Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, so much to do!

Studio $3.00
Personal $903.34

     My oldest daughter and her husband and my grandson will be here late Wednesday!  I am so excited.  But I have a lot of deep cleaning to do and weeding, and grocery shopping.  Money has been so tight here I have not added anything to extra food storage.  So meat is very low in freezer.  If not non existent.  I also think my mom is coming.  So I need to strip all the beds and clean and dust unused bedrooms.  Take stock of food items on top of sewing.

     Then my fabulous husband called a meeting of several couples from our church for an upcoming event.  Not a big deal but it will be here tomorrow night at 6:30.  Gee thanks dear.  Who is going to get the spider web and dust bunnies out from under the baby grand?  How about getting all the dog hair off the sofa?  Who will make the dessert to be served.  The only thing that makes this acceptable is that he will have to help me tonight and that will make getting ready for family easier.

     I need to sit down and pay small bills and there are a lot of them.  I was going to wait until the 25th mail them as we get paid from the cleaning job on the 25th.  The desk is a mess and I have not even printed out a budget for July.  I have just been barely scraping by on the large bills.  But I need to pull my head out and figure out what is left.

     I was so low in the shop last week and I hope to do better this week.  I have $81.00 left from last week after groceries.  So I do at least have gas money for hubby for the week.  Now I need to concentrate on theater bill.  Come on at least $500.00.

     Things I need to do today:

1. Call mom
2. change sheets on all three beds
3. do laundry 2 loads plus sheets
4. catch up on ironing (yeah like that is going to happen)
5. clean out small freezer in basement fridge take stock
6. clean out freezer in upstairs fridge and take stock
7. clean out food cupboards in kitchen  (2 of them)
8. Clean refrigerator it is disgusting
9. figure out what kind of treat to make for meeting tomorrow!
10.  clean off desk and organize!
11. Sew, 2 zippers, hem 3 pairs of pants, alter a suit, alter a bridesmaid dress, finish altering and steam a wedding dress.

     I think that is enough for the day don't you?

Have a great and productive day!


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