Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, FAFSA Done!

     Woo Hoo!  The dreaded FAFSA is done! I did manage to get onto a site that was a paying site.  When I could not get it to go through I finally called and got this really nice young man.  Well the reason I could not get it done was that I had to pay him $79.00 to do it for me.  No wonder I could get nothing to pop up.  By this time most people are so frustrated they just pay it to have it done with.  But not me.  I got off and rebooted and still had to call the US government but I was able to pull our taxes automatically into the forms as they were processed.  It only took about 20 minutes. So why have I been dreading this?  I remember Mysti saying about a year ago how we put things off that often take only minutes and make ourselves crazy in the process.  I was so jacked about the FAFSA, that I pulled out the 30 (yes 30) DECA coats I had to replace the patches on and I did them in about 45 minutes.  I thought this would take hours.  Then I cut out the ten overlays for the  footmen and I have them pinned ready to assembly line.  So with all the customer stuff I did plus all the things that came in, I think I had a pretty good day.

  But I am just so glad the FAFSA is done!

I am off to cash some checks and get other patterns.  I don't like the footman hat I have and I want a redo.
I really want the footmen costumes and the Harlequin costumes done by next week.  It's possible , things are happening every day!



  1. Ugg I feel your pain! Had to do a FAFSA for 6 years and hated that thing!! Soooo helpful in the long run though :)

  2. Wow I didnt know people charge so much just to submit the FAFSA for you! And you sewed 30 coats in 45 minutes?? Wow u fast!!

  3. At the rate you're going you'll have those footmen done by the end of the weekend!! You are really on a roll Kim! Yay!