Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday, getting ready to trek!

     Mom left this morning so I am sad.  She really needs to live with one of her daughters, but we cannot get her to give up her independence.  I love it when she is here.  She is a lot of work but I don't even care.  Actually it is more stressful for me to have her living on her own that the stress of having her here.

     I need to get down to the bank and pay a bill that is due tomorrow.  But I am not sure if I have enough money.  Will have to take some out of savings.  Drat!

     I am down to one wedding dress in the shop.  Well actually 2 but one is finished except for steaming.  It is weird as I have had 8-10 at a time here.  I will have so much to do next week as many, many things have come into the shop in the last 2 days.

     I am slowly packing up for the trek as we are taking all of our gear to someones house to be put on a trailer.    I need to complete a blister/medical kit and a sewing kit.  I am almost done.

     I stayed up late last night to get all my paper work done for a mass mailing at the studio.  Lucky for me, I have a parent that will complete the work.  I need to run and get paper in different colors and take it to her house.  Also need to run to the paper and put an add in for new registration.  Like I have that money.....

     I will be off the grid until next week, I hope I survive!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. The wedding season is slowing down, I guess. Before we know it, it will be Christmas already...

  2. Have a wonderful vacation--can't wait to hear about it when you get back!