Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday, Ouch,but the bed is beautiful

     Well I asked this good friend of ours who makes and designs furniture to build us a bed frame.  He has made all the furniture for his own house and it is gorgeous. (I mean he has a wood shop that rivals that Yankee guy)   He was hesitant because he thought he was not good enough and he hasn't done work for others, but I was pretty desperate with hubby's ability to walk some mornings.  I was really expecting a pine frame.  The furniture in the master bedroom is cheap pine crap we picked up and finished ourselves. (I hate it), but that is beside the point.  So I just expected this boyscout bird house pine head and foot board.  This is what I received.

     It is so beautiful and matches nothing.  I absolutely love it.  It is made of pine and poplar.  Pine does not take stain well.  It also is not strong enough to make a bed frame out of, so the poplar is for strength.  This is an heirloom piece of furniture.  We are going to paint the two shelves on either side of the bed and also paint and stain the dressers to match.  He is going to build us new side tables to match.  We cannot get the side tables to match at all.  But this is down the road a piece as my grandfather would say.  Every piece of this was hand planned and milled by this man.  I am excited because it really is so nice and I have needed to do something with this rot gut furniture for a long time.  We bought is about 22 years ago and it was very cheap.  But I can make it look beautiful, you just wait and see.  The bed frame came in at $860.00 about $110.00 more than we had hoped, but it looks better than several of the $3000.00 frames we looked at and could not afford.  I am just so in awe of this man's talent and generosity.  Amazing.

     Now I am so broke!  I mean like scary broke.  So next Monday, I am going on a fiscal fast until I replace the remainder of the Efund, and house fund.  No extra money will go out.  Hubby does not drive next week so that will help.  It is also prom season here and that means more work in the shop and that will help.  I was able to pay for the bed with $600.00 out of my slush fund here at the house and then a check.  So I did not debt, but boy do I have to play catch up.  I probably would have been more prepared, but I had no idea when this would show up, I am just so happy.

     I have plenty to do today and have to teach later on.  I have a meeting tonight with my teachers to go over the show acts and to figure where we have to fill and splice music.  We will get the timing down to the second and send it to the sound guy (mixer) to have it put into a tract.  Need to get a hold of the TV station as I have seen no commercial specs.  Drat, one more thing.  Always something.  High school Deca just dropped off 30 blazers that need new pocket patches so I had better get busy.

     Out my window:  beautiful weather, chickens are laying well.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. What a beautiful piece of furniture! He truly is a talent.And I hope, it's more comfortable for your husband too.

  2. It's so nice! Hope your husband enjoys it. :-)

  3. that nbed is beautiful kim, and a real bargain at that price.

  4. Gorgeous - I love it! We're planning on getting our bed made in PEI - there's a guy who takes antique wooden doors, turns them sideways, runs rails between headboard and foot board and voila - instant bed - they are beautiful and each one is an original work of art. Yours turned out really well, that guy is obviously a craftsman! Well worth the cost and it'll last for years and years!

  5. What a beautiful bed!!! And the price is wonderful even without the extra value of the quality of life you will give your husband. Plus when you take the price of the bed and spread it over a year it is only 2.35 a night. And you know it is going to last so much longer than that!!!

    You will do it...believe in yourself

  6. That is so beautiful! I am very happy for you and I hope it helps hubby's legs feel better.

  7. It's gorgeous, Kim! $860? That's a steal for such a quality piece! Sure hope it does the trick for your husband, too.


  8. That is a great piece. The guy did an excellent job, and especially for that price. Funny that now you have to make everything match to it! And it is done by hand... outstanding work. Glad to hear you're happy with it!