Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday, dogs got into the chickens!

     We had stray dogs get into our chickens.  Only one has survived and we are not so sure how happy she is right now.  Poor thing.  If our dog had been home this would not have happened.  It was just a fluke.  Animal control came.  We can press charges.  But in reality dogs kill chickens.  Yes the dogs were out of their yard, but our dog has been seen across the street also, she just won't kill chickens.  Owner of dogs was very unhappy, but how do you fight instinct?

     I was very busy yesterday in the shop.  I also have a great deal to do today.  Mom and I spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon shopping for food and fruit.  The fruit is coming on here and it is so good.  She is very slow moving.  What would have taken me and hour took 3 hours, oh well!

     I have a new face book page set up for the shop and already have a 1st customer.  But I have never been on face book.  My web site guy has all the comments forwarded to my e-mail.  I will have to learn this new gig.

     Ballet Mistress is coming over to complete schedule and we will do a mailing tomorrow.  It will be nice to get that out of the way!  I am raising tuition so we will see how that goes over!

     I need to go check all my print outs for studio, yuck I hate that kind of work.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Has the dog owner offered to pay to replace the chickens? That would be the appropriate thing to do, I think.

    Hope you have a fabulous & productive day, & love that you are now on Facebook! Sounds like a great step for your business.

  2. I second that he needs to pay to replace them. Instincts or not, people are responsible for their pets. At least, that's how I feel :)

    And I think, it's awesome that you have your own Facebook page! It will be very helpful for your business, especially if you add pictures and reviews.

  3. I third that....the owners should offer to pay for replacement chickens and any other damages that may have been done.

  4. Oh no... poor chickens. Sorry to hear that!

  5. Sorry to hear about your chickens. I was thinking the same thing - hopefully neighbor will pay for some new chicks.