short trip to Missoula next week to see Friends and Help a Grade School Friend with Her Father's Funeral Luncheon.  So, no sewing done for five days.

The garage is almost done, and I probably have one more dump run to do, but not today.  WE are just trying to make the shop a priority.

Spending time with my beloved Sister is so wonderful even if I fall in bed exhausted every day!  I am just trying to get her organized and it is a process.  My nickname for Her is "the Gerbil" and I threaten to take Her wheel away, or maybe I won't clean Her cage!  As Sluggy will tell you I was born with the Organized gene and Sissie with the creative.  This is what happens when that egg splits and split it did.

The Grand Children have been here a lot and it has been chaotic, but fun.  Niece number One's two Boys are here this week also so lots of trips to our Baby Sister's pool and I seriously forgot to put sunscreen on one of them yesterday and he really got burnt.  Bad Great Auntie here and I felt terrible, but He has rallied and will be swimming in a shirt the rest of the week.

Sissy is planning on getting three Wedding dresses done today and I have boat load of ironing to do, and must do a Major Grocery Shop, also some vacuuming that needs to be done, and we have Kelsa today...nuff said about that, as She is very busy!

I have made all Sissies phone calls for pick up and fittings and this takes time.  The Bridesmaid dresses are really a pain to press.  I swear they are all three layers of crap fabric and they come in a plastic bag from overseas all balled up.  It takes me at least 20 minutes to press one and this is what really slows Sissy down. I pressed two this morning. 

Sissy needs back up.  My Husband and I plan to move here in less than a year and I will be that back up. God willing but you all know what Sissy and I say... We plan, God laughs!

I am trying to convince Her that She needs to hire a cleaning Lady at least one day a week to do the floors, vacuuming and dusting, until I arrive permanently and also the bedding and bathrooms.  She simply does not have enough time in the day, (especially with the Grand Children coming and going) and this would really help.  We shall see ...

Okay back from Grocery Shopping and $95.00 later we are stocked for the Children and the junk they eat!  I also stopped by Staples to get a pocket Calendar for a Friend and went to a Friend of Sissies that owns a Restaurant and dropped off a piece of equipment that was in the Garage.  Oh, and picked up a large diet Coke for Sissy at Mickey D's on the way up to the Elks. This is to keep Sissy going.

 Now I am going to tackle the ironing... Sis is fighting with buttonhole equipment on Her new machine, and She is not happy! Kelsa broke a piece of Orrefors (heavy lead Chrystal from Sweden) and it is a goner so cleaned that up.  Yes, we display our things and teach the Children to be careful, but things do happen. It is 3:15 PM and I am going to deep vacuum.

Fast is 6:25 and we are finally Childless for 48 hours.... Kim is doing hand work on Her final dress of the day, and She is exhausted.  I stopped and chatted with Her elderly Neighbor that came over for an hour and this is important.  She is lonely and I needed a break.  We have a dinner date for Friday evening as Sissy and Her middle Daughter are taking number one Daughter's Boys back and it is a seven-hour drive.  No way I am getting in a Car with four Children for seven hours.  Yes, I am selfish to a point.  I can get a lot done here that needs to be done in silence. Now if it were an emergency, I would be a trooper.

Now what is for dinner?  I am thinking of Oreos and chips and an ice cream bar. Sissy will love that.  I will have several glasses of wine and She will have diet coke.  What Girl could ask for more?   This is called a Girl's dinner.

The house is presentable, and I did not get to the ironing, but it will be there tomorrow.

I am very tired and will put Sissy to bed shortly.

Take care. All is well!

Sissy number one