Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, plugging along

     It is a beautiful spring day here and was over 90 degrees yesterday!  We about died at the studio.  We eventually acclimatize to the heat here, but we do it over a period of about 8 weeks.  We don't go from 60 to 92 in 24 hours.  But we are grateful for the warm weather.  Again remind me I said this in July when I am complaining about the heat.

     I was able to get all 10 footmen overlays done and get the pillows that hold the slippers shipped out to a grandma who is going to help.  So I will finish the hats this morning and that is off the list.  I also ordered huge clown scissors,(for a mouse act) and wigs for the step sisters ball gowns.  (too funny)  I still have no commercial and I had to reorder posters.  Advertising for this show has been a pain.  I need to check on bubble costumes that I ordered 6 weeks ago.  I also was able to get notes written to all the parents, so hopefully this will help.  But I am spending about $200.00 a day on last minute things and I just don't want to go over budget.  This will slow down as I am buying things for costumes that will be paid for eventually.
     I need to keep up in my shop also and I have had 7 hems come in and it is not even 10 a.m. Have I failed to mention I open at 10 a.m.  But a volunteer just called and is coming over to help.  Yeah.  Now I have to get organized.

     Out my Window:  My wisteria is blooming. I planted this how many years ago? Also to dwarf crab apple has spread it's bounty over the pond. So pretty!
                                           See how the blossoms completely cover the water?
                                                       Makes me wish I was a frog!

                                             If you look closely above the birdbath blossoms!

                                            The mess I have to clean up on the stone patio.
                                            I went into the mountains and found each of these pieces
                                            of shale myself, it is beautiful with mos between the stone
                                            when it isn't covered with crap!   

      So you can see how hard it is for me to ignore this and stay in the sewing dungeon!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. The heat will really get the green going. I love spring! I collect my own rocks too for flowerbeds and edging.
    Hope you get out of the dungeon to enjoy some of the day!

  2. Your garden area looks absolutely stunning!

  3. Would love to come sit in your garden and smell things.....

  4. I so want to grow wisteria at my house in PEI, I sure hope it's the right climate for it. There's something about it that makes me feel so nostalgic. Hang in there!