Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, scattered mind..

Studio $80.12
Personal $7.72

     I was just scattered yesterday probably because I was trying to do too much at once.  One of my many bad habits.  I did get some of the things done and I am happy about it but several important things got way laid.
Here is the medicine, measuring cup, and Tupperware cupboard before I cleaned it out.

 Here it is clean.  I threw away 1/2 of a 13 gallon trash can of expired medicine.  I mean things from 2009. Now I have extra room and I also have room for my cooking bowls.

My dish cupboard which is a china cabinet to the dining room and a pass through vanity.

Now I put all the extra glasses in the china cabinet and put my small appliances that I use all the time, Rice cooker and crock pot up where they belong. I also have room for something else.

 My corner of shame. Appliances that I had not put away mostly because I could not lift my arms at all for the last month.  

 Everything put away!  I have not cleaned the floors yet.   

Another view into living room.  There is a pocket door here.  This little cabinet used to hold the telephone.  The basket still holds the phone books, address books, paper and pens.  This cupboard used to hold a days bread baking for our family when they lived in Sweden.  Three shelves with net over the openings to keep out vermin and let the bread breath.  I now store all my cook books here. The butter Churn also is from the old homestead.

These two cabinets hold all the cake/pie pans, cookie racks and other appliances not used very often.  I also have every Swedish cooking apparatus you can imagine.  25 rosette irons (why?) Several huskavarna cake pans of various sizes and styles.  A potatoes ricer for lefsa, cookie press, krumkake iron both electric and over the stove model.  Swedish almond cake pan and boards, you name it I got it. Norwegian wedding cake molds.

Add I also cleaned out the china cabinet drawers.  Napkins and Chinese food, nori mats.  Paper plates and party supplies, garbage bags and dog and cat things.  I wish I had taken before pictures.

I moved the ice tongs to behind the potato basket as they stuck out under the china cabinet like a dead limb.  I need to get a better container for my upstairs wheat storage.  This Ziggy's bucket is so attractive.
      As I was cleaning I made 48 cupcakes, 1/2 cherry, 1/2 yellow and frosted them with vanilla butter cream and chocolate butter cream.  I put red,white, and blue, M&M's on them with little flags.  I picked up cupcake wrappers with flags, and little cupcake flags for 10 cents a package after the 4th.  Large bags of M&M's were $2.00 a piece.  So I figured let's celebrate all month long.  I also made 6 dozen cookies.  All of these were sent to Hubby's office for the fire crews.

     The problem was I made such a mess upstairs that I in full ADD mode did not take a very important medication, I did not go pay the house payment or make a deposit. I did not pick up my prescriptions which I needed last night,  I did not get the 2 bridesmaid dresses that were due first thing this morning done until after we cleaned the bank.  So I was up until midnight sewing.

     Result, I am very sore and stiff today and behind in the shop. Because I was out of meds I did not fall asleep until 2 a.m. and the first fitting was at 8 a.m. and I had to shower so I was up at 7.a.m. I have a headache and I am sleepy.  One of the bridesmaid dresses still does not fit in the shoulders and I have to redo it. &&^%$#.  So today no cleaning.  But I will go run those errands.  I also started the laundry which I can do while I sew.

     Out My Window:  We are giving away one of our chickens and our rooster.  It is beautiful and perfect today.  I hope to get sewing done and get some time in the yard this evening.

Have a great and productive day!