Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, start with the dentist

     I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning.  Of course they found a problem.  An old filling on the farthest back molar that was filled when I was a child, they found some decay around the old filling.  So they want to crown the tooth.  Can you fill it?  Well yes but chances are we will crack the tooth and then you are out all the money for the fill.  Yes I know you will crack the tooth because dentists are not taught to fill any more and take time but to crown and charge lots of money.  So I said what is the difference in price for my portion.  $30.00 for the filling after insurance or $400.00 for a crown.  I will take my chances and I will expect you to be careful.  I will not have laughing gas so you can put your full body weight on my tooth while you try to fill it.  Thus breaking it and requiring a crown.  Then I was told a filling will probably only last 5 years.  Well I will take the chance.  So if this doesn't go well I am out an additional $30.00.  But remember dentistry is a money making business.  I am a little jaded, but with the medical bills I have who wouldn't be. 

     We worked very hard in the yard all weekend.  I still have major weeding to do, but the garden is planted and the deck is painted.  It is really cloudy and cold here.  I want the deck to have full hot sun so it can cure the paint.  It is dry to the touch but I would prefer it is baked on before I move heavy furniture on it.  As soon as I can do that I will take pictures of all my handy work.  And I will continue weeding.  I am going to do a dump run this afternoon.  I have several large bags of weeds and trash and boxes.  Also some old crap hubby won't let me throw away.  Well it is going.  Never leave your wife the truck.

     I really need to sew this week and get everything out of my shop.  I do not want to have anything hanging over my head when I go to daughters and I also need the money.  On a good note, it looks like I have 4 more dancers taking the workshop so that will help.  I just want at least 20 kids total, if I can get that many I will have enough to pay all the summer bills and a little left for vacation.  Realize that I only have three weeks after this one to earn money for vacation and I need at least $1,200.00 more dollars.

     Out My Window:  Cool and overcast, I want warm weather so bad.  Chickens are in trouble for digging up my wave petunias out front.  So they are locked up until we can install a fence to keep them in the backyard.  Where they can go and eat all the seedlings in the garden.  I see a future problem here.

     Well I had better get to work as no one is going to drop money on my head.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Make sure when they drop the money on your head, it's in bills and not coins....lol

    If your dentist is that bad about upgrading what work you need, maybe find a new one?
    I don't blame you for being jaded because it's NOT you, unscrupulous people are everywhere!

  2. Yeah, if that dentist doesn't sound quite as good, why settle? A little traveling could provide you with a right filling that lasts a lot longer than this dentist that seems to be trying to upsell for a crown. A second opinion on these sorts of things can only help.

  3. I would do the same. I went through hell getting a crown once - never again. My NEW dentist keeps wanting to replace the inferior crown but of course to get it done again my benefits wouldn't cover any of the cost so I'm stuck with it. Besides, I really don't want to go through that torture again anyways!