Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday, plodding along

     Well, here are the pics I promised.  These flower pots are planted with seed geraniums and will grow lush and full over the summer.  See the infamous wood pile, it never runs dry, because we add to it constantly.  These hostas I picked up for .75 at the end of the year a few years ago.  They will be huge and gorgeous.

This is the deck I just got done painting and places to sit and enjoy the yard.  These two sitting areas are right off the pond.

See my cute frog prince on top of the water fall?  We have to shade the pond from the full hot sun.  Another sitting area under the Gazebo.  More flower boxes and rock walkways peeking into the garden.

Garden from two views.  Corn, potatoes, leeks, onions, carrots, beets, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkins, squash, peppers, brussel sprouts, cucumbers.

Flowers in the front of house, do you see that large white flower on the vine growing up the drain post?  That has taken 7 years to bloom! It is beautiful and I plan to have it grow over and above the porch.

This is the french drain system that surrounds the house.  We live on a steep hill and water flows down the backyard into the house.  So we have a drainage system that has to be cleaned once a year.  Yes by hand!  This area was completely over run with weeds.  It took me about 12 hours to clean. Ugh!

 See the cute frog stepping stones, oh yeah I haven't cleaned here, still to do!

Maybe clean and paint that bench?

Look at those weeds and over grown plants that need to be trimmed.

Here is one of the huge beds on the back slope that needs to be weeded.  I am never done!

     I am off to the dump and then I will stop at a couple of nurseries to try and find more plantings for the front slope that I will show you later.  I still have $80.00 worth of gift certificates to plant stores and I want to fill in a rock bed.

     I also need to sew a couple hundred dollars today.  I also received a $25.00 gift certificate to Red Lobster yesterday and a $50.00 American express certificate to use an anything I want.  These were a thank you from our video man.  Thank you very much!

     Now I had better get my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, start with the dentist

     I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning.  Of course they found a problem.  An old filling on the farthest back molar that was filled when I was a child, they found some decay around the old filling.  So they want to crown the tooth.  Can you fill it?  Well yes but chances are we will crack the tooth and then you are out all the money for the fill.  Yes I know you will crack the tooth because dentists are not taught to fill any more and take time but to crown and charge lots of money.  So I said what is the difference in price for my portion.  $30.00 for the filling after insurance or $400.00 for a crown.  I will take my chances and I will expect you to be careful.  I will not have laughing gas so you can put your full body weight on my tooth while you try to fill it.  Thus breaking it and requiring a crown.  Then I was told a filling will probably only last 5 years.  Well I will take the chance.  So if this doesn't go well I am out an additional $30.00.  But remember dentistry is a money making business.  I am a little jaded, but with the medical bills I have who wouldn't be. 

     We worked very hard in the yard all weekend.  I still have major weeding to do, but the garden is planted and the deck is painted.  It is really cloudy and cold here.  I want the deck to have full hot sun so it can cure the paint.  It is dry to the touch but I would prefer it is baked on before I move heavy furniture on it.  As soon as I can do that I will take pictures of all my handy work.  And I will continue weeding.  I am going to do a dump run this afternoon.  I have several large bags of weeds and trash and boxes.  Also some old crap hubby won't let me throw away.  Well it is going.  Never leave your wife the truck.

     I really need to sew this week and get everything out of my shop.  I do not want to have anything hanging over my head when I go to daughters and I also need the money.  On a good note, it looks like I have 4 more dancers taking the workshop so that will help.  I just want at least 20 kids total, if I can get that many I will have enough to pay all the summer bills and a little left for vacation.  Realize that I only have three weeks after this one to earn money for vacation and I need at least $1,200.00 more dollars.

     Out My Window:  Cool and overcast, I want warm weather so bad.  Chickens are in trouble for digging up my wave petunias out front.  So they are locked up until we can install a fence to keep them in the backyard.  Where they can go and eat all the seedlings in the garden.  I see a future problem here.

     Well I had better get to work as no one is going to drop money on my head.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, yard management

     Worked hard in the yard yesterday.  All the flowers boxes are planted and the garden is finely tilled.  There is still a lot of hand weeding to do in the yard but I am getting closer.  I have to be done with the yard by  this upcoming Friday as I will be gone for the week.

We still need to :  Plant garden (that will be done on Monday)
                           Pressure spray deck (Monday)
                           Paint deck ( as weather permits)
                           Weed, Weed, Weed  

     We spent to much money again on Saturday.  Picked up lawn mower from repair shop. Bought hubby two new pair of casual/dress/work pants.  In other words not logging jeans, but 100% cotton so if he is stuck on fire he can run and not melt.  We also purchased him new light ankle high boots exactly like the shoes we purchased 2 months ago, we are still working with this bad ankle and summer is coming which means many more hours in steep brushy country.  I then saw the cutest pair of blue DANSKO sandals in a marine blue.  They were on sale but still expensive.  Note to self: stay out of sports store!

     We then went to Home depot and purchased a few plants and a pressure sprayer.  I wanted a portable one and we have rented one every year for about $45.00.  But I can never keep it as long as I want and our neighbor let us use his, I loved it!  So much easier.  I used my $50.00 gift card to pay for 1/2 of it.

    We then went to Big R (feed store) and purchased a new spreader and a small 2 horse power tiller.  Remember all the tools that died this year, we are slowly replacing them.  We still need to get the blower replaced and a small chain saw.  We were able to borrow one to take down the big pine that blew over and blocked the alley last weekend, but we can't always rely on this.  Hubby can bring a saw home from the office.  But again trees seem to blow over on the weekends and we have a lot of trees and some mighty wind storms.  Funny because it is not a windy place.

     Can you believe all the equipment we have had go down?  I think we need a smaller yard.

     I had thrown away plastic table and chairs we had, had for years.  It attracted paper wasp nests and was starting to crack all over.  We happened by a yard sale and saw a table and chairs with a sign on them. We had been looking to replace the chairs but we wanted good folding ones so we could put them away in the winter.  I could not find any thing decent for below $25.00 a piece.  The whole set 5 chairs and a table was $50.00.  They are a little worn but still in great shape.  SCORE!

     I also was able to get to the damaged plant counter just as they were rolling it out at Home depot.  I was able to get about 15 gallon size perennials for .75 cents each.  Beautiful blue flowered ground cover, but they had been over watered.  I took them home and transferred them across the 100 ft rock bed in the front yard.  I have been wanting to cover this with perennials but it will take so much money and I am doing it a little at a time.  The top bed is almost done and I am working on the bottom bed. SCORE!

     Then hubby saw another huge yard sale he asked if I wanted to go around the block. I asked him if there was anything we needed and he said no.  Well if we stop we will find something we need and buy it.  He looked at me and laughed.  When you shop you can always find something you need.  I had already shot my wad of money.  I will have to sew like a demon to get this all paid for before the bill comes in.  Although I do have the money in savings, I would like to keep it there.  So I guess Kim has to get to work again.

     Anyway it was productive day, just expensive.

     I am going to cook a lovely dinner with steaks, asparagus, potatoes, corn on the cob, brochette, and cheese cake.  I will diet on Monday, while I am planting the garden.

Have a peaceful Sabbath


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday, I always...

     I always think I am going to have extra money.  I always plan for extra money.  On paper it sits there pretty and clean. Our budget shows us with extra.  The first two paychecks pay the house payment (barely). The second two have approximately a $500.00 leftover.   It is never there.  I just knew yesterday when checks came in (by the way the college check is not here, surprise, surprise) I would have at least $ 2-300.00 to put in the vacation savings, which sits at  $800.00 right now.  But when I balanced I was actually $35.00 in the hole.  No savings of any kind.  Gas has actually gone up here, daughter was home from school for a few days, mostly gas.  I haven't sewed as hard because I was just too tired.  If I don't produce we use the checking account and then there is no savings. 
     I always over estimate how fast I will pay off debt.  I have plans on paper that show debt pay off strategies.  I go to debt snowball calculators.  I print off spread sheets.  Months later I am still paying a bill that should have been paid off according to my wonderful charts months earlier.  It isn't Murphy, I have a Murphy fund and I do use it, but I replace it.  I just think that I am a powerful dreamer.

     Dream about getting out of debt, dream about saving, the problem is, they are dreams.  Reality is much harder. 

     But I must say, that I did make another payment on the car, all my bills are paid for the month, we have plenty to eat and I am going to plant flowers. 

Sis, I just realized Mom is at Kelly's and there is no one to put flowers on the babies graves, I guess I will call the Yules.
     Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, Paychecks arrive today!

     I have two paychecks due in today and I need to pay the rest of the months bills.  I will also go down to the studio and do the last payroll of the fiscal year.  Then I will be broke, but it looks like I will have a little to put in savings.  Remember that I have to come up with an extra $650.00 by the 1st.  So any money left over and from the college check also due in today will go to that expense.  Money out, money out! Blah....     

   Taught my last class last night.  Now I have three months off from regular classes.  It will be a nice break.  I want to work in the yard today, but I am going to take a nap first, it is a bit windy.  I have lots of flowers to plant and am looking forward to the yard this weekend.  Just need a nap before the next sewing customer stops by. 
     There are two movie at the 1$ theater I want to see this weekend.  I think I will make a potato salad and buy some steaks. 

Just a fun weekend.  Yippee! 

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, I just passed 50,000 views!

   I have been blogging for more than a year now and I just passed 50,000 views.  What a mile stone.  Not that it really matters.  I blog for me.  To clear my mind.  I also get support and have developed a great group of friends.  So here are 50,000 Thank yous!

     Last night I took hubby to the store before we went to clean our bank.  We bought fruit and soda on sale.  If you bought 4 diet coke (at the sale price) you got a large free bag of pretzels.  Well all of Albertson's sales go for a week.  Now they are following Safeway's games and only having sales for certain days.  So you have to keep going back day after day.  When we got to the check stand I could not believe the total.  I told the clerk I was sorry but I would have to leave most of the things as I thought they were on sale.  The manager rushed over and gave me the sale prices on everything.  He said you have been loyal to this store for years.  I also know how large your pharmacy bill is.  I had just been back to order a medical supply pick-up for Friday and it was over $4000.00.  I noticed the manager standing by the Pharmacy but I didn't think he was paying attention.  He said he always paid attention when the Pharmacist started to whistle.

     I also found a manufacture coupon for $2.00 off if you bought a box of Graham crackers, a 6 pack of Hershey's bars and a package of marshmallows.  When I was in the store they also had a $1.00 off coupon so total of $3.00.  I always keep s'more makings in the summer.  But the price of each of those items was outrageous.  I pull out the coupons and went to another store just a few blocks away where everything to make s'mores was on special.  I was able to purchase the works for about $4.00.  If I had taken it up at the original store it would have been about $8.50.  My husbands thought I was nuts until I explained how much I saved on a 5 minute store stop.  I will do the same thing tonight.

     I need to run the lawn mower up to the repair shop today and also get some sewing done.  Several people want to pick up today and I am not done with their things!  It is just never ending.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday, My piggy was full...

     The silver pig bank in my shop was too full!  I put all the $1 bills into that come form soda sales at the studio in this bank.  Well yesterday I could not get another bill forced into the bank.  So I emptied it and I had $77.00 in there!  I put 2 back and I went to the bank and then put $75.00 back in larger bills.  I think this will allow me to make it until Christmas.   It has taken me 5 months to get that much but I may have to empty her again.  Poor little piggy, Rich little Kim.

     I sewed hard yesterday, saw visions of me catching up.  But nothing doing, I took in a Brides dress, Mother of the bride and a big stack of alterations.  I am blessed.   I do want to get caught up before I leave to take care of grandson.  It will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?

     Taught a really good technique class last night, it was great not to work on choreography and rehearsal but to just pound out turns, jumps, and different steps.  I am looking forward to next year when I can really concentrate on technique 2 days a week.  I am changing the schedule to help with this dilemma.  I think the kids liked it also, but they will be sore!

     Out My Window:  I was able to get rid of the kids trampoline yesterday!  Hooray!  Now we won't have to move it to mow and the back yard will water more evenly.  It was practically new and the people were thrilled to get it.  Wish I could have sent it to Frugal and Thankful.  I picked up  9 eggs yesterday, so I do beleive that I did not collect then the day before.  Or I have really prolific chickens.

     Still going through money like a drunk on payday here.  But daughter went back up to college so things should slow down.  I feel like I sew hard and the money is gone!  I want some moolah for my pocket this weekend and I am having a hard time getting any put away.

     Really looking forward to the three day weekend, actually it is the start of my Summer, 2 more days and I am free.  I think I will write a song.

Sissie: I sent you a copy of the show, it should arrive 2 day air by Thursday so check the mail.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, cell phone rant.

     I forgot to mention that I fell in the pond while cleaning it Saturday and ruined my cell phone.  I had to pay $50.00 to replace it, as I do keep insurance on the little buggers.  I hate paying the insurance but we are very hard on cell phones.  Well lovely baby elephant (youngest daughter) cannot get her phone to work at all yesterday and she has water damage.  Now we knew she had dropped her phone in the water while walking to campus but she has made it limp along.  She has had 2 claims since last September, so $136.00 later she has a new phone.  I cannot wait until all of these kids are off my cell phone plan and my car insurance.  She will be working this off with yard work and she has to give me most of this back with her 1st paycheck.  I really think that breaking up Ma Bell has cost us a lot.  We are under constant fire with no privacy because we all have a cell attached to us and our bills are outrageous.

   Okay, I have always hated cell phones, but when I ported my home business phone to my cell my sewing business grew by 30% so it is worth it, but I still hate the money I spend on cell phones. Rant over!

     I did not get any sewing done yesterday, I don't really know what I did with my time,  But today I have to get several piles of things done.  I mean shame on me.  I can mess around and waste more time than anyone I know.   I do not have to be in the studio until 5:30 so I have told myself that if I get so much sewing done I can go out and plant flowers.

     Out My Window:  It rained hard yesterday, which is good as it had been very dry for 2 weeks, but now I think it can clear up.  I am excited about Memorial day weekend.  I just want to get the yard finished.

I really need to slow down my spending, but money is just jumping out of my purse!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, Hubby gets a raise!

     Hubby received about a 6% raise.  He was only supposed to get 2%, but he has been with the State so long and he was not up to the 75% scale so they had to raise him up to 75% and then give him the 2%.  It equals out to about $1.10 and hour, which will just cover our medical savings.  So we will not be getting less money in July like I thought.  I would really like to save this raise, but I am afraid to get  his paychecks so low and then get into trouble.  It takes one of his checks and the cleaning check to pay the house payment.  We really have to live on one set of checks a month.  All the other bills come out later.  So our budget is pretty lean.  Anything extra and all gas and groceries come from me.  I don't always like the pressure.   But I am grateful for his benefits and his retirement.

     Yippee!  This is the last week of normal classes at the studio, then I have the summer off.  Well not really but I don't have to be at the studio every single night.   Summers go by too quickly but I do miss the students by the end of August and I am happy to see them when they get back.

     Friday night I baby sat three little dance students, whose parents were opening two different shows in the valley.  They were so fun and cute.  I took them out to jump on the tramp and they asked, " Where are your little girls?"  I think they expected the girls to be home.  I said, "My little girls are all grown up and don't live here any more."  They could not quite wrap their heads around that.  The oldest one is 8 and she didn't think they would ever leave home.  But I can blink my eye and  see all three of my girls jumping on the tramp together!

     We worked so hard in the yard on Saturday.  I started at 8 a.m. and worked until Hubby made me stop at 3:30.  I was mad because I wanted to finish around the deck and get the wave petunias planted out front.  Well I can hardly move.   Yesterday it hurt to get in and out of the car, sit and stand.  My leg and butt muscles are so sore from squatting.   I am sure glad he talked me into quitting when I did.  But I was able weed all around the garden, clean out the pond area, get all the flower boxes dumped in the garden and fresh soil put in.  I have about 40 boxes I plant every year.  Yes I am the Queen of excess when it comes to flowers and gardens.

     Life is so expensive.  I did spend one of my gift certificates.  I still have two more.  But boy did we spend money this weekend.  I don't think I will be able to put anything away this week because, I spent too much.  Last year we were laughing because when we were raking the 100 (yes 100) bags of leaves up our rakes were not working right.  We had worn the tines right off and had to buy new rakes.  Well our pond skimmer was broken in half, our narrow shrub rake was all bent and broken.  All of my hand tools were rusted, slivery handled and one actually broke in half when I was weeding.  Why does everything break at once?  Our fertilizer spreader would not work either and Hubby broke the rope on the lawn mower.  We replaced all the hand tools, but have yet to replace the spreader or get the lawn mower fixed.  I also bought new table cloths for the deck.  (Kay can you come and burn a hole in one please?)

(Side note to Sissie)
     Also the under wire in my unmentionables is coming out.  I had to replace the underwear.  Sissie these were the ones I stole from you a few years ago, would you mind replacing them?

Out My Window:  I am trying to do a little yard work every day for the next two weeks, so I can get all the flower beds done.  We had a large Ponderosa pine fall over into the alley easement behind the house, thank goodness it didn't hit anything.  We cut it up with a chain saw and it is now in the wood pile.  We rarely use the fireplaces or fire pit, but the neighbors help them selves to our wood pile which never seems to grow smaller,something is always falling over!

     Well youngest is here and the baby elephant needs my attention.  I also need to get busy in the shop.

Have a great and productive day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday, Money is finally all in!

     I keep messing with the blog lay out and I like this better, I guess I am a creature of habit.

    I finally received that last of my tuition, recital fees, and costume fees, plus a late charge yesterday!  I also went to several students and asked them specifically if they were doing the summer workshop.  If I did not get at least 10 enrolled, I was going to cancel.  I am no longer going to lose money on ventures down there.  Now I don't have to make money (it would be nice) but I will break even.

     I also made a lovely chicken curry yesterday and I am going to do a Taco salad today.  Just trying to cook more as I have been so lax lately.  We also bought a few garden plants last night, but I really need to spend time weeding, before I even think about planting.

     So I am going to get some sewing done and try to figure out the garden and my strategy for yard clean up.  When I work on a strategy I don't actually have to do the work.  I just think. :)

     On  better note:  I do have over $800.00 in my savings account for vacation.  May it stay there.  We do get paid next Thursday and I will have an extra $400.00 if the shop does well and people pick up I will not have to spend that.  So I am hoping by the end of the month to have at least $1200.00 of the $2700.00 saved for vacation and extra bills.  I also forgot that I will receive about a $400.00 check from the college at the end of May so that will help.  I will also get back some of the $500.00 cleaning deposit from B's apartment, but don't know when that will come.

     I am going to take care of my grandson the first week in June, so that means I will not be earning any money.  This will only give me the last three weeks of June and I will also have 2 workshops that will take me out of the shop in the mornings.  But if I can pull another $1000.00 out of these and use the extra money from the cleaning check, I will be able to make my goal.  Goals are easy to set and hard to see through.  Something always happens.

      Out My Window:  Cooler but still nice,  actually better to work in than hot!

Well I am off to storm the castle!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday, Time to cook!

     Not much cooking going on here with all the rehearsals, so I am going to go to the store today and get a few things to round out a taco salad.  I also need to go to Costco and get water and soda for the studio.  I took chicken and pork chops out of the freezer so I can make a chicken and rice dish and some pork chops and sweet potatoes.  I need to make a dessert for a funeral on Saturday.  I don't know the woman, they just sent a message from the church saying they needed desserts.  Probably make a cake.

     I have been taking it easy, like going up and napping for an hour every day this week.  I did get a great deal of sewing done yesterday and I have quite a bit that I needs to be done today.  I am blessed with work.

     Dog is on the mend, she feels better, and her wound is looking much better. I bought some of that nasty sliced cheese, (Kraft, Krapft) and I roll the pills up and seal it in the goo they call cheese(feege) and I toss it to her and she has no idea she just swallowed a pill.  Saves trying to shove it down her throat.  She is a very clever dog. The big black and white long hair cat that we have does not like the little neighbor dog I am caring for.  Cat is actually much bigger than the dog and as this dog is afraid of the cat it is always under my feet.  When I look up there is Rucify staring down at me.  He looks like he wants to eat the dog.  He loves to climb into high places and our house has many opportunities so I feel like I am being watched all the time.  Kind of creepy.  When the vet came she had files on all the animals and gave boosters.  She could not beleive we still had cats that were 12-15 years old.  They are outdoor animals, but are allowed to come in if they want.  We do religiously feed them kitten chow and soft food with more crude protein.   Cat chow even the cheap stuff has way too much corn by product.  Cats are carnivores, they don't eat corn.  I think this is why we have fewer problems.  Our cats are trained to go outside, we do keep a littler box in the laundry room but it is seldom used.  I hate liter boxes.  If our cats used it often, I would not have a cat.

     Pay day is a week off, so I am trying to figure out how to get through the weekend without spending any money.  I will have to gas the car and I will have to get a few groceries, but we are going to be doing a lot of yard work and that is expensive.  Hoping I can get a little money in the shop for the weekend.  Right now I have about $26.00 that will not go far.

     Out My Window:  It is more overcast today, but still warm.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, can't get motivated

     Maybe I am just getting old, but I can't seem to get motivated.  I have a ton of yard work and the shop is busy.  I need to compose a note for parents for summer ballet and Celtic and I just sit here half asleep.  I got very little done in the shop yesterday.  I am just so sleepy.  I hate this feeling and hope it leaves soon.  I feel like I am sleeping enough at night.  It is more just a feeling of blah. I need to kick my own butt.  Irish dancers can do that you know:)

     Maybe it is the finances as now we are into the long haul.  The truck loan will be the next to be paid off and I want it gone by Christmas.  That is so far away and how am I going to do it?  I will pay $500.00 a month for the next three months and then attack it again when the studio reopens.  Hubby will get an extra check and I will have an extra $3000.00 in September, but that is not even 1/2 what is owed.  I have to be realistic and realize that I am not just going to pull $16,000 out of thin air.  I don't think I will be able to pull more than $6,000 more from the studio so we are still several thousand short.  Alas, the well laid plans.

     Now I am living in the future again and wishing time would pass quickly so I will be out of debt.  This is stupid.  I need to enjoy now.  My bills are paid, I have money in savings.  I have enough.  I need to enjoy this slow time and enjoy my summer and the out of doors. 

     Originally I was to pay that loan off by this June and the other car by next Christmas.  What a joke!  Who lives in my head anyway?  Actually who lives in my checkbook?  Well sitting here messing with this blog and stewing is getting no work done.  So I will get off my butt and get busy.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful day, warm and sunny.  I need to work outside!
Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday, I Love Lucy!

    I loved the old "I Love Lucy" show, but sometimes I feel like I am Lucy.  I just go from one fiasco to another.
     I was up and showered by 7:30 yesterday, because I had a list of housekeeping shores and the vet was coming for the dog at 9:00.  The dog had a much larger wound on her flank than I thought,  It was matted and smelled awful!  You could not be in the same room with her.  We took her out back and I held her (no easy feat as she weighs about 60 lbs and is long and round).  She has a 2.5 inch tear in her flank and it had to be shaved.  Not fun.  Then the wound burst (yes) and drained then we had to flush it over and over.  Yeah lots of chasing and fun.  She is on antibiotics (also fun to give as she recognizes the hot dogs that have a pill in them and chews around them).  So I am scratched and bruised and I go into re shower.  Dog is much better, Lucy is not.

     I am clean and I go out to gather eggs and I notice a chicken squeezing out from under the coup.  I bent over and looked into the opening and I see about 2 dozen eggs under the coup.  Now we get 5-6 eggs every day so this had to have occurred over a period of time.  If one of those eggs gets broken the whole neighbor hood will reek.  So I very carefully balanced myself and went into this small space to try and get the eggs out with a hand trowel.  I slipped in chicken sh*t rolled backward knocking over the water trough and landed on my back in the muck.  I was covered in crap so I just got on my hands and knees and pulled out the eggs and then crawled back in and blocked the entrance with bricks.  I showered again.

     I have very dry hair and now my hair is fried and sticking up every where.  I am clean and lovely.

     I continue my day which involves all the financial to do's on my list and I then go to the studio and lay flooring and clean until students arrive.  (I did no sewing yesterday).  In between classes I ran to see a sick friend (it was on the list).  This is the elderly lady that broke her hip a few weeks ago.  In the mean time her 91 year old husband has been diagnosed with cancer and it has spread, is inoperable and he has less than 4 months.  I was just stopping by to try and cheer them up.  Well since my day has been sh*tty , it will now get worse.  The gentleman has been put on laxatives for his condition.  Not good when you are alone and weak and cannot make it to a bathroom.  So here is poor woman trying to help this much larger husband with a huge mess.  Anyway to make a long story short, Lucy went home a showered again.  I called a distant relative who came to stay with them until his daughter arrives this Thursday and I also took home their small dog.  They are unable to care for her at this time.  She was obviously stressed and depressed.  So now I have two dogs, one that is leaking and stinks running around with the smaller one.  They are worse than kids.

     I went and cleaned that big old bank by myself about 9:30 last night as Hubby was STILL in rehearsal.  When he got home I told him about my day and he just rolled around laughing.  It might have been my hair.

  I did up date my #'s and they are better by about $1700.00 not counting the other car payment that has not posted.

     Things I was able to accomplish in the terms of finances yesterday:

Fully fund emergency fund, about $800.00 was put in.

Fully fund house account, about $650.00 was put in.

Pay off a $1200.00 costume bill.

Pay off another $1100.00 costume bill.

Pay all most all studio bills for the month, just have a few small ones left.

Have enough  left in studio savings to pay any residual bills that have not shown up and to pay theater and do May's payroll which will be due June 5th.

I will also have about $4000.00 left in studio savings to pay summer bills.

     It is a little disappointing as I wanted $6000.00 but I have to remember last year when I had nothing saved and huge CC bills.  It is so easy to plan in your head how you are going to get all this money and get out of debt so easily.  But the reality is a lot tougher.

     I also have about $1200.00 worth of bills in the next two months other than my normal bills plus I need to save for vacation.  Now where am I going to get $2700.00?  I have $500.00 right now in slush fund.  Ugh Lucy always has some kind of crisis.

     Even though the show just barely turned a profit I still gave $500.00 to the food bank.  They were grateful and the students were proud of them selves.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, catch up on life!

     I was (am ) up early to catch up on life!  So much to do, but all things I am looking forward to(I think).
I have started to laundry and I want to run through the house a bit.  Cull a a few magazines and things that have stacked up over the last six weeks.  I have the truck this week so I will be doing a major dump run.  I do this without hubby as he likes to save odd weird things. 
     Here is the list:

Laundry (started)
kitchen (clean and put away dishes)
Desk, (filing,deposits,bills,balance checkbooks)
Go to banks
Go to food bank
Go to post office
Get to studio by noon to tape floor and start to put away Cinderella
Visit sick friend
Clean bank by myself (hubby is in hell week for his show)

 I think that is enough to do for today.

 I also have the vet coming at 9.  Some lovely person has shot the dog (or I think they have) with a BB gun or a pellet gun.  She has a weeping wound on her right hip.  I have been cleaning it, but it is a mess and she needs antibiotics.   I knew it was not an emergency pet situation so I called to have the traveling vet stop by this morning.  This small Corgi type mutt is my husbands ears when he is home.  He takes out his hearing aids and the dog becomes his ears.  It is very frustrating that someone would try to harm her.  She is very good about staying close to the house, but she must have gotten someones goat.

     Out My Window: I have so much crap to haul to the dump out of the yard.  Scraps and crap.  Weeds, broken umbrellas, card board.  You name it.  Where does this stuff come from?

     I will be updating #'s later so I am excited!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, Happy Mother's Day

     Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there.  I know this is one happy mother.  I just went into one of the spare bedrooms and found my two youngest sleeping.  I said, "good morning, who wants to get up and make me breakfast?"  The grunt sounded something like, "if you want this Mother's Day to stay happy you will let us sleep".  We were all up late with the show.    It is over and it was a huge success.

     The studio is a wreck but the theater is clean.  I am wiped out but I will recover.  Just need  a few days to get my ducks in a row.  I can't wait to see how the #'s stack and I have to set up a May budget and pay all the bills.  I think I am going to be pleasantly surprised.

     Out My Window:  I have so much work to do in the flower beds and we have to plant the garden.  I need to do some work on the pond also, we did not have a any fish come back for the first time in ten years.  So I will spend a couple of hours every morning out side until it is caught up.  I also have $150.00 worth of flower certificates to spend.

      I have plenty of work to do in the shop and I want to start a vacation fund.  I need at least $1500.00 by the first of July and that will be a push.  How do I do that in 6 weeks!  I just need my life back to normal.  Yeah like I know what normal is.

     Jane is right about spending more when you are not blogging.  I have not purchased anything because I have not had the time.  But I also have not been careful about how I paid for groceries and food.  Just eating on the fly.  Or eating out.  Now not expensive, just nickles and dimes you and is not really good for you.  I look forward to a healthier diet.

Well Happy Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, The sewing is done!

     I have such a headache!  But it is done.  Well the sewing.  I was up late last night trying to close out the books.  Still have several people that have not paid for costumes.   But I am calling them and asking that the money be in my hand tomorrow.  I heard a few sob stories last night and I was firm. 

     So tonight we will pull the floor and move it.  The firefighters are coming to help move all the set pieces.  We will set up as much as possible tonight.  Daughter #3 is due home about 9 p.m. to help me finalize the program so we can take it to the printer tomorrow.  Daughter # 2 will be home tonight also to help run errands tomorrow and run interference back stage for the next two days.

    Personally I can't wait until it is over.  So much work.  Hubby is in full swing rehearsal for Tale of Two Cities.  He is doing violin and viola every other night.  Our boss from the cleaning company just called and said there is a major walk through tomorrow.  Like I have time to put in any extra time right now.  When it rains it pours.  Got to love my life.

     I have a very kind parent bringing dinner over tonight.  So I know I am appreciated and someone loves me.  Finger tips are raw from hand making that cat wig.  It is darling.  I remember doing 35 of them for CATS.  Never again.

     I really can't wait to balance my books and get May off the ground, because really May does not exist for me until this show is over.  I have paid the house payment and the bills that are due now but no budget exists and I love to update my #'s.  It is like the addiction I live for!

     Does anyone else live to update their debt #'s?  It's my ultimate favorite thing to do.

Out My Window:  Slightly cold, but beautiful.  We are supposed to have weather in the 90's next week. Good because I plan to spend hours in the yard.  I have flower gift certificates to spend.  Yippee!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday, short and long lists

  Still at it, going strong.  Sewing list gets shorter, to do list gets longer.  Mysti, is right I love what I do, but I really don't like this kind of stress.  Hubby and I were talking about it last night.  I need to figure something out, but I can't do it right now.

Need to Sew:
 5 blouses
1 pair trousers
cat wig
bedazzle Cinderella ball gown ( I think I can send this out)
5 cummerbunds
Step Mom dress
Assorted scarves,hats
     Got the new improved internet  bill only $22.50, score!  Still receiving costume money, so as all costume bills are currently paid, I can stick that away for the future. Have piles of paper work to do, but I want to get all the sewing done first.  I plan to get the bills paid and all dance studio figure done tonight after class.

     I really cleaned the shop last night, it looked like a scene from hoarders.  I can only work in so much chaos.

Out My Window:  It is so warm and pretty out.  Trees are in full bloom.  I can't wait until Mother's Day and I am going to sit out on my messy deck and enjoy the sun.  Watch it will rain.  (Dora downer)

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, I am alive

     I am alive, just very, very busy. Too tired to blog and say anything sensible.  Cinderella is 4 days away. Still have several items to sew and innumerable irons in the fire.  I need to run payroll.  I need to run stark raving mad also.  But I think I will run payroll first.
       I have paid off the costume account and still have two large bills to pay but have the money in savings to pay them.  It does not look like I will take a loss on costumes this year.  I have been very careful to charge for materials and time lost when I sew for parents.  I still make no money for the effort I put in, but at least I am not losing money. 
     Slow learner that I am.  Say a prayer for me.
     My husband made me a coach (one dimension) on rollers.  It is too cute, I will post pictures after the artist paints it.
     Still have,
5 peasant tops
7 skirts
one pair of bloomers
4 white horses
Cinderella's, ball costume to alter and bedazzle
15 cummerbunds
Step mother's dress
Cat's wig
assorted hats, scarves
  I just want to get the sewing done so I can concentrate on the the sets and all the the things I have to pull together, let alone the program.

Have a great night, I am going to bed!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, still sewing...

     I think I bit off more than I can chew.  I don't think I will every catch up.  But I will have two helpers today so that will at least encourage me and keep me going!

     The Harlequin costumes are done!  I don't ever want to see black and white fabric again.  Now I am onto villager costumes and I only have 24 of them to do.  At least the colors vary.  I am just fatigued.

     Our pay check finally came, it was only 7 days late.  I have been able to snowflake money to the house account.  I am still $175.00 short, but the shop has been slow this week.  That is a good thing because I need to get costumes done and I can't have it both ways.   So I will have to hope that I can get that done next week or take it out of the very small costume profit.  Very small.  It is hard to concentrate on these two accounts when I am so busy.  I can barely remember to eat.

     I have a long rehearsal tomorrow and I have to get the music recut tonight.  The mock up of the coach is done and has to go to the artist and the man who will bend the conduit.  Details, Details.

     Out My Window:  I found a chicken sitting on 5 eggs in the yew hedge.  She was so cute.  I banded her, so we can use her as a brood hen.  We cannot have a rooster in the city limits.  But this was I don't have to worry so much about new chicks.  She will take care of them.  It has been cold and rainy yesterday and will continue today.  Good no temptation to be out in the yard.

     Well back to sewing hell!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday, sewing never ends!

     My goal today is to finish the Harlequin costumes if it kills me.  I have 6 more left plus the hats.  The choreography seems to be done and is coming together well.  Now all the details.  After all life is all  the details. We still have no paycheck so I will wait for the mail.  I also added $124.00 to my house overdraft account.  I was hoping to be able to fully fund it by this Friday, but I do not know if that will be possible. Even though I am sewing like a mad woman, I have not had a great deal of easy work come into the shop this week.   I do have some easy hems I could do, I have just been concentrating on costumes.  This is why I don't make any money at recital times.  I would really rather order all the costumes, but some times that is impossible.

     The studio soda sales have been holding steady at about $10.00 a week.  I will have a really nice Christmas fund.  Now I am just trying to get costumes paid for, I beleive I am 1/2 done.  Parents have until the 10th.  I need to sit down and make a May budget, but with out a paycheck from last month it seems a mute point.  Hubby and I were seriously considering not cleaning tonight if we do not get some kind of lip service.  Or contacting the industrial commission.....

      I had better get busy.  Clean myself up and hit the machines.

Out My Window:  Clear and cold, hopefully it will warm up this afternoon.

     I just want the show to be over so I can play outside!  Whine, Whine, remember we are not going to wish away our future and enjoy the moment.  I am just having a hard time enjoying one more Harlequin costume.

Have a great and productive day!   Hi sissie.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, Happy Mayday!

     My oh my it is May.  Remember delivering May baskets?  You would make a cone with paper put in a few lilacs and a few pieces of candy and then ring the bell and run.  If the person caught you they would kiss you!  No one does that any more.  I had my kids do it when they were little.  We always May Dayed the old folks apartments down the street.  It was a tradition the older ones remembered fondly and my kids liked the candy.  But they were little then.  I am waxing sentimental.

 Bridal wreath spirea,  that I planted 8 years ago to hide the ugly fence.  This is up the backyard off the fire pit and the wood pile.  One of many patios and sitting areas I built and now I can't even go out and clean or weed them.  But soon, very soon.

  Well still no pay check yesterday.  I called the main company office and the payroll clerk acted like it was no big deal.  I was very firm with him.  He told me all the checks were cut.  He would check with my boss (he doesn't have the check),he would check with the post office(what are they hiding the checks?)  Reissue the checks you nit wit.  If they show up later we will destroy or return them to you.  Good grief we have worked for this company for over 11 years do you think we are going to try and steal a double paycheck?  Not even an apology.  What a puke!

     So I paid all of last months bills and we are seriously going into this month with no money.  My accounts are so low it is scary.  We have to wait until the 10th for paychecks and oh yeah we may not get a cleaning check at the rate things are going.  But the 10th will pay the house payment so I guess it is up to me and the shop.  All living expenses, gas, groceries, etc. will have to come form the shop.  I also needed to make up at least $300.00 to fund a savings account.  I also realized I had not given my IRA any money last month.  So I will have to double that this month.  Crap! 

     Okay deep breath, you do not have credit card debt.  You are going to be able to pay all of the costume debt off.  You are not going backwards with this show.  It will be okay.  I have had 4 kids already sign up for the Celtic workshop and I need 20.  So 1/5 of the way there.  I am so relieved right now not to have a summer fun dance camp to worry about in June.  We would not have made any money on it and I would have had to be away from the shop.  If I am away from the shop, I want it to be profitable, or at least break even.

     I went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and I am scheduled for cataract surgery on July 11th and the 18th.  This is good, because our medical deductibles start over the first of July and all left over bills will be paid from the FSA account immediately.  I will have no residual bills.  Yippee!  I will also be able to see and not be constantly closing my right eye to gain depth perception.

     Well I have a couple of prom dresses waiting for me and some hems.  I also have to finish the Harlequin costumes by tomorrow if possible!  Nelly bar the door!

     Out My window:  Rainy, good that way I am not tempted to go out in the yard!  Flowering trees are so beautiful, the back yard is a jungle of green, pink, white and purple.  I love it!

     My House is a wreck!  I think I had better do a quick run through( at least the kitchen)

Have a great and productive day !  Hi, my sissie!