Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, procrastination.....

     Okay as yesterday was the official last days to file taxes (mine were done months ago) I have to fill out the dreaded FAFSA.  I know I have been avoiding it, after this post I will clean up and my goal is to get it done this morning.  Pray for me.  Nothing makes me crazier than government forms.
     I just rec'd our internet bill and it has doubled!  Remember the fiasco last year when the phone company did not follow specific instructions and turned off the wrong phone line and them deleted our for life internet contract and then could not reinstate it?  Well I did get a $29.00 contract for a year.  It is up apparently so I called explained what had happened last year and said I needed it lowered and they said no.  I said I would be leaving.  So I was given to a retention specialist. This man tries to talk me into a new cell phone plan. NO.  Also did a great sell on Cable.  I DON"T WATCH TV!  He seemed to think I could record the shows and watch them at my convenience.  Yeah like when?  In the end I refused all offers and said I was leaving but thanks for his time.  He finally gave me a one year contract for $22.00 a month.  $7.00 cheaper than last year!  So see it pays to ask.

     I just rec'd an e-mail and the bed frame I special ordered for Hubby is done.  This will allow him to brace his foot or feet against the bottom, so he can keep his feet flexed at night allowing him to walk with less pain in the morning.  We have tried having him sleep against the wall, upside down, we have put braces on his feet.  All work a little but are very uncomfortable.  So our next solution was a custom made bed frame where the mattress fits snug against the bed.  We tried to buy one already made but could not find one tight enough.  I am excited and I hope this works.  Now I have to pay for it.  There went the money stashed away to replenish e-fund!  Okay, okay I am not charging it!  But I am beating myself up a little.

     Thanks for all the kind encouragement on the Card pay off.  You know for those of you just starting a debt recovery program, the first few months are easier.  Your cards are lined up, usually smallest to largest.  If you are like most people you have maxed the big ones and are trying hard not to over tax smaller cards.   Those small balances of $150.00 and $300.00 get paid off pretty quickly when you are intense.  But then the snowball  slows as you hit the bigger balances.  It takes longer and it gets old and hard and no fun.  I am now at the point that I will struggle every day not to re charge my card.  I will struggle every day to look at that $16,000.00 balance on one (yes one) of our vehicles.   This takes time.

     Out My Window:  Over cast and rainy.

     They just called to deliver the bed!  I will do pictures tomorrow!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Good for you for staying firm over the internet bill. I had the same problem last year and it took about three months of constant calls to win the battle, so you did great! ... Hope the new bed is just what your hubby needs! Looking forward to seeing it. BTW, I found the FAFSA a lot less complicated this year as opposed to my years past of filling it out. They seem to have streamlined it a bit and I didn't have to dig for nearly as much info. Hope you find it easier, too!


  2. If you kept a copy of last year's FAFSA you would be able to just plug in a few new numbers for this year and breeze through it.
    It's not a big deal Kim so don't sweat it this year.
    With my daughter leaving college for the comm. college program, we found out afterwards we didn't have to do a FAFSA for her for this Fall, but did it anyway....torturing ourselves for no reason...sigh.
    This year was the last one we ever have to do for oldest son as he'll be a senior in the Fall and done...yay! It's just a waiting game now to see if younger son will go the 4 yr. route when he is done with high school but we have a 1 year reprieve til we might have to do another FAFSA again. I'll enjoy it while I can!!!lol

    Hope the bed is the ticket to get him some relieve too.

  3. Nicely played with the Internet company:) We did it too at the beginning of the year and knocked off $10 a month and got a quicker Internet for a year.It's definitely worth to ask! And I agree that FAFSA can be a pain but it saved us thousands of dollars over the years that Hubby was in school.

  4. 6 more years of fasfa for me...sigh...and I have already been doing them for 6 years. I cant wait to see the bed pictures though, I am trying to picture it in my head.

    Yeah those smaller cards in the begining were so much easier but we will get through this and all of us will be debt free eventually!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont forget to post pics of the bed

  5. Good job on the internet bill! I dread having to talk to sales people. No means no, not maybe!