Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday, Anyone for cleaning next week?

     I am so proud of me, I was able to get my few sewing projects done and clean the house ( yes I actually vacuumed).  I also did all the ironing.  It is easier if I take my board into the family room and watch TV while I do this.  But in the summer it is never ending as all we wear is cotton.  Still it is nice to have a day to get ready to go see the girls without a long list of to do's.

     We have a party we will attend tonight for a director who is moving with his wife to a new college.  I have worked closely for 22 years with this man and we have done over 50 musicals.  Amazing that the number is so high.  I will miss him dreadfully but I am happy he has the opportunity to move on.

     I was thinking of trying to go through my house room by room and clean each drawer and closet.  I mean really purge like I did last year.  I used to do this every year and it makes such a difference in how your life and home feels.  I think  that many people with money problems also have stuff problems.  Cleaning out and purging things that are in the way and don't bring you happiness or help your life can really clear up financial problems.  Look at the pictures people post, if you see  stuff all over in the back shoved on shelves and counters they likely have bills shoved under sofas.  This was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I have become better at it every year.

     Now I am not criticizing clutter bugs it is just that having clean closets drawers and surfaces makes me happy. I do have a hard time getting rid of books.  My kitchen really needs a go through and so does the front room.  Why are these cupboards so full of things I never use?

     Anyway it is a thought for July when I get back.  I am counting the days until Friday.  In 48 hours I will be getting my load dose and I will feel so much better!  Looking forward to next week. SO if anyone wants to set up a challenge with me to de clutter in July let me know!

     Out My Window:  Hot 103. Humid Chia pet hair!

I am so excited to go see the girls!

Have a great 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day!




  1. How on earth can it be so HOT There? You are further north than me! lol
    Good luck with that chia pet hair.....that's something I've never had to contend with, even in the soupy Summer air in Balto. of the 1980's.
    I have always had fine, thin hair and I am about at the point of needing a wig as an old lady....bleh

  2. I think Sarah over at is doing something similar to decluttering. You should check her out. I just have to unbox, which will probably take most of my holiday. Gracefully so! I needed a bit of a break to get settled. Have a GREAT holiday!

  3. I think, I will! I need to sell some stuff to declutter and make a few extra bucks...

  4. I am starting my annual summer decluttering and cleaning. My house is aching for it.