Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, Life is a trifle unpleasant

     I am starting to see the pile of work go down maybe? When I am this busy I cannot spend money.  But I have not paid the end of the month bills because the cleaning check is 6 days late.  This is the second time in the last few months it has been late.  This never happened with the old manager.  This new one it has happened 3 times since Christmas.  Twice it was for several days.  I called him yesterday because this seems to be a habit.  He was rude and said he wished people would quit calling him.  Well you are in charge of payroll you idiot!  So this tells me he is not getting the payroll in on time.  It is not a crisis for me as this is a pat time job, but it is a crisis for many of the people I work with that rely on this just to put gas in their cars.  They are bouncing checks.  There is an entire undercurrent of our society that lives a very meager existence.  Many of then do contract janitorial.  I think the big companies ( and this is a huge company) take advantage of them and it irritates me.

     I would go ahead and just pay the bills but my house savings and EF are too low to make up the difference.  Hopefully when that check finally gets here and with the money I have taken in this week I will almost have enough to get it close to 1000.00 again.  Certainly by next week.

  ( two hour break inserted here)

     I finally faced the music and paid the bills, and I am able to put $448.00 back in the house account which is $997.00 short!  I was hoping when costume checks started rolling in I would have a small nest egg to add to my studio savings to get us through the summer, but right now with all the savings accounts that are so low and all the bills that are so high this might be a pipe dream.
    See what getting out of debt has done to me?  I can't even spend foolishly with out fussing about it.  I have to have these accounts with money to sleep well at night.  I dream about Dave Ramsey lecturing me.  He looms large with "Have you spent your emergency fund?".......... "yes but, but, but I paid off all my CC debt!"
"Too bad now look where you are?  No paycheck and you are wringing you hands! Do you like this feeling?"  "No Dave, No! I do not like this feeling"!  It then goes into a musical version of Green Egg and Ham.

    Here is praying to a good week in the shop.  My goal is to get at least the house account back to normal and then the E-Fund.

     Hubby has to drive this week again!  Crap, he always gets the rip on the car pool and never complains. It irritates me.  But he is afraid if they start haggling the pool will dissolve.

By the way this little saying that I put at the end of every one of my blog posts, I stole (yes stole) from my twiny twin sister.( she took my clean cheer uniform in 8th grade, so I considered this a fair steal)  She runs a company and always closes with this, I loved it, because it sums up our lives. Shanks shishie!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Poor Kim! It can be stressful, but you're doing pretty good. Just think if you didnt even have an EF to begin with. The check may be delayed (how irritating that is!), but you can brush it as an inconvenience vs an emergency/crisis situation. And that's good. Not great, but good.

    Maybe you should write that musical down! I am sure it's bound to become a funny stress reliever.

  2. "I can't even spend foolishly with out fussing about it." Where oh where pray tell is the foolish spending?? Cause I missed that part! I'm thinking your next production should be "Suessical the Musical"! Can't you just see the costumes???!!