Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, cell phone rant.

     I forgot to mention that I fell in the pond while cleaning it Saturday and ruined my cell phone.  I had to pay $50.00 to replace it, as I do keep insurance on the little buggers.  I hate paying the insurance but we are very hard on cell phones.  Well lovely baby elephant (youngest daughter) cannot get her phone to work at all yesterday and she has water damage.  Now we knew she had dropped her phone in the water while walking to campus but she has made it limp along.  She has had 2 claims since last September, so $136.00 later she has a new phone.  I cannot wait until all of these kids are off my cell phone plan and my car insurance.  She will be working this off with yard work and she has to give me most of this back with her 1st paycheck.  I really think that breaking up Ma Bell has cost us a lot.  We are under constant fire with no privacy because we all have a cell attached to us and our bills are outrageous.

   Okay, I have always hated cell phones, but when I ported my home business phone to my cell my sewing business grew by 30% so it is worth it, but I still hate the money I spend on cell phones. Rant over!

     I did not get any sewing done yesterday, I don't really know what I did with my time,  But today I have to get several piles of things done.  I mean shame on me.  I can mess around and waste more time than anyone I know.   I do not have to be in the studio until 5:30 so I have told myself that if I get so much sewing done I can go out and plant flowers.

     Out My Window:  It rained hard yesterday, which is good as it had been very dry for 2 weeks, but now I think it can clear up.  I am excited about Memorial day weekend.  I just want to get the yard finished.

I really need to slow down my spending, but money is just jumping out of my purse!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Doesn't sound like the phone had a lot of valuable info. Our company president lost his phone, along with over 1,400 contacts. I'd be very upset if I lost mine as well.

  2. I am so glad I never had a cell phone plan(contract thing). That meant I never had to pay for kids to be on it.

    Going one better I never paid for my kids cell phones or usage. In high school, if they wanted a cell, they paid for it AND they paid for it's usage.
    Since they paid for them, they never had expensive phones as teens when they were highly likely to lose or destroy a phone.
    They were more motivated to work too so they could pay to use their electronic toys. Because until you grow up and have a job, a cell phone is basically a toy to them.

    And I never got or paid a bill for cell phones or service contracts/plans.

    Needing a cell phone for business is different.
    Needing a cell phone just to talk to your kid and for them to talk to everyone on the planet shouldn't cost You, the parent, hundreds of $s a year.

    When my kids went 'away' from home, I offered to pay for a low end phone and a basic monthly pay-as-yo-go plan so that they could communicate with their parents. This is all that was NEEDED from a phone for me. That I could contact them in emergencies, just to keep in touch, etc.
    Paying for their ability to text half the population in the US, play games, mess with silly apps, go online and twitter, etc. is NOT something I need to pay for.

    Neither of the 2, so far, have taken me up on this offer since they have high end phones now(that they paid for)and they pay for monthly service with lots of the bells and whistles out of income they make.

    Rant over....lol

    1. I had to provide a cell phone for daughter that taught for me as she took care of all phone calls coming into studio. It was a studio expense. The baby elephant is just a plain old expense. I need more of your umph!

  3. Yes, it was a glorious day when my daughter got her own phone and phone plan, her idea not mine! Now if I could just get her off of my insurance but that won't happen for a while. However, to her credit she does give me $50 a month towards the cost of it and puts in gas after I nag her to death!