Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday, I Love Lucy!

    I loved the old "I Love Lucy" show, but sometimes I feel like I am Lucy.  I just go from one fiasco to another.
     I was up and showered by 7:30 yesterday, because I had a list of housekeeping shores and the vet was coming for the dog at 9:00.  The dog had a much larger wound on her flank than I thought,  It was matted and smelled awful!  You could not be in the same room with her.  We took her out back and I held her (no easy feat as she weighs about 60 lbs and is long and round).  She has a 2.5 inch tear in her flank and it had to be shaved.  Not fun.  Then the wound burst (yes) and drained then we had to flush it over and over.  Yeah lots of chasing and fun.  She is on antibiotics (also fun to give as she recognizes the hot dogs that have a pill in them and chews around them).  So I am scratched and bruised and I go into re shower.  Dog is much better, Lucy is not.

     I am clean and I go out to gather eggs and I notice a chicken squeezing out from under the coup.  I bent over and looked into the opening and I see about 2 dozen eggs under the coup.  Now we get 5-6 eggs every day so this had to have occurred over a period of time.  If one of those eggs gets broken the whole neighbor hood will reek.  So I very carefully balanced myself and went into this small space to try and get the eggs out with a hand trowel.  I slipped in chicken sh*t rolled backward knocking over the water trough and landed on my back in the muck.  I was covered in crap so I just got on my hands and knees and pulled out the eggs and then crawled back in and blocked the entrance with bricks.  I showered again.

     I have very dry hair and now my hair is fried and sticking up every where.  I am clean and lovely.

     I continue my day which involves all the financial to do's on my list and I then go to the studio and lay flooring and clean until students arrive.  (I did no sewing yesterday).  In between classes I ran to see a sick friend (it was on the list).  This is the elderly lady that broke her hip a few weeks ago.  In the mean time her 91 year old husband has been diagnosed with cancer and it has spread, is inoperable and he has less than 4 months.  I was just stopping by to try and cheer them up.  Well since my day has been sh*tty , it will now get worse.  The gentleman has been put on laxatives for his condition.  Not good when you are alone and weak and cannot make it to a bathroom.  So here is poor woman trying to help this much larger husband with a huge mess.  Anyway to make a long story short, Lucy went home a showered again.  I called a distant relative who came to stay with them until his daughter arrives this Thursday and I also took home their small dog.  They are unable to care for her at this time.  She was obviously stressed and depressed.  So now I have two dogs, one that is leaking and stinks running around with the smaller one.  They are worse than kids.

     I went and cleaned that big old bank by myself about 9:30 last night as Hubby was STILL in rehearsal.  When he got home I told him about my day and he just rolled around laughing.  It might have been my hair.

  I did up date my #'s and they are better by about $1700.00 not counting the other car payment that has not posted.

     Things I was able to accomplish in the terms of finances yesterday:

Fully fund emergency fund, about $800.00 was put in.

Fully fund house account, about $650.00 was put in.

Pay off a $1200.00 costume bill.

Pay off another $1100.00 costume bill.

Pay all most all studio bills for the month, just have a few small ones left.

Have enough  left in studio savings to pay any residual bills that have not shown up and to pay theater and do May's payroll which will be due June 5th.

I will also have about $4000.00 left in studio savings to pay summer bills.

     It is a little disappointing as I wanted $6000.00 but I have to remember last year when I had nothing saved and huge CC bills.  It is so easy to plan in your head how you are going to get all this money and get out of debt so easily.  But the reality is a lot tougher.

     I also have about $1200.00 worth of bills in the next two months other than my normal bills plus I need to save for vacation.  Now where am I going to get $2700.00?  I have $500.00 right now in slush fund.  Ugh Lucy always has some kind of crisis.

     Even though the show just barely turned a profit I still gave $500.00 to the food bank.  They were grateful and the students were proud of them selves.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow, you had quite a day! But it's so nice of you to help your elderly friends and gave money to the food bank. You are such a blessing to people around you!

  2. Kim, is it awful that you had me laughing at all your showers??!! Really, what else could happen? But what a good friend you are to step in and help when it was so needed! Hope the pooch will be on the mend soon. I know the Food Bank is grateful, too. You are such an inspiration! Have a blessed day!


  3. Some days....shit just happens. 8-)
    Hang in there!!

  4. Lucy....those are the days you just say to yourself...I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.

  5. Really you should warn a girl first :) At least your hair is really clean

  6. Is it ok to laugh my ass off? At your expense? Sorry, I'll try to stop but the way you've written about your tales of woe just has me cracking up! Hopefully you've got all your shit looked after now and it'll be clear sailing the rest of the week! No more Lucy!