Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, Judy sent me her bug...

     Youngest daughter came down Tuesday from the college.  She just showed up in the shop about 2:30 and I took her into the doctor.  I was not feeling to great myself.  By yesterday I was beginning what ever crap she has.  I was in maintenance mode yesterday.  My shop is so busy.  All I did was sit at my machine and make myself produce.  I still have mountains of work.  The money is coming in left and right but I am kind of in a daze.  Cold Meds make me woozy. My goal today is to just get caught up!  That was the goal yesterday and it did not work.  But I did make progress.  10 of the Harlequin costumes are cut out, so that means I can assembly line them.  I also had a mom pick up the fabric for 8 villager skirts.  That will help. 

     We have a big rehearsal this Saturday and that will determine the list of to dos.  The commercial was finally approved late Tuesday and it is airing.  Oldest daughter is flying in to run the rehearsal with me as a consultant, as middle daughter is at a big conference in Phoenix and I need another pair of eyes familiar with putting on a production of this size.  She is very good.  She grew up dancing and in the theater, even put herself through law school teaching dance, so she will be a big help.  I also get to see my grandson!  Yippee!

     Out My Window:  Beautiful, but we have been have terrible thunder storms.  Everything is in bloom it is so pretty.

     I am going to clean up and get my butt down to my shop.  Hubby has one of the big bosses retiring tomorrow so I am going to drive 40 miles tomorrow afternoon to set up a retirement party for him.  Like I have time to do this.  Well off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Man oh man, are you a busy bee. Hope you're feeling better and that everything goes well. Try to have some fun at that retirement party (woo hoo?) and with the rehearsals!

  2. Oh my goodness...there was no one else who could set up that retirement party??? Sheesh woman, you're making me dizzy! How long til the show starts? Will that be it for awhile? I want you to take a LONG vacation!!

  3. hope you feel better soon kim, gosh you are a hard worker!

  4. I hope you feel better! i can't imagine you making 10 harlequin costumes when you are sick (I can't imagine ME making them when I feel perfectly healthy and have three assistants!). You work soooo hard!!!

  5. You're working yourself too hard! Feel better soon!! Hugs!!