Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday, stock up!

     Well yesterday was very busy in the shop.  In fact people were lined up by 10 in the morning.  I had 3 prom dresses come in and 12 pairs of pants to be hemmed.  The things that are due out today are done.  I think hubby is going to drive up to daughter#2's with a bedroom set that has been in our garage.  But I will have to make all the calls and arrangements as he would not be able to figure it out.  Or I should say won't figure it out.  I have to teach a class today on replacing zippers so I can't go with him.  (darn with sarcasm)  Then I have several clients and a Wedding party due in the shop this afternoon, so again I can't go with him.  (Again darn).  I don't mind, it is just that it was sprung on me and as I have been gone for 6 days, people expect me here and I have made appointments.  I also agreed to teach this class weeks ago.

     We have many stock up sales here.  Butter is $1.69 a pound!.  Flour, $1.49 for 5 lbs. Limit 2 but I go back several times.  Mayo, oil and pasta are at all time lows.  Pasta is .75 cents a lb.  So I spent yesterday evening going from store to store stocking the shelves in the pantry and rotating the stock.  We had a great pasta and shrimp dish for dinner last night.  I do love cherry picking.  I just go to the store and buy what is on special, that is it.  This has really saved me over the years and I can't stress enough for those who want to save on groceries the need for making a menu of 15-20 dinners you like to eat.  Then list ingredients and see that they go on sale regularly.  Don't eat things on a regular basis that don't go on sale.  Now stock up. 

     We eat pasta in salads so much in the summer.  Mayo was $2.50 a jar, then you got back .50 if you bought 10 jars.  That means it was $2.00 a jar.  I will not buy mayo for several months.   This really works.  Get a basic pantry and then only buy the loss leaders.  (what the merchant is losing money on to get you to the store.)  Shrimp 45-60 count, uncooked was on sale for $3.99 a lb.  I buy the 2 lb. bags and just take out about 20 frozen shrimp.  This means for $8.00, I can usually get 5 really good meals.  Pasta a .75 a box, a little garlic, 1/2 an onion, olive oil, 1/2 a package of frozen peas. (.69) I have a very gourmet dinner.  Toss a salad ( I mean buy heads of lettuce and cut your own) toast some bread and it can be any kind, you are done.  Cook the pasta while you are assembling the sauce and in 20 minutes you are done!
     I dread the break being over.  Not that I have not worked, but I have not thought about the upcoming show much.  Every time I start to worry, I just tell myself, this is your break do not think about it now, and I don't.  But soon it will hit me and I will have to be an adult.  darn  Although I did order some costumes, yesterday and pulled the first proofs of the poster.

     Out My Window:  I hope to get some yard work done today, but it looks doubtful.  Weather is just not going to co-operate.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Nice stock up prices! We have butter for $1.67 this week but no good prices on flour. I did stock up on some canned stuff and got more cheese.

    1. I can't leave a comment again unless it is under someone-sorry Lena!
      I love stocking up when something goes on sale! We got a few free cabinets from a friend that was redoing her kitchen. We hung them in the laundry room and voila, I now have tons of space to store my finds!

  2. Those are some pretty incredible prices! I would go back a couple of times too!

  3. I love pasta salads in the summer. They are a staple at our house with grilling.

  4. The only productive thing about my Friday was that I read a whole book whilst lounging on the couch!!

  5. Some how I missed you on my blog list! change made :)