Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, what a day I had!

     My friend survived the surgery, which has a 30% mortality rate, so that is a blessing.  But I am telling you if I were a drinking girl, I would have had a beer in my hand instead of a diet coke at about 10:00 yesterday morning.

     I fell in the bath tub.  I cannot use my right wrist to push myself up any more as it is fused with arthritis.  So I use my forearm to help lift me out of the tub.  Well it slipped across some water and I fell backwards.  Since I was crouched down over my feet I took the weight of my body on my right ankle hyper extending it into a deep lunge.  Like my toes hit my shin.  I could feel the muscles or tendons shrieking in pain.  I then  pushed my self backward and landed on my right buttock.  It is a pretty shade of purple.  Also caught myself under my right arm with the tub edge.  So I am bruised, sore and limping into the eye doctor.  I have a severe cataract in my right eye.  It is fast growing and was not there at all last fall.  So now am being referred to a specialist. I am sure my insurance company will deny this as I am too young, but this was caused by you guessed it my new medication.  I find myself constantly closing my right eye.  My left is still 20/20.  The frustrating thing about this is that I just paid over $4000.00 for lasik surgery less than 3 years ago.  I was legally blind and I was not a good candidate for surgery, but I begged and now less than three years later I will have a new lens put in for almost nothing.  Yes I will get the insurance to pay.

     So I limped through the day, but so frustrating as I had so much to do.  I was up to the hospital twice yesterday.  I have a couple of dresses to do and about 10 pairs of pants to hem today.  The shop is still swamped but at least I can get to the point that I can get out of dodge to Spokane Friday morning.  I have an appointment with my arthritis specialist who is going to love the fact that in less than 3 months on this new medication I have a 2.6 cataract.One of the uncommon side affects is fast growing cataracts.  Yeah me!

     My ankle is still throbbing like it has a fever, but it is much better today!  I will go and check on my dear friend at about 1 today.  I also have to meet with the TV station before I go teach for a commercial for Cinderella.  The poster is beautiful.  I also have to get those out.  I will do that Sunday and pass to parents to help.

     It looks like I will just make my payments this month and be able to pay off that card, but it is like close.  Only $35.00 will be left in checking when it happens.
     Well I am off to hem six pairs of pants before 10 this morning, then I have several clients coming in that need things before Saturday.  I am blessed with work.

Out My Window:  It is getting warmer here.  Thanks goodness, not that I get to enjoy it, I am chained to a sewing machine!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. OMG Kim! What a day!

    Put your feet up tonight with a ice/hot whatever feels good pack, some pain killers and turn in early!

    Here's to better days ahead!!!

  2. oh dear kim! that slip in the bath sounds very painful! hope you are feeling a little better today

  3. Good grief! I'd be halfway inside a wine bottle by about I drink for you too!?lol

    Feel better.

  4. Oh, Kim, I am hurting just reading this! Bless your heart, I do hope you can rest tonight. So happy for your friend, though. I hope you both feel better soon :)


  5. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry!! How horrible...pain and then no eye sight to boot...

    I so hope you have a better weekend!! :)! {{hugs}}

  6. Just finished reading your blog entries from start to current. I hope you are in less pain this weekend and that your appt went well. You amaze and inspire me.

    Jean - MN

  7. I have to go lay down now, reading your post has worn me out. So glad there is treatment for cataracts nowadays. My gramma had them in both eyes and she was a crocheter so it was such a gift when she had them removed. DOES the medication that causes the cataracts help you in the way it is meant to? Because that is quite a trade-off Kim.

  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry to read this. No more baths, only showers for you! I hope your doctors can get this straightened out, and maybe a new medication? I will be thinking of you and praying for you!

  9. Wow you are super busy! Makes me tired just reading all that you have to do!

  10. You inspire me! I enjoy your blog & I admire you.

    Two Old English Sheepdogs & Their Mom