Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, I survived, barely....

     We got back from the trek late Saturday and I was a mess.  My feet had blisters on them the size of quarters.  Now I have tough feet, I mean tough like Sluggy tough, but just like our Sluggy they are soft and weepy underneath!

     Stayed in bed all day yesterday.  I mean all day.  Hoping that the swelling in my feet would go down.  It did a little.  I mean hiking 10 miles a day on rough hills and sandy soil and sage brush with a handcart and and advanced case of RA what was I thinking?  I wasn't, plain and simple.  Hubby was mortified at the end of the first day.  He kept thinking , "what have I gotten my wife into?"  But we made it slow and sure.  We were the oldest parents in the trek.  I felt sorry for our assigned family of kids as we poked along.  But I was so proud of them.  We had the best kids.  It was amazing.

     Now it is August and I am broke and a little scared, but I know I will make it through.  Need to set up a budget and persevere.  Will have to empty all savings to get through the month but I can do that. 

     Hubby had to empty the car by himself on Saturday and he left the two sleeping bags in the back hall.  He said I could air them out and contribute to the unloading process.  I said sure, but I think I will leave them for about 30 days and have you trip over them and become disgusted and finally do it yourself!  Oh the tables are turning here.  It is fun to watch.

     We had a very good friend especially close to my sister pass away on August 1st.  I am so sorry sissie.  So I will be going home next week to spend some time with sissie as she flies in to help with the funeral.  I was going to go this Friday, but we decided to not go until next Thursday the 15th. This is good as I can maybe get some money together and also lose some weight.

     I am heavier than I have been since I had my last child 21 years ago.  Steroids are hitting like crazy.  My sister will really rip me if she sees my rear end, and face and, feet, and hands all puffed up.  I am so pretty. But.........  I am feeling better!!!!!!!!!

     Not perfect, but better.  I can take anything as long as I can move pain free.  Getting up better, taking stairs better.

     Out My window:  We had a slight cooling trend but it will be back in the 100's this week.  My one chicken is fine.

Now onto the budget and cleaning up this messy house, trek laundry, sheets changed, what is for dinner?  Should I look in my sewing room?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am sorry about your friend.

  2. You are quite a trooper! I hope, you feel better soon. And I'm sorry about your friend!

  3. What were you thinking letting Hubs sign you up for that hike? So glad you survived it but geesh woman! lol

    Come here and visit me and I promise not to do that to ya. ;-)

    Don't peek into the sewing room until you feel better....that's an order.