Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday. Good news!

     Okay,  The cataract is not caused by my new medicine.  It was caused by a shots of steroids that were supposed to throw me into remission.   I have always avoided steroids but some time my blood work is so bad it reassembles a Hodgkin s patient then they make me get a shot.  I have had 2 massive doses in 2 years.   Hopefully I will not have another.  The reason for the rush was that I was the first patient they allowed to self inject and that was a worry.  I live so far away and they wanted me up there to make sure all was well.  Anyway my bruises are going away and my ankle is just a little sore when I use it just right.  I spent an additional 2 days with my middle daughter cleaning and setting up her apartment.  She just had a sofa delivered and her bedrooms had boxes all over.

     Now we moved her up in February remember?  She is still living in a mess, but she was waiting for her furniture.  Her dad just got the second bedroom set up to her last night.  I made her get rid of 2 large containers of clothes.  I had her go through everything.  Then I ironed and pressed curtains and linens.  She worked a free dental health day all day Saturday.  She stayed very late with two dentists to finish up when no one else did.  10 hours on your feet treating the poor and the indigent with out a lunch break, we got something to eat when she finally got home and she helped me put all the piles away.  She has two beautiful, bathrooms, two really nice queen size bedrooms.  She also has a spare bedroom with a futon.  She does her yoga in there. Her new sofa wraps around and can sleep at least 2 more people, so I can see bringing all the advanced dancers up to take classes from one of the Northwests top teachers and they have a place to stay.  This was one of the reasons she got a bigger apartment.  The cost was only about $75.00 and it is really quiet.

     I came home Sunday morning.  Made a nice dinner for hubby after church and then I crashed.  I have whipped through the upstairs and am on my second load of laundry.  I desperately need to pay bills and balance books.  I also have so much to do in the shop.  My dance kids need info sheets written out for each individual class. So I will add that to my schedule.  I am hoping when I get into the bills I can pay off my last CC  you will know by tomorrow.  Are you as excited as I am.  This task is quickly losing it's luster, as I have costumes coming in on a daily basis that will all be paid for in the next two months.   So there will be another balance, but the money will be in an account to pay is off immediate.  The idea is that. It will need to be paid off every month until it is no longer used.   I guess what I am saying is the CC debt is gone.  The bill was in the high 7000's and I am paying it to 0 for this period.

     What a relief.  But I sure have a lot of little bills that are piling up unexpectedly , so I must be diligent.  I need to pay back accounts and get the emergency fund mack where it needs to be.  I know that the cataract surgery will not be free so I need to start saving for that.  Money, money it is always something.

     Out My Window: Beautiful weather, but cold today.  Of course I am home to work in the yard.

Have a great and Productive day!



  1. I hope you feel better soon (actually I dont know how you dont feel so good but still get an amazing amount of stuff done!!). My sister was on Prednisone during her cancer treatment and there were so many side effects. Eekkk

  2. I am thrilled that the cataract isn't the doings of the new meds!
    Still a bother and will cost to take care of, but this means you are aok keeping with the new meds, right?
    That's the blessing in this.

  3. So happy for you that the CC will be gone!!!! Waiting on the official word! :)

  4. Yeah for the wonderful health news, & for the credit card payoff!!! How exciting!

  5. How long before you can have the cataract use your eyes so much for close work with the sewing, that must be difficult for you...your daughter`s apt. sounds so nice, lots of space and I laughed when I read your plans already to bring your advanced dancers there - the wheels are ALWAYS turning in your head :)