Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, studio is clean!

     I am so grateful, thankful and relieved.  I had 3 sets of parents show up this morning with their kids and we deep cleaned the studio.  We started at 9 and most were out by 11:00.  Then D#2 and the mom that cleans the studio and her daughter and I went upstairs and completely cleaned the costume room and put everything away.  We were there until the afternoon.  So in 5 hours everything was done. 

     Dad's put up posters, and cleaned all outside windows.  They also knocked down all spider webs and cleaned the 6 ceiling fans that are 2 stories above my head.  They then cleaned the inside of the windows and steam cleaned the floors. This is a huge studio.

     Mom's swept and mopped and did all the mirrors, floor to ceiling.  Pictures came down and were washed.  All dressing rooms were vacuumed.  Benches and all surfaces wiped down.

     I had the younger 3 girls who were all 8 clean rearrange the hair,office and medical drawers and put away all the supplies in cupboards.  They were great for as young as they were and did such a good job.  They also returned all the furniture into the dressing rooms and lined garbage cans.  They were so proud of themselves.
     I just gave directions and put things away.  I also deep cleaned the bathroom and kept all the mop buckets full of clean water.

     I have a new mom cleaning this year.  She has 3 girls at the studio and her husband is disabled.  He usually brings the girls to dance and has always taken out the trash and helped me whenever he could.  She is facing downsizing at her insurance firm.  But at least her dance classes are paid for and the girls are there 4 days a week so I think she will do a great job.  I will be relieved of this duty and I feel like I am doing something nice for a well deserving family.  She kept telling me thank you and I was just so thankful for her thorough work and willingness.

     D#2 and I went a purchased beginning of the year supplies, Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, flats of water and diet soda (sells for .50 ) hygiene supplies( always someone) garbage bags, new toys for the kiddies bucket at the dollar store.  White board, and office supplies. We refilled the medicine chest, band aids, antiseptic, tape, ankle wraps, Tylenol, ibuprofen, benedryl.

     All I have to do on Tuesday is get new carpet squares and tape a couple of floor pieces down.  Woot!

     Hubby is downsizing a fire camp from a type 2 team to a type 3 team.  The Canadians are going home.  Thanks Carla and all of you who live up above for sending down your crews to save us once again.  We are so lucky to be so close to Canada.
     I am going to pay all the rest of Augusts bills tonight and get the books done.

Our lawn mower died so I had a neighborhood boy mow the yard while hubby is gone.

Out My Window:  It is 94 outside!  September starts tomorrow?

Have a great Holiday weekend!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, messing with blog layout.

Studio: $41.13
Personal $206.69

      I am trying to edit my blog so you can see how much I owe and how much I have paid off from month to month.  Right now it is a work in progress. 

     I will be going to Costco in a little while to get cleaning supplies for studio, then down to studio to get started on cleaning.  This is going to be a busy cleaning weekend.  We have to clean the church Saturday morning and then meet parents down at studio to finish cleaning.

     I can't believe my summer is almost over.  Hubby gets paid tonight and I will pay the rest of Augusts bills and say I have made it.  I have very little money in savings and I have debt, but I made it!  So I will just start plugging away at the debts and saving money again.  We are putting Hubby's fire overtime back into our emergency fund which has $53.00 in it right now.  So once that fund is financed I will start over just like I did last September.

     Out My Window:  Very smokey, must be a fire somewhere close by or they are field burning.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday, we are so classy

     Yesterday was busy with sewing.  I really had to catch up.  I think I hemmed at least 19 items besides mending several others and I still have so much left to do.

     While my daughter and I were organizing this mess I call a home, we started laughing about our eccentricities as a family.  Here are a couple of examples.

"Get that gourmet goat cheese out from under those hotdogs in the fridge if you want cheese and crackers."


" Please do not put those McDonald's cola glasses in the good china cabinet."

"Mom, for a family that does not drink, why do you have a set of 4 crystal, champagne flutes, high ball glasses, brandy snifters, wine glasses,  and on the rocks glasses?"

We are soooooo classy!

What I want to know is why every trash can in this house is full and the trash went out today?

Why was the washer going all day long on Monday and I have no clean underwear?

Why? Why? Why?

Isn't this a personal fiancee blog and I have not talked about finances other than to whine for the past several days?

Okay, okay I will try to be better.  Let's see,  sewing, cleaning, find underwear, dishes, dinner, clean desk, make deposit, pay bills?  I think I will start with cleaning the cat box or anything that smells.

Again, We are so classy....

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday, where do I begin?

       D#2 and I worked so hard yesterday. We cleaned (actually the room was clean) but we took all of D#3's things out of the walk in closet in the basement bedroom and put in all of J's things.  Changed the sheets and moved the Swedish trunk into the bedroom.
A queen size bed can fit on this wall to give you scale of the size of this trunk
  It was one of those days where everything you try to do gets stopped in the middle.  We went to move the trunk, but first we had to move the china in front of the trunk.
Imagine this times 10 and all of it heavy.

Then we went to move the trunk, it was full of copper pans.
Old lead lined water cooler from Sweden, most were melted down for bullets.
Copper pots from old house.
  We unloaded the pans and took them all upstairs, many trips and then found 3 ways the trunk would not fit through doorways before we found a way it would fit.  Pant, sigh.

     Now we have to sort through china.  I only wanted to bring up two sets one to store and one to display.  Carry all china upstairs.  Many trips.  Pant, pant.  In the mean time do laundry, laundry, laundry. Now unpack China that I want to display, but same old, same old, China cabinet full of old stone wear I have had for years as my good dishes.  Daughter #2 wants them.  Carry them all down stairs and put them on bed of clean bedroom.  Again start to unpack 70 year old china and find out.....

     Kay I can hear your silent scream from D.C.  Mom had not washed any of the china cups, dessert plates, or saucers, we used at her birthday party.  Remember how you sissie spent the day washing all the china we borrowed and then dried it and repacked it so I could return it.  Well mom just stored hers away.  So old food and sugar and tea/coffee with paper wrappers stuck to it.  Mold all over.  It was such a mess.  Now if the display china is like this then the other china's are also.  So we had to unpack all and wash and dry and put away.  A lot more work than we planned.
Isn't it beautiful ?
Another set of Cho Cho Chan cleaned and put away.

     Now there is no end to my stupidity as I went into the garden and picked all the produce, which we don't have room for in the fridge and I had also taken out 6lbs of cheap burger I had gotten on sale and 2 lbs of sausage to thaw and make meatballs.  I had forgotten about these until D#2 goes into dining room and says "MOM WHAT IS THIS FOR?"  Oops, it is 3:30 we are exhausted, china wrappers every where and I start a big bowl of Swedish meatballs and as I am chopping the onions I decide to start the rice cooker and make a beef stir fry with all the produce in the fridge so I can put produce on the table back in the fridge.  Splat!

     We ate at 5:30 and the first batch of meatballs were in the oven.  Second batch at 7:00 and the kitchen was clean.  Helped D#2 put her stoneware away in china wrappers and store in trunk.
Went to the bank to clean.

      My day is almost done but no the fates are against me and when we turned the corner into the neighborhood we smelled a skunk.  Our neighbors car and our dog had taken the blow.  But Sandy was not hit as badly as she was last time.  The car got the best of it.  So she had to sleep outside last night and she will have to be soaked in enzyme cleaner and bathed today.  I think I will save that for hubby.

Unhappy dog banned to the back deck.
I did not get to the silver.

So I did not get any sewing done yesterday and I will spend my day in the shop all day long.  On a good note.  I have plenty of left overs for dinner.  I have at least 10 Swedish meatball dinners in the freezer.  Most of the crap from Mom's is put away.  I still have things to organize but right now I can work around them.

Out My Window:  I thought the chicken was laying yesterday, but she was just noisy.  Oh crap Hubby loaded the lawn mower into the truck for me to take to the repair man.  Now I have to do that. Damn!




Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, one more week of Summer vacation.

     I have one more week to get my ducks in a row and summer vacation is over.  I was particularly lazy last week.  It was so fun.  The studio is a disaster and must be thoroughly cleaned.  My yard needs weeding so bad it is a jungle.  The shop is full, full, full.  Bills are everywhere and studio mail is piling up.  Oh where to start?

     We left town at 5:15 on Friday and stopped at Mcd's for dinner on the way up the hill.  Nothing like a cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke for nutrition.  We arrived at daughters at 7:30 and packed up her bedroom, did several loads of laundry.  Moving crew was at the house by 8 Saturday morning.  They had all the big stuff out in one hour and one trip.  We continued packing and were done by 2:30.  Hubby and daughter and boyfriend took last load to storage.  I tried to rest with a miniature dachshund puppy on the lose.  Not much rest. We were on the road to Moscow with Daughter#3's bed and remaining things by 4:15.  Arrived in Moscow and a crew unloaded into her apartment and then we went to Winco, my favorite store.

     I really stocked up, on pasta, flour, sugar, yeast, and meat.  We bought, beef, chicken, sausage and hebrew franks.  Came home and divided all meat into small packages that we can eat.  So I have enough meat for 47 meals.  So nice!  I did not buy any pork except bacon and sausages.  Pork has started to really upset my stomach. We crashed into bed by 9 p.m.  In 27 hours we had driven 6 hours and moved two girls.  We were tired.

     I went to church and then really slept all day yesterday.  I took a 5 hour nap!  Arthritis was really acting up in my left hand, it still is today, so aggravating.   Daughter #3 came down late last night with her boyfriend.  He will be going to school here.  She is sleeping in right now and I am watching her puppy again.  What a corker. Going constantly.

     My goal today is to make a large batch of Swedish meatballs, so I had better go take the meat out of the freezer to thaw.  Just pulled meat out( see how this blog helps me stay on track?)  I also need to organize the spare room closet so daughter's boyfriend will have room for his things. The basement place where he was to stay was flooded so he will be here until the clean out.  What a mess.  We are really close to the college and it won't bother us a bit.

     Then daughter is going to help me move trunk into spare room and get all the dishes in my shop put away.  It is just a matter of organizing everything.  I need to just get things I have been putting off done.  Blah!

     Out My window:  Need to go check garden but I am afraid, as produce is taking over.  My one chicken is really making noise so I think she is ready to lay.  I need to go out and praise her.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday, we will see....

     We are leaving tonight to go up to Daughter #2 and #3's house and move daughter #3 back to college apartment.  It seems like all I do is move kids.  I remember the oldest moving every summer back and forth and finally found the right place and stayed for 5 years until she was out of Law School.  So I hope #3 has finally found her spot.  We will see.....  I feel like my whole life with my kids is we will see!

     My younger sister Kelly says I should quit complaining about my kids as they are good kids, in college, good grades, going some where other than my basement.  But all of their fiascoes involve their mother, so I claim the right to complain!

     Daughter #2 is moving back into her original loft to study for the DAT, so we will put her crap in storage.  Yeah just love this moving stuff.

     Did not do a da*# thing yesterday.  It was so fun.  Well I did work in the garden and pick produce and cook dinner.  I was not completely useless.  I made new purple potatoes, corn on the cob and chicken.  It was so good.  On the down side my knees are blown today.

     Now I am thinking maybe there is something to my allergy to nightshade.  I have  steered clear of potatoes for the last couple of months.  I love potatoes.  I could live on them.  I have been feeling better.  My meds are working, not wonders but working.  Now this morning severe pain in knees.  All I can attribute it to is potatoes.  I will need to do some experimenting.  Boy I hope this is not true.  By next week we will have tomatoes coming out our ears.  Another nightshade plant that I love.

     We are really low on meat, I mean seriously I have two small packages of hamburger in my freezer.  So last night when hubby and I were at store getting milk, I found a good sale on thick sliced bacon and bought 5 lbs. I will have to wrap it myself.  On our way home from the moving adventure I will stop by Winco in Moscow and see what they have for meat.  I would like to stock up a little.  One more week of vacation and I will be back to the crock pots. 

     Out My Window:  Rained hard last night so I hope that helps the fires.  Much cooler here the last 2 days.  No excuse not to weed now.......Hmmm

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, I really don't have to do anything today!

     In a fit of trying to get myself motivated to do SOMETHING yesterday I did clean my house and do some laundry.  I also did more sewing than I HAD too.

    Did some alterations for myself.  Found out a suit I had purchased on a really good sale on line did not fit at all and has to go back.  Dumb of me.  Good thing as my Mom hated it.  She said it looked like sofa fabric.  I personally enjoy looking like a sofa.

     Hubby came home last night and he was so tired.  He took a nap got his fire pack ready and left this morning.  I do not know if he will be back tonight.  I had no dinner planned so we just ate fresh corn out of the garden.

     It is overcast today so a good day for weeding.  Hmmmmm..... Me don't know.

Hands are stiff, body is stiff but no pain to speak of unless I sit in one position for too long.  Joints feel thick and full.  But I will take this over pain any day.

     Hubby will get paid next week and with what is coming into dance studio I am hoping to catch up on bills. Probably could look at those.  Nah, why stress?

     Well I am going to putter.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, lazy days

     Boy am I having  fun just not really accomplishing anything constructive around here.  I realize this is my last two weeks of summer and I am taking full advantage if my time.  Every room in the house needs some small attention, will I get to it ?  Maybe....

     I have plenty to do in the shop.  Will I do it?  Maybe.....  (OK I will do what is due out today.)

     I think I will go play the piano for a while:)

     I have two beautiful suits that need pressing and altering and trying on, I also want to switch out the buttons on one of them.  Maybe I will do that today.

     I have 6lbs of cheap hamburger that I bought and froze and I can get some cheap sausage and make a big old batch of Swedish meat balls.

     Isn't it nice to have choices and not to have to do anything at a specific time!

Have a great and productive day,  Mine will be less productive than usual.:)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday, Money is coming!

     I have received several studio checks and I will make it through this month.  It will still be very tight but with Hubby's overtime from fire I should be able to replace the emergency fund.  I am not even looking at my debt total right now but will face it in September.  Major bills are going down and I am making progress.  CC balances are terrible, but I hope to get back to my goals from the first of the year by the end of October.  If I can close out the year with my no added debt and a payment I will be ecstatic.  I still will have debt but I will continue the plan and see where next year takes me.  Funny we should be talking about next year.  Really when September hits my life is a blur, it might as well be January.

     I have several little girls coming over to make cupcakes, buttons bracelets, and we are going to wax dip our hands and do manicures.  That is always a favorite.  I am making enough cupcakes to take up to the fire camp tonight.  I hate to drive up there but Hubby is low on hearing aid batteries.  All the things he thinks of and he forgot extras.

     Well I just heard a car pull up so I had better run!
Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, Home from Moms

     Had such a good time with my Mom and sister.  I hated to come home.  I have seen my sister 3 times in less than a year and I am becoming spoiled.  We live so far apart and phone calls and internet are just not enough.  Kay and I spent the day shopping and it was so relaxing and fun.  She is the most generous person alive, I will never be able to do for her what she has done for me.

     Anyway while I was gone I received a phone call from Hubby and he was called on a fire.  He really almost insisted on coming with me to Montana and would have missed the overtime opportunity.   I am really glad I refuse to let him come with me.  He came home Sunday about noon as his fire was winding down, but was called out again this morning.  I received a phone call from his secretary that he was dispatched to the Lolo fire.  Yippee! overtime, I just don't want any disasters like last year when he was camp boss and his crew came back with a death.  It was so hard on him, he felt so responsible.  He is too old to actually fight fire but he sets up camps, orders supplies and cleans.  Wish he would clean at home!

     The shop has been really busy this morning and daughter #2 is home until this evening.  She is upstairs deep cleaning my house:)  It was a little on the side of shame before I left.  I remember a time when I would not leave my house to go out of town unless it was spotless.  Now it is like who cares if I don't make that bed.  I did empty the kitchen trash and that was about it.

     The garden had not been picked since last Tuesday so I have a huge crisper full of sweet corn, zucchini, peppers, yellow squash and cucumbers.  Luckily daughter will take most of it home.  More will come on in a few days. Daughter #3 will be back in school in a few days.

     I brought home 4 sets of china from my mom's.  I also took all the antique copperware, pots and pans that were hand made for the big house stove in Sweden.  Took the huge steamer trunk out of her bedroom.  I swear you can fit 2 dead bodies in that thing.  She and I had managed to push it on a blanket across the hardwood floors of her house up to the front door.  I called a neighbor and then realized I could not lift it with him and just then the postman came by.  He always knocks on the door and gives mom her mail personally.  He asked if we needed help loading the trunk.  So no more dissing the postal service.  That trunk took up the entire back end of the truck and the king cab was full of china.  Now I have to find places to put all these things.

     I need to figure out where I stand as far as bills and things are concerned.  I am going to pay the studio rent in a few minutes.  I will have to clean the bank be myself tonight. 

     Out My Window:  Still very hot and dry.  We do get a little rain but always with lightening so the fire situation is bad.

Have a great and productive day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


     Well I had a studio check come in for $75.00 more dollars and I took in $278.00 into the shop.  So I will go down and pay the house payment and the truck payment.  Then I will mail a check for the theater and it will not clear until after hubby gets paid.  Rent for the studio is due today but I will not have money until the 16th.  There will only be about $500.00 left and I need $700.00 so I will wait.  He won't care if I pay it next Monday.

     Although this month has been stressful as far as money is concerned, it has also been very peaceful.  Not having to get to the studio and just sewing and puttering around the house has been nice. Hubby and I were laughing at our milk usage.  We used to go through about 2 gallons a week.  Then the kids left.  Down to one gallon and it would always spoil.  So 1/2 gallon.  Well now that I am home more I cook more.  We just bought a 1/2 gallon of milk and it was gone in 24 hours!  Hubby asked if I poured it down the drain.  No, but I did make pancakes, biscuits, mash potatoes, dipped chicken, gravy that left just enough for one bowl of cereal.

     Lots of produce coming from the garden, so tonight it is beef stir fry with  brown rice.  I need to clean this house and then get some sewing done.  I only have one bridesmaid dress and 6 hems.  This will give me a little cash for the road.  I will leave tomorrow for Missoula to see my mom and sister.  I will do some ironing also as I have nothing to wear.  I have worn everything and then washed it and of course it has to be ironed.  I have the pile from hell.  So my day is planned out and I had better get busy!

     Out My Window:  Hot, thunder storms, no rain.

     Feeling a little better everyday.  Not perfect and I still have aggravations, but they are not as numerous.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, pays to check the mail!

     I was able to collect $42.00 more dollars from the shop but we also spent too much money this weekend.  Frustrating.  Nothing, stupid like eating out.  Just oil change $42.00, Prescriptions $57.00, gas for car,$47.00, Groceries, $75.00.  So you see we are still in the hole.  I just need to climb out a little faster.  So as I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself the bell rang and one of my older customers brought in a flag that had been whipped by the wind.  I was writing up his card and I noticed a pile of mail Hubby had put on the ironing board, so after customer left I opened the mail.

     I received both CC bills one for studio and one for personal and we will not face those today.  A plan will be formed to deal with those when the studio opens.  For today I am okay.

     I also received a letter from the Orencia company and they paid $467.00 worth of my last doctor bill so I will only owe $20.00.  What a blessing.

     I also had two parents that paid registration and tuition for September.  $260.00 so we are back to where I was before the weekend.  Now I pray that I get many hemming jobs of 2-3 hems and I will do them before I leave.  I will make it!

     I defrosted two chickens yesterday and cut them up and southern fried them.  We had mashed potatoes,corn from the garden, biscuits, fresh fruit salad and Marion Berry pie.  I sent plenty of leftovers home with older couple that ate with us and then took a pie to one of my sewing customers who is laid up with a broken leg. 

     When we got to church this older man was teasing me about going on the trek and almost killing myself the week before.  So I told him it was too bad that I was making my famous fried chicken and biscuits and he had to go home to a can of soup.  He sincerely apologized it was so funny.  His wife has lupus and is quite ill so I really believe they were going to have Campbells.

     I won't have to cook dinner tonight as Hubby and I can eat leftovers. Have no idea what we will have for dinner tomorrow and the pantry is low.  I mean we are out of meat options.  When the studio opens I will be able to stock up.

     Just a little to do in the shop today, unless more business comes in.  I have plenty of housework, and ironing so no excuse to sit around and do nothing.  Which I have perfected to an art form.  If any one wants to get into a "sit around and do noting contest" I will win! 
     Out My Window:  Hot, hot, hot, garden is crazy, weeds are crazy, but I will have tomatoes soon.  Pulled about 10 lbs of sweet and red onions from the garden.  We have tons of new potatoes, cucumbers and squash.  Love my garden.  I am going to do a stir fry again as Hubby loves stir fry.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday, parents paid!

    I am now $177.00 away from my goal on paying all those bills.  I was able to pick-up $413.00 worth of checks at the studio.  $65.00 more came into the shop.  I have enough sewing done that needs to be picked up to clear the $177.00, but we also will need gas for Monday and a few groceries. 

I am going to Missoula next week on Wednesday or Thursday and will need to leave Hubby money for gas and groceries (at least $200.00) and I will need a little money.  The problem is that when I am not home I do not work and I cannot earn money for the next week.  Hubby will always have to have a fill-up which is at least $50.00.  When I look at what is left in the shop I am close to $450.00 before I leave.  So it will be very tight.  When I get to Missoula my twin will spoil me rotten as she always does, but I feel guilty as I will never be able to pay her for all she has done for me and my children.  Too generous.

     I have enough from dinner last night to feed both of us and tomorrow I will make pancakes for breakfast.  I think I will look and see what is at the $1 theater tonight as we have really not been out of this house all week.

     Will continue to hem and work on wedding dress.  I have to have everything out by next Tuesday so I had better get busy.

     Just trying to count my pennies.

Have a great and productive day.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday, My cat came back!

Studio $375.00
personal $661.00

     I woke up this morning and I could hear what I thought was Lucifer's (Rucifee) meow.  He has been gone over a week.  I was sure the coyote's had nabbed him.  But there he was in all his big, long haired, black/white glory crying at his food bowl.  So we are happy here.

     I was able to take in $100.00 yesterday and I have people picking up today, so I should have more to put toward my eternal debt.  A little here and a little there.

     Picked about 10 more large cucumbers out of the garden last night and sent them to work with hubby.  Tonight we are having a hamburger/bean hot dish I make in a skillet and focacia bread with veggies from the garden.  Trying not to buy groceries and use what I have on hand.  But meat is getting really low, I think I can make it through the weekend.

     To clarify a question that Mysti had about parents still owing for workshops.  I give parents the option of paying for summer workshops in a 3 month time period if they take all workshops and summer ballet.  That way they are not putting out several hundred dollars right after recital.  I have two that will owe their last payment by the 10th of this month.  So we will see.

     I had a really bad night last night with my shoulders and my wrists are bad again.  When is this going to end?  I am getting a little grouchy about it let me tell you.

     Well the shop is calling and I have 8 pairs of pants to hem and a wedding dress to hem and bustle.

Out My Window:  Hot, over 100 again today, plants are going crazy, the back yard looks like a jungle.

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday, blessed by people I love!

Studio $375.00
personal $661.00

     One of my Celtic parents came by yesterday and she had done all my mailing while I was away.  All that printing, folding, organizing, stuffing, stamping.  What a great blessing.  I am getting phone calls as we speak and it is so nice to have someone help me and do such a good job.  Thank you, thank you.

    I thought is was funny how most bloggers with gardens, at least the ones I read are having some kind of stir fry.  Yeah a little meat a lot of veggies and some rice. Tastes great and goes a long way.  Hubby took the left overs in his lunch.

   It is very hot here in the 100's.  So BLT'S with cucumbers for dinner tonight.  Too hot to cook.

     I am slowly adding money to my pile.  I must pay the house payment and the truck payment, the studio rent a $100.00 bill all before the 15th and I also have a theater bill of $925.00.  So where do I go from here.  That is a big old chunk of change.  This does not include gas and food.

$1425.00 house                                                $375.00  studio
 $500.00 truck (studio debt)                              $661.00 checking
 $100.00 bill                                                     $265.00 cleaning check on the 10th
 $700.00 studio rent                                          $905.00 Hubbies pay on the 15th 
 $925.00 theater                                                $224.00  shop/studio monies
$3650.00  wowzers!                                          $500.00 daughter owes me 16th
Still $720 short and I don't think the shop can handle that right now.  I do have a couple of parents that owe me for workshops.  At least $200.00  that will help.  Parents will also be sending in registrations and tuition this month.  Pray for me!

     Last night I filled hubbies car with cash $46.75, stopped and bought milk, yogurt, $6.51.
Hubby is not commuting right now so gas will always be at least $100.00 a week.

     I am a little more sore today but I think all this financial stuff gets me down.  So I am going to hop in the tub and get to work, so I don't think about it.  Yeah like right!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday, putter, putter, putter.....

     Scary poor here right now, so I am reminding myself that I have enough to eat, a roof over my head and clothes to wear.  I have decided next year that I am going to tell my advance ballet mistress that she can collect any monies coming in for summer ballet.  She will then understand that I can't pay her $20.00 an hour for a class that has 3 students in it, plus gas allowance to drive down from the University.  I did this with the Celtic teacher and she got on the phone and really upped her enrollment.   This is  the first year summer ballet has been so down.  Again the results of our studio becoming younger in it's enrollment.  

     So I have to really get my butt in gear to  pay the house payment and right now I have $700.00.  So I need $700.00 more before next week. I love my life so much.  Just cannot spend any money. Gas, groceries that are a must have, that is it!

     I just puttered around yesterday.  It was so nice.  I did a little sewing and a lot of cleaning.  Lots of laundry.  Looked at my really sad finances.  Really cleaned the laundry room, food storage area and shop.  Stripped the bed in one of the guest rooms, will do the other today.

     I made hamburgers last night with zucchini and yellow squash from the garden.  Tonight I am doing chicken breasts and green peppers and onions over rice as I have a ton of peppers and onions from the garden.  We also have so many cucumbers, which I put on vinegar and made refrigerator pickles.        

     Our one chicken is lonely.  When ever she hears me come outside she starts to cluck.  So I go talk to her for a few minutes.  YES, MY NEIGHBORS ARE GOING TO COMMIT ME,  I talk to chickens.
Well I have plenty to do in the shop and I certainly need the money so I am going upstairs to brush my teeth and get to work!  Maybe I will put on some makeup?  Nah....

Out My Window:  Must go water the flower boxes, they are gasping.  Shame on me!  It was 97 yeasterday.

     Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, I survived, barely....

     We got back from the trek late Saturday and I was a mess.  My feet had blisters on them the size of quarters.  Now I have tough feet, I mean tough like Sluggy tough, but just like our Sluggy they are soft and weepy underneath!

     Stayed in bed all day yesterday.  I mean all day.  Hoping that the swelling in my feet would go down.  It did a little.  I mean hiking 10 miles a day on rough hills and sandy soil and sage brush with a handcart and and advanced case of RA what was I thinking?  I wasn't, plain and simple.  Hubby was mortified at the end of the first day.  He kept thinking , "what have I gotten my wife into?"  But we made it slow and sure.  We were the oldest parents in the trek.  I felt sorry for our assigned family of kids as we poked along.  But I was so proud of them.  We had the best kids.  It was amazing.

     Now it is August and I am broke and a little scared, but I know I will make it through.  Need to set up a budget and persevere.  Will have to empty all savings to get through the month but I can do that. 

     Hubby had to empty the car by himself on Saturday and he left the two sleeping bags in the back hall.  He said I could air them out and contribute to the unloading process.  I said sure, but I think I will leave them for about 30 days and have you trip over them and become disgusted and finally do it yourself!  Oh the tables are turning here.  It is fun to watch.

     We had a very good friend especially close to my sister pass away on August 1st.  I am so sorry sissie.  So I will be going home next week to spend some time with sissie as she flies in to help with the funeral.  I was going to go this Friday, but we decided to not go until next Thursday the 15th. This is good as I can maybe get some money together and also lose some weight.

     I am heavier than I have been since I had my last child 21 years ago.  Steroids are hitting like crazy.  My sister will really rip me if she sees my rear end, and face and, feet, and hands all puffed up.  I am so pretty. But.........  I am feeling better!!!!!!!!!

     Not perfect, but better.  I can take anything as long as I can move pain free.  Getting up better, taking stairs better.

     Out My window:  We had a slight cooling trend but it will be back in the 100's this week.  My one chicken is fine.

Now onto the budget and cleaning up this messy house, trek laundry, sheets changed, what is for dinner?  Should I look in my sewing room?

Have a great and productive day!