Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, facing the upstairs:(

     Trying not to get disappointed about my debt progress this year. I just keep telling myself you are saving money every month and the numbers are going down.  By Christmas your house will be under $100,000 and the vehicles under $10,000 each.  You can do this Kim.  Every month you go forward not backward.  Well this last month was backward but on a yearly lookout it is still good.  Just keep plugging along.  Considering my health this year which has been crap I have done well.

     Spent a great deal of time sewing yesterday.  It was nice really no pressure.  Just taking a pile at a time and taking a break when I wanted.  I  have a few sewing projects today.  Everything else can wait until I get back next week.  We broke a record on heat yesterday at 107.  So staying in the basement was a no brainer for me.  But I really do need to go upstairs today and get a little work done.  Like dust and vacuum the front room.  It is a sty up there.  I also need to really clean the kitchen and mop the floor.  I should do this before it gets too hot.  Now the clincher is can I make myself do this or not?

     The $#@%^ cat knocked over a big tub of cat food in the laundry room and made a big mess.  &^%$#$  so I have to clean that up. (segue:  I just went in and did that as I could hear the dog heading for the food, then because I am ADD to the max I went into the garage and picked up all the pop cans, took the last of the plants up the steep stairs, watered them and the front yard plants and swept the upper part of the driveway and garage.)  It is a one car garage but a 7 car driveway?  Makes sense right?  I was only gone 10 minutes and it loosened up my shoulders.

     I also have a pile of ironing the size of Mt. Olympus, okay that is an exaggeration the pillow case pile is the size of Mt. Olympus.  At least I can stay in the basement and do that.  (segue: bridesmaid in, cleaned out primary music briefcase while she was in dressing room)  Crap now I have to face the upstairs.  I think a dance recital would be easier.

     Out My Window:  Hot, but lovely.  Chickens are not too thrilled.  I would cool them off with a hose but they hate water.  Madder than a wet hen is no wives tale.

     By the way where did I put my camera?  Need to find it. Hmmmm........

Have a great and productive day,  okay I am going upstairs,     okay, maybe


Hee, Hee reprieve client just in : )


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  1. Looks like somebody is in a better mood today :) Your to-do list looks almost identical to mine. I just told my husband this morning that I need a maid...We had 105 F yesterday and about the same today, so I'm slowly turning into a nice and plump roast here...