Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday, staying positive

Studio $80.12
Personal $7.72

    If you want to start with a laugh go to Sonya Ann's blog (a mom, money and more) and have a good chuckle!

     Still trying to figure out how to pay all these bills.  I decided I had to make at least $500.00 this week so we will see what I do.  On a good note  I received $418.00 in summer ballet fees so that is a help and I for some reason I was not expecting any money.  So today when I have the cleaning check arrive I will go pay the house payment and deposit these checks.  I hope more turn up on Thursday and I can pay the rent for the studio without touching my savings.

     I balanced the checking accounts yesterday and I had made a huge mistake in the personal account.  I failed to deduct a $400.00 check.  So panic and called hubby.  I told him not to write a check for gas and he reminded me that I had given him an envelope with about $130.00 in it when we were on vacation.  So he has enough to fill the car up at least twice. Thank goodness for my poor memory.

     Worked really hard on a Wedding dress I will finish to day.  Lace over tulle that had to be picked out and then the under satin skirt taken in at hips and now lace has to be restored.  Very hard pain staking work, I also have to finish the veil.  I always offer to make the veils as they take a few minutes and the shops charge so much for them.  Had 3 more calls and appointments set up for Bridesmaids and Brides.  So work is coming in every day.  I am so blessed.

     Pharmacy just called and my prescriptions are ready, oh goody where am I going to get the money for those?   I am going to make cookies and cupcakes for Hubby's office this morning as I bought all this cookie dough from dance kids and it is in the fridge and needs to be cooked up.  I need to do this while it is still cool outside.  While the dough is cooking I will clean the kitchen and start something for dinner.

     Hubby and I worked in the garden and yard last night for a couple of hours.  Of course I over did it and could hardly move last night when we went to the bank.  He worked in the garden and I worked at weeding the patios and french drains.  I told him I wanted that garden to be absolutely weed free like it would look if I had done the weeding.  Yeah, like that is going to happen.

     So I am very happy about work in the shop, extra money at studio, hubby having money stashed for gas, and I am feeling a little better!

Out My Window:  It will be very hot today and then cool down.  Chickens are huge!

     I am headed for the kitchen and maybe I will clean out a drawer or two while I make cookies.  I need to do laundry and a little house work.  Blah!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh, I wish my garden would be weed-free...The only problem is weeds grow...well, like weeds, and they just never end...sigh...

  2. I'm with Lena - I was just out weeding tonight, and it's impossible to keep on top of the yard. So frustrating!

  3. The weeds are depressing me. The bugs are so bad that its hard to be out. I did make Cole slaw tonight with ingredients from my garden though.