Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday, Time to cook!

     Not much cooking going on here with all the rehearsals, so I am going to go to the store today and get a few things to round out a taco salad.  I also need to go to Costco and get water and soda for the studio.  I took chicken and pork chops out of the freezer so I can make a chicken and rice dish and some pork chops and sweet potatoes.  I need to make a dessert for a funeral on Saturday.  I don't know the woman, they just sent a message from the church saying they needed desserts.  Probably make a cake.

     I have been taking it easy, like going up and napping for an hour every day this week.  I did get a great deal of sewing done yesterday and I have quite a bit that I needs to be done today.  I am blessed with work.

     Dog is on the mend, she feels better, and her wound is looking much better. I bought some of that nasty sliced cheese, (Kraft, Krapft) and I roll the pills up and seal it in the goo they call cheese(feege) and I toss it to her and she has no idea she just swallowed a pill.  Saves trying to shove it down her throat.  She is a very clever dog. The big black and white long hair cat that we have does not like the little neighbor dog I am caring for.  Cat is actually much bigger than the dog and as this dog is afraid of the cat it is always under my feet.  When I look up there is Rucify staring down at me.  He looks like he wants to eat the dog.  He loves to climb into high places and our house has many opportunities so I feel like I am being watched all the time.  Kind of creepy.  When the vet came she had files on all the animals and gave boosters.  She could not beleive we still had cats that were 12-15 years old.  They are outdoor animals, but are allowed to come in if they want.  We do religiously feed them kitten chow and soft food with more crude protein.   Cat chow even the cheap stuff has way too much corn by product.  Cats are carnivores, they don't eat corn.  I think this is why we have fewer problems.  Our cats are trained to go outside, we do keep a littler box in the laundry room but it is seldom used.  I hate liter boxes.  If our cats used it often, I would not have a cat.

     Pay day is a week off, so I am trying to figure out how to get through the weekend without spending any money.  I will have to gas the car and I will have to get a few groceries, but we are going to be doing a lot of yard work and that is expensive.  Hoping I can get a little money in the shop for the weekend.  Right now I have about $26.00 that will not go far.

     Out My Window:  It is more overcast today, but still warm.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sounds like you are mighty busy cooking! Have fun. Enjoy your meal(s).

  2. Glad to hear you've been resting a bit :) and that your doggie is feeling better. You tossing cheese crap reminds me of my childhood dog. She was great at catching food tossed in the air, especially popcorn though sometimes (hey, I was a kid remember) I would toss something inedible just for fun. Poor thing.

  3. I'm glad your dog is feeling better! And I'm glad you are resting too! Looks like taking care of yourself makes you very productive :)