Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, time to face the music!

     Okay, so I have been on vacation and I have not been paying attention, much, because I did not want to.  It is the 9th and my desk is a wreck, I have no budget for April, I need to do a deposit, I have not paid a bill yet this month.  The shop is over whelmed with work and I have a huge show in about 5 weeks.  Valium now please.

     I just joined Sharon's challenge to eliminate clutter but I am sure she did not mean the clutter in my mind. So I guess I will need to get busy and start to eliminate this mind clutter, by doing something about it.  Dang that means I have to do something.  Can't someone else just do it for me?  Let me go shopping.  (Oops this was the old Kim).

     Okay the list for today:

1. Put laundry away! (Only 2 weeks worth come on, we are trading underwear around here)
2. Set up lunch with TV station for commercial
3. Call and see that poster was sent to printer.
4. Throw or get rid of 4 things for clutter challenge.
5. Clean desk and arrange bills
6. Make a bank deposit
7. Pay what bills I can   Very depressing results
8. Find soft shoe music to splice for this evenings last class.
9. Organize shop and get at least something done to day, at least $100.00 worth of product.
10. Clean the kitchen, take out meat for dinner
11. teach
12. clean bank
13.  Call to check schedule of professional instructor for Celtic workshop.
14. Put away all Easter decos and linens.  Okay I added these last two but they needed to be done!
15. Call pharmacy and get meds renewed.
16. return red box dvd
17. Get payroll done. 
 I will return and report what I have accomplished.

Out My Window:  It was 45 today when I woke up and house was at 69 without the furnace blowing.  I was a little warm last night when sleeping.  I think spring might be here.  But it is supposed to get cold again.  Please, please, please let it warm up so I can spend time in the yard!

     Okay, I am off to get something done.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Love seeing all those crossed off to do items. Good job!

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  3. Please come over and cross some things off my list for me, won't you? I just want to go back to

  4. You did really well. Nothing makes me happier than to scratch something, I mean scratch something off of my list.