Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday, My piggy was full...

     The silver pig bank in my shop was too full!  I put all the $1 bills into that come form soda sales at the studio in this bank.  Well yesterday I could not get another bill forced into the bank.  So I emptied it and I had $77.00 in there!  I put 2 back and I went to the bank and then put $75.00 back in larger bills.  I think this will allow me to make it until Christmas.   It has taken me 5 months to get that much but I may have to empty her again.  Poor little piggy, Rich little Kim.

     I sewed hard yesterday, saw visions of me catching up.  But nothing doing, I took in a Brides dress, Mother of the bride and a big stack of alterations.  I am blessed.   I do want to get caught up before I leave to take care of grandson.  It will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?

     Taught a really good technique class last night, it was great not to work on choreography and rehearsal but to just pound out turns, jumps, and different steps.  I am looking forward to next year when I can really concentrate on technique 2 days a week.  I am changing the schedule to help with this dilemma.  I think the kids liked it also, but they will be sore!

     Out My Window:  I was able to get rid of the kids trampoline yesterday!  Hooray!  Now we won't have to move it to mow and the back yard will water more evenly.  It was practically new and the people were thrilled to get it.  Wish I could have sent it to Frugal and Thankful.  I picked up  9 eggs yesterday, so I do beleive that I did not collect then the day before.  Or I have really prolific chickens.

     Still going through money like a drunk on payday here.  But daughter went back up to college so things should slow down.  I feel like I sew hard and the money is gone!  I want some moolah for my pocket this weekend and I am having a hard time getting any put away.

     Really looking forward to the three day weekend, actually it is the start of my Summer, 2 more days and I am free.  I think I will write a song.

Sissie: I sent you a copy of the show, it should arrive 2 day air by Thursday so check the mail.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Good for you for stuffing that piggy full!

    Catching up? What is this odd term you speak of?

  2. That's awesome that the piggy had to be resized because it became full! And what a great idea to break the bill into larger ones, then put them back in the piggy bank.

  3. I hate it when you feel like a way station for the comes in one end and there it goes out the other end with barely any time in your hands!
    We both need to plug up that outgo hole, don't we?lol

    Genius idea changing the bills! My brain would have never come up with that one.... ;-)

  4. Im glad your little piggy was full :)

  5. I am sensing some optimism here Kim...full piggy bank, trampoline gone, summer vacay time almost here - I hope you have a fantastic weekend... and put that drunken sailor to bed why don't you!?