Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, Happy Mayday!

     My oh my it is May.  Remember delivering May baskets?  You would make a cone with paper put in a few lilacs and a few pieces of candy and then ring the bell and run.  If the person caught you they would kiss you!  No one does that any more.  I had my kids do it when they were little.  We always May Dayed the old folks apartments down the street.  It was a tradition the older ones remembered fondly and my kids liked the candy.  But they were little then.  I am waxing sentimental.

 Bridal wreath spirea,  that I planted 8 years ago to hide the ugly fence.  This is up the backyard off the fire pit and the wood pile.  One of many patios and sitting areas I built and now I can't even go out and clean or weed them.  But soon, very soon.

  Well still no pay check yesterday.  I called the main company office and the payroll clerk acted like it was no big deal.  I was very firm with him.  He told me all the checks were cut.  He would check with my boss (he doesn't have the check),he would check with the post office(what are they hiding the checks?)  Reissue the checks you nit wit.  If they show up later we will destroy or return them to you.  Good grief we have worked for this company for over 11 years do you think we are going to try and steal a double paycheck?  Not even an apology.  What a puke!

     So I paid all of last months bills and we are seriously going into this month with no money.  My accounts are so low it is scary.  We have to wait until the 10th for paychecks and oh yeah we may not get a cleaning check at the rate things are going.  But the 10th will pay the house payment so I guess it is up to me and the shop.  All living expenses, gas, groceries, etc. will have to come form the shop.  I also needed to make up at least $300.00 to fund a savings account.  I also realized I had not given my IRA any money last month.  So I will have to double that this month.  Crap! 

     Okay deep breath, you do not have credit card debt.  You are going to be able to pay all of the costume debt off.  You are not going backwards with this show.  It will be okay.  I have had 4 kids already sign up for the Celtic workshop and I need 20.  So 1/5 of the way there.  I am so relieved right now not to have a summer fun dance camp to worry about in June.  We would not have made any money on it and I would have had to be away from the shop.  If I am away from the shop, I want it to be profitable, or at least break even.

     I went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and I am scheduled for cataract surgery on July 11th and the 18th.  This is good, because our medical deductibles start over the first of July and all left over bills will be paid from the FSA account immediately.  I will have no residual bills.  Yippee!  I will also be able to see and not be constantly closing my right eye to gain depth perception.

     Well I have a couple of prom dresses waiting for me and some hems.  I also have to finish the Harlequin costumes by tomorrow if possible!  Nelly bar the door!

     Out My window:  Rainy, good that way I am not tempted to go out in the yard!  Flowering trees are so beautiful, the back yard is a jungle of green, pink, white and purple.  I love it!

     My House is a wreck!  I think I had better do a quick run through( at least the kitchen)

Have a great and productive day !  Hi, my sissie!



  1. Wow, your backyard is very impressive. I hadn't heard of that May Day tradition, but it sounds nice. Definitely wouldnt work nowadays with people's paranoia, but definitely something nice to have lived through. I hope you get your check soon... what a pain they are! Payroll is such a serious business (penalized by law when you mess up, even), that I can't imagine why they're being so lenient and uncaring!

  2. oh your backyard is beautiful!

  3. I miss the may pole! We used to do it at school in our fancy dresses and lots of ribbons. Sigh..kids today have no idea what they are missing

  4. I really hope you get paid very soon. It sucks when it happens! It's definitely your trial now that your credit card debt is gone. I know you can do it! Everything will be alright!

  5. Bridal wreath spirea - love it! Even without you back there weeding etc it still looks beautiful! I LOVE spring and MAY is my favorite month of the year :)
    DING DONG...was that your door bell??