Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, Life is a trifle unpleasant

     I am starting to see the pile of work go down maybe? When I am this busy I cannot spend money.  But I have not paid the end of the month bills because the cleaning check is 6 days late.  This is the second time in the last few months it has been late.  This never happened with the old manager.  This new one it has happened 3 times since Christmas.  Twice it was for several days.  I called him yesterday because this seems to be a habit.  He was rude and said he wished people would quit calling him.  Well you are in charge of payroll you idiot!  So this tells me he is not getting the payroll in on time.  It is not a crisis for me as this is a pat time job, but it is a crisis for many of the people I work with that rely on this just to put gas in their cars.  They are bouncing checks.  There is an entire undercurrent of our society that lives a very meager existence.  Many of then do contract janitorial.  I think the big companies ( and this is a huge company) take advantage of them and it irritates me.

     I would go ahead and just pay the bills but my house savings and EF are too low to make up the difference.  Hopefully when that check finally gets here and with the money I have taken in this week I will almost have enough to get it close to 1000.00 again.  Certainly by next week.

  ( two hour break inserted here)

     I finally faced the music and paid the bills, and I am able to put $448.00 back in the house account which is $997.00 short!  I was hoping when costume checks started rolling in I would have a small nest egg to add to my studio savings to get us through the summer, but right now with all the savings accounts that are so low and all the bills that are so high this might be a pipe dream.
    See what getting out of debt has done to me?  I can't even spend foolishly with out fussing about it.  I have to have these accounts with money to sleep well at night.  I dream about Dave Ramsey lecturing me.  He looms large with "Have you spent your emergency fund?".......... "yes but, but, but I paid off all my CC debt!"
"Too bad now look where you are?  No paycheck and you are wringing you hands! Do you like this feeling?"  "No Dave, No! I do not like this feeling"!  It then goes into a musical version of Green Egg and Ham.

    Here is praying to a good week in the shop.  My goal is to get at least the house account back to normal and then the E-Fund.

     Hubby has to drive this week again!  Crap, he always gets the rip on the car pool and never complains. It irritates me.  But he is afraid if they start haggling the pool will dissolve.

By the way this little saying that I put at the end of every one of my blog posts, I stole (yes stole) from my twiny twin sister.( she took my clean cheer uniform in 8th grade, so I considered this a fair steal)  She runs a company and always closes with this, I loved it, because it sums up our lives. Shanks shishie!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, Judy sent me her bug...

     Youngest daughter came down Tuesday from the college.  She just showed up in the shop about 2:30 and I took her into the doctor.  I was not feeling to great myself.  By yesterday I was beginning what ever crap she has.  I was in maintenance mode yesterday.  My shop is so busy.  All I did was sit at my machine and make myself produce.  I still have mountains of work.  The money is coming in left and right but I am kind of in a daze.  Cold Meds make me woozy. My goal today is to just get caught up!  That was the goal yesterday and it did not work.  But I did make progress.  10 of the Harlequin costumes are cut out, so that means I can assembly line them.  I also had a mom pick up the fabric for 8 villager skirts.  That will help. 

     We have a big rehearsal this Saturday and that will determine the list of to dos.  The commercial was finally approved late Tuesday and it is airing.  Oldest daughter is flying in to run the rehearsal with me as a consultant, as middle daughter is at a big conference in Phoenix and I need another pair of eyes familiar with putting on a production of this size.  She is very good.  She grew up dancing and in the theater, even put herself through law school teaching dance, so she will be a big help.  I also get to see my grandson!  Yippee!

     Out My Window:  Beautiful, but we have been have terrible thunder storms.  Everything is in bloom it is so pretty.

     I am going to clean up and get my butt down to my shop.  Hubby has one of the big bosses retiring tomorrow so I am going to drive 40 miles tomorrow afternoon to set up a retirement party for him.  Like I have time to do this.  Well off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, plugging along

     It is a beautiful spring day here and was over 90 degrees yesterday!  We about died at the studio.  We eventually acclimatize to the heat here, but we do it over a period of about 8 weeks.  We don't go from 60 to 92 in 24 hours.  But we are grateful for the warm weather.  Again remind me I said this in July when I am complaining about the heat.

     I was able to get all 10 footmen overlays done and get the pillows that hold the slippers shipped out to a grandma who is going to help.  So I will finish the hats this morning and that is off the list.  I also ordered huge clown scissors,(for a mouse act) and wigs for the step sisters ball gowns.  (too funny)  I still have no commercial and I had to reorder posters.  Advertising for this show has been a pain.  I need to check on bubble costumes that I ordered 6 weeks ago.  I also was able to get notes written to all the parents, so hopefully this will help.  But I am spending about $200.00 a day on last minute things and I just don't want to go over budget.  This will slow down as I am buying things for costumes that will be paid for eventually.
     I need to keep up in my shop also and I have had 7 hems come in and it is not even 10 a.m. Have I failed to mention I open at 10 a.m.  But a volunteer just called and is coming over to help.  Yeah.  Now I have to get organized.

     Out my Window:  My wisteria is blooming. I planted this how many years ago? Also to dwarf crab apple has spread it's bounty over the pond. So pretty!
                                           See how the blossoms completely cover the water?
                                                       Makes me wish I was a frog!

                                             If you look closely above the birdbath blossoms!

                                            The mess I have to clean up on the stone patio.
                                            I went into the mountains and found each of these pieces
                                            of shale myself, it is beautiful with mos between the stone
                                            when it isn't covered with crap!   

      So you can see how hard it is for me to ignore this and stay in the sewing dungeon!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, I'm already frazzeled.

     My posts will be short and sweet for the next couple of weeks.  Just too much to do.  I have to be very careful with money also.  I have spent so much time traveling and that is expensive.  Our gas bill alone for last month is awful.  I also try to take only cash with me to spend so I am not going into debt, but that takes it tole.  I just have so much to do in the shop and costumes coming out my ears.   I also have to create a paper for each student that outlines their charges for costumes and what acts the have to rehearse.  Some students have three costumes and are in all three acts.  Parents are starting to pay costume fees incorrectly and then they argue that they paid.  Yes but your child takes two subjects there for had two costumes.  Every year the same old crap.  I try hard to reuse and pull from our stock, but that is also hard on me and I don't get compensated for this.  I find it easier to just order new and have them pay for them.  I also try so hard to keep costs down at my expense and parents do not appreciate it, okay I am getting grouchy and I have three more weeks left of this.  I need to be positive.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful yesterday.  I walked a 5 mile loop with daughter.  So nice.  Lilacs are blooming. The dogwoods are ready to burst.

     Well off  to the salt mines!  I can't even think of what I have to do, too overwhelming....  This to shall pass.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, FAFSA Done!

     Woo Hoo!  The dreaded FAFSA is done! I did manage to get onto a site that was a paying site.  When I could not get it to go through I finally called and got this really nice young man.  Well the reason I could not get it done was that I had to pay him $79.00 to do it for me.  No wonder I could get nothing to pop up.  By this time most people are so frustrated they just pay it to have it done with.  But not me.  I got off and rebooted and still had to call the US government but I was able to pull our taxes automatically into the forms as they were processed.  It only took about 20 minutes. So why have I been dreading this?  I remember Mysti saying about a year ago how we put things off that often take only minutes and make ourselves crazy in the process.  I was so jacked about the FAFSA, that I pulled out the 30 (yes 30) DECA coats I had to replace the patches on and I did them in about 45 minutes.  I thought this would take hours.  Then I cut out the ten overlays for the  footmen and I have them pinned ready to assembly line.  So with all the customer stuff I did plus all the things that came in, I think I had a pretty good day.

  But I am just so glad the FAFSA is done!

I am off to cash some checks and get other patterns.  I don't like the footman hat I have and I want a redo.
I really want the footmen costumes and the Harlequin costumes done by next week.  It's possible , things are happening every day!


Friday, I stayed up way too late.

     Well we were able to splice together all of our music and get the cuts written in, but we were up until 3 and I am feeling it.  Getting to old to keep up with the younger set.  I hate to admit it but I still have not done the FAFSA.  Will try to do it today.  I have everything ready right here on the computer desk.  Tax files, codes. passwords.  I just keep putting it off.  I also need to make a master to do list for the upcoming show and I do not want to do that either.  I know how long it will be and I am scared!

     It is Mom's weekend at the U of I and I am going up tonight to sleep at B's and then we have activities tomorrow.  We were asked to bring the sorority a gift and I am taking up a 48 pack of individual toilet papers and a large 18 pack of thick paper towels.  I mean every one needs these things.  I am practical.  B will probably die of embarrassment.  Oh well won't be the first time.

     I would really like to get some yard work done tomorrow evening if I can get back in time.  But I fear that the yard will just have to stay until the middle of May after the show.  Then I will hit it full out.

    We are taking an older couple out to prime rib tonight for our anniversary dinner.  We took this couple out a couple of months ago for their 50th and the restaurant had run out of prime rib.  So we are going in an hour earlier.  I have restaurant cards to pay for this so nothing out of pocket.

     We need to be very careful with money the rest of the month.  I really do not like the schedule I have right now to pay the bills.  The first checks of the month which arrive around the 10th and the 13th pay the house payment.  The last 2 checks will arrive on the 25th and the 26th.  So no bills can be paid besides the house payment.  I would rather pay the house with the end of the month checks.  I  just feel safer doing this, but I flipped it to get the CC paid off.  Now I don't know how to get that cycle back.  I suppose I could do it by saving $1400.00 but that is a pipe dream, I still have $1600.00 to bring my accounts back to where I am comfortable.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and have $3000.00 appear.  Any ideas?

     Kim loves to dream.  I think it is the time my head has been in the Cinderella story.  A dream is a wish your heart makes.  I wish to be out of debt!  I am getting there.

Out My Window:  Cooler today, but I am in capris so it is a sign of spring!

     I am going to sit and do the FAFSA and then hit the shop full force.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday, Ouch,but the bed is beautiful

     Well I asked this good friend of ours who makes and designs furniture to build us a bed frame.  He has made all the furniture for his own house and it is gorgeous. (I mean he has a wood shop that rivals that Yankee guy)   He was hesitant because he thought he was not good enough and he hasn't done work for others, but I was pretty desperate with hubby's ability to walk some mornings.  I was really expecting a pine frame.  The furniture in the master bedroom is cheap pine crap we picked up and finished ourselves. (I hate it), but that is beside the point.  So I just expected this boyscout bird house pine head and foot board.  This is what I received.

     It is so beautiful and matches nothing.  I absolutely love it.  It is made of pine and poplar.  Pine does not take stain well.  It also is not strong enough to make a bed frame out of, so the poplar is for strength.  This is an heirloom piece of furniture.  We are going to paint the two shelves on either side of the bed and also paint and stain the dressers to match.  He is going to build us new side tables to match.  We cannot get the side tables to match at all.  But this is down the road a piece as my grandfather would say.  Every piece of this was hand planned and milled by this man.  I am excited because it really is so nice and I have needed to do something with this rot gut furniture for a long time.  We bought is about 22 years ago and it was very cheap.  But I can make it look beautiful, you just wait and see.  The bed frame came in at $860.00 about $110.00 more than we had hoped, but it looks better than several of the $3000.00 frames we looked at and could not afford.  I am just so in awe of this man's talent and generosity.  Amazing.

     Now I am so broke!  I mean like scary broke.  So next Monday, I am going on a fiscal fast until I replace the remainder of the Efund, and house fund.  No extra money will go out.  Hubby does not drive next week so that will help.  It is also prom season here and that means more work in the shop and that will help.  I was able to pay for the bed with $600.00 out of my slush fund here at the house and then a check.  So I did not debt, but boy do I have to play catch up.  I probably would have been more prepared, but I had no idea when this would show up, I am just so happy.

     I have plenty to do today and have to teach later on.  I have a meeting tonight with my teachers to go over the show acts and to figure where we have to fill and splice music.  We will get the timing down to the second and send it to the sound guy (mixer) to have it put into a tract.  Need to get a hold of the TV station as I have seen no commercial specs.  Drat, one more thing.  Always something.  High school Deca just dropped off 30 blazers that need new pocket patches so I had better get busy.

     Out my window:  beautiful weather, chickens are laying well.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, procrastination.....

     Okay as yesterday was the official last days to file taxes (mine were done months ago) I have to fill out the dreaded FAFSA.  I know I have been avoiding it, after this post I will clean up and my goal is to get it done this morning.  Pray for me.  Nothing makes me crazier than government forms.
     I just rec'd our internet bill and it has doubled!  Remember the fiasco last year when the phone company did not follow specific instructions and turned off the wrong phone line and them deleted our for life internet contract and then could not reinstate it?  Well I did get a $29.00 contract for a year.  It is up apparently so I called explained what had happened last year and said I needed it lowered and they said no.  I said I would be leaving.  So I was given to a retention specialist. This man tries to talk me into a new cell phone plan. NO.  Also did a great sell on Cable.  I DON"T WATCH TV!  He seemed to think I could record the shows and watch them at my convenience.  Yeah like when?  In the end I refused all offers and said I was leaving but thanks for his time.  He finally gave me a one year contract for $22.00 a month.  $7.00 cheaper than last year!  So see it pays to ask.

     I just rec'd an e-mail and the bed frame I special ordered for Hubby is done.  This will allow him to brace his foot or feet against the bottom, so he can keep his feet flexed at night allowing him to walk with less pain in the morning.  We have tried having him sleep against the wall, upside down, we have put braces on his feet.  All work a little but are very uncomfortable.  So our next solution was a custom made bed frame where the mattress fits snug against the bed.  We tried to buy one already made but could not find one tight enough.  I am excited and I hope this works.  Now I have to pay for it.  There went the money stashed away to replenish e-fund!  Okay, okay I am not charging it!  But I am beating myself up a little.

     Thanks for all the kind encouragement on the Card pay off.  You know for those of you just starting a debt recovery program, the first few months are easier.  Your cards are lined up, usually smallest to largest.  If you are like most people you have maxed the big ones and are trying hard not to over tax smaller cards.   Those small balances of $150.00 and $300.00 get paid off pretty quickly when you are intense.  But then the snowball  slows as you hit the bigger balances.  It takes longer and it gets old and hard and no fun.  I am now at the point that I will struggle every day not to re charge my card.  I will struggle every day to look at that $16,000.00 balance on one (yes one) of our vehicles.   This takes time.

     Out My Window:  Over cast and rainy.

     They just called to deliver the bed!  I will do pictures tomorrow!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, I did it!

     I paid off the last Credit Card.  Now I just have to be able to pay the balance in full every month while costume charges are coming in.  This should not be a problem, as I have money set aside for costumes, and I put all costume money in a separate account; so it is available for pay off when the bill comes in.  I was lumping all the money together last year and then there was never enough let to pay off the charges, but not any more.
     This has been so hard but I finally did it.  Now I just have to keep my head above water and get through the summer without debt.  Our emergency fund is down because of the tires( sore subject and some medical supplies)  I have been so engrossed in the card payoff that I was short for prescriptions and so I took from the emergency fund.  I know a little impatient, but I have almost enough in my slush fund to refund that account.  I also will get reimbursed by the fire department for the Celtic show and that should bring my house payment account back to where I am comfortable.

     But I am also so scared.  DO you know how many times I have been here and fallen off the wagon?

     By the way speaking of wagons JUDY is back and I am so happy.  I loved her blog and missed her dreadfully.  So it is like a Christmas present.

     I am not going to stress about large debt pay off any more until next September.  I still have the two notes one on the car and one on the truck (which is x-fer debt for the studio).  My pan is to still pay off the truck loan by next Christmas. Right now I have a very expensive major recital to get through and pay for in full.  Any money left over and yes there should be a couple thousand I will save and put toward summer bills.   I do not have anything saved for our vacation in July and I will need at least $1500 for that.  Now the old me would have taken that extra money put it on the truck and then debted all summer.  I would have justified it and spent much more foolishly as I would have felt sorry for myself.  But now it is slow and steady.  I have a many, many smaller debts concerning this show and the studio summer bills.  I always under estimate them, but not this year.  I will pay the regular truck payment for the next 4 months and then attack it full force next fall.  If all goes well I will owe about 14,000.00 on that and I will add anything extra plus the regular payment.  It will still be a stretch.  A doable stretch.

     It is so easy to make plans on paper, that are just not doable. But I am getting better at seeing my folly.  Money is so easy to spend.

     So my new goal is to fully fund the EFUND again hopefully by the end of the week or the first part of next week.  Then the house fund.  It just never ends.  I really like Carla's blog she seems to be so ahead of the game and then she has to stop regroup and start over.  It makes me feel like I am not alone in this world of fluctuating finances.

     Out My Window: It is a beautiful day, but alas I am stuck at the machine.  Everything is so green.  Almost a blinding green.

Thanks for all the support, I cannot do this without you.
     Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday. Good news!

     Okay,  The cataract is not caused by my new medicine.  It was caused by a shots of steroids that were supposed to throw me into remission.   I have always avoided steroids but some time my blood work is so bad it reassembles a Hodgkin s patient then they make me get a shot.  I have had 2 massive doses in 2 years.   Hopefully I will not have another.  The reason for the rush was that I was the first patient they allowed to self inject and that was a worry.  I live so far away and they wanted me up there to make sure all was well.  Anyway my bruises are going away and my ankle is just a little sore when I use it just right.  I spent an additional 2 days with my middle daughter cleaning and setting up her apartment.  She just had a sofa delivered and her bedrooms had boxes all over.

     Now we moved her up in February remember?  She is still living in a mess, but she was waiting for her furniture.  Her dad just got the second bedroom set up to her last night.  I made her get rid of 2 large containers of clothes.  I had her go through everything.  Then I ironed and pressed curtains and linens.  She worked a free dental health day all day Saturday.  She stayed very late with two dentists to finish up when no one else did.  10 hours on your feet treating the poor and the indigent with out a lunch break, we got something to eat when she finally got home and she helped me put all the piles away.  She has two beautiful, bathrooms, two really nice queen size bedrooms.  She also has a spare bedroom with a futon.  She does her yoga in there. Her new sofa wraps around and can sleep at least 2 more people, so I can see bringing all the advanced dancers up to take classes from one of the Northwests top teachers and they have a place to stay.  This was one of the reasons she got a bigger apartment.  The cost was only about $75.00 and it is really quiet.

     I came home Sunday morning.  Made a nice dinner for hubby after church and then I crashed.  I have whipped through the upstairs and am on my second load of laundry.  I desperately need to pay bills and balance books.  I also have so much to do in the shop.  My dance kids need info sheets written out for each individual class. So I will add that to my schedule.  I am hoping when I get into the bills I can pay off my last CC  you will know by tomorrow.  Are you as excited as I am.  This task is quickly losing it's luster, as I have costumes coming in on a daily basis that will all be paid for in the next two months.   So there will be another balance, but the money will be in an account to pay is off immediate.  The idea is that. It will need to be paid off every month until it is no longer used.   I guess what I am saying is the CC debt is gone.  The bill was in the high 7000's and I am paying it to 0 for this period.

     What a relief.  But I sure have a lot of little bills that are piling up unexpectedly , so I must be diligent.  I need to pay back accounts and get the emergency fund mack where it needs to be.  I know that the cataract surgery will not be free so I need to start saving for that.  Money, money it is always something.

     Out My Window: Beautiful weather, but cold today.  Of course I am home to work in the yard.

Have a great and Productive day!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, what a day I had!

     My friend survived the surgery, which has a 30% mortality rate, so that is a blessing.  But I am telling you if I were a drinking girl, I would have had a beer in my hand instead of a diet coke at about 10:00 yesterday morning.

     I fell in the bath tub.  I cannot use my right wrist to push myself up any more as it is fused with arthritis.  So I use my forearm to help lift me out of the tub.  Well it slipped across some water and I fell backwards.  Since I was crouched down over my feet I took the weight of my body on my right ankle hyper extending it into a deep lunge.  Like my toes hit my shin.  I could feel the muscles or tendons shrieking in pain.  I then  pushed my self backward and landed on my right buttock.  It is a pretty shade of purple.  Also caught myself under my right arm with the tub edge.  So I am bruised, sore and limping into the eye doctor.  I have a severe cataract in my right eye.  It is fast growing and was not there at all last fall.  So now am being referred to a specialist. I am sure my insurance company will deny this as I am too young, but this was caused by you guessed it my new medication.  I find myself constantly closing my right eye.  My left is still 20/20.  The frustrating thing about this is that I just paid over $4000.00 for lasik surgery less than 3 years ago.  I was legally blind and I was not a good candidate for surgery, but I begged and now less than three years later I will have a new lens put in for almost nothing.  Yes I will get the insurance to pay.

     So I limped through the day, but so frustrating as I had so much to do.  I was up to the hospital twice yesterday.  I have a couple of dresses to do and about 10 pairs of pants to hem today.  The shop is still swamped but at least I can get to the point that I can get out of dodge to Spokane Friday morning.  I have an appointment with my arthritis specialist who is going to love the fact that in less than 3 months on this new medication I have a 2.6 cataract.One of the uncommon side affects is fast growing cataracts.  Yeah me!

     My ankle is still throbbing like it has a fever, but it is much better today!  I will go and check on my dear friend at about 1 today.  I also have to meet with the TV station before I go teach for a commercial for Cinderella.  The poster is beautiful.  I also have to get those out.  I will do that Sunday and pass to parents to help.

     It looks like I will just make my payments this month and be able to pay off that card, but it is like close.  Only $35.00 will be left in checking when it happens.
     Well I am off to hem six pairs of pants before 10 this morning, then I have several clients coming in that need things before Saturday.  I am blessed with work.

Out My Window:  It is getting warmer here.  Thanks goodness, not that I get to enjoy it, I am chained to a sewing machine!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday, too much happening

     One of my good friends fell last week and we just found out she has a broken hip.  Now she is 82 so this is really scary.  I do not think she will survive the surgery.  I will go and sit with her husband while she is in surgery just in case, as I don't want him alone.

     I have an eye doctor appointment today, to check on the cataract that is bothering me in my right eye.  This is caused by medication.  Then I have to race home to a prom dress fitting at 10:00.   I have another final fitting at 1:15 (I have not started the alteration)  Then onto the hospital where I hope things go well and another fitting at 3:15.  The shop is so full and I have way too much to do!  Oh also some Army uniform patches to get on before one today.  Can anything else happen between now and the time I go teach?

     I like to stay busy but this is ridiculous.  On a better note.  I was able to get much of the choreography done for 2 numbers last night and costumes figured out.  I really have to start doing costumes but I am so busy.

     Oh and today is my 33rd Wedding Anniversary!  Hubby left me a card, flowers and a large box of Chocolates.  I have no idea what to do for him.  Don't have time to make him dinner. mmmmm I do have that mink coat......

     I have not checked to see how much tuition came in last night, but will try to get that done some time in the next little while.  Just add it to the list.

     I really don't like days like this, throw a doctor appointment and a sick friend into the mix and my life falls apart.  Not to mention I really should care about this anniversary.  I am so bad.

Okay I am off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day, pray for my lovely friend.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday, Back to normal

     Well I did get that big list done, but here it is the 10th and I still have not received 1/2 of my tuition, which I knew was going to happen.  Today is my biggest enrollment day so we will see.  But it is hard to pay bills when you have no money.  I am very short of money this month anyway.  I did the budget and it is not pretty.  So what am I going to do about it?  I can complain all I want but it doesn't change things.

     I have a set of silverware that I purchased while I was out with daughter #2 a few weeks ago.  I have a really heavy set of 18/10 that I bought last fall.  Well you know how silverware disappears.    So I thought it has been 8 months and already I am down silver with no kids at home.  I am going to buy another set to keep in the china hutch and add to the originals as pieces go missing.  Well after 3 weeks the box is still in shop and I was able to count all the silver at Easter and one fork is missing.  One salad fork not half the set. I am sure it will turn up under the sofa or in one of the kids silverware drawers.  I will check when I visit.  But what really ticks me off is that I was scheduled to pay for this in April as I had used all these coupons and discounts  So I have $89.00 in Aprils budget.  Well the bill was $149.00. Macy's is at it again.  Remember Christmas?  I did not go to the till my daughter did, she obviously did not watch them.  Well  do I really need this silver?  NO!  I am mad that I fell into the consumer trap.  Back it will go today and I just shaved about $90.00 off my budget. Jerks, crooked, baiting jerks. (stupid naive consumer Kim), 

     I have many costume charges that I need to pay off, but I just need to slow down and realize I won't get these until next month and to not panic and think that I have to use this months money to clear those accounts.  I charge the parents for the interest so these will be  paid.  But I want to see a clean slate.  See how impatient I am?

     Although this will not be a no spend month I will have to really, really watch my pennies if I am going to pay off that last CC.  I am just so broke.  Last month with tax returns, extra paychecks, I felt flush.  But this month back to normal.  I like to feel rich!

     Also I have had travel expenses that I will not have this month so that should help some.  Hubby does not drive this week and both vehicles are full of gas that also helps my mood as I am not shelling out over $100.00 a week for gas!
    Out My Window:  Warmer yesterday, but cooler today.  I still think spring is coming.

     Well I have a couple of really hard dress alterations in the shop so I had better get going. The money will  also be nice.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, time to face the music!

     Okay, so I have been on vacation and I have not been paying attention, much, because I did not want to.  It is the 9th and my desk is a wreck, I have no budget for April, I need to do a deposit, I have not paid a bill yet this month.  The shop is over whelmed with work and I have a huge show in about 5 weeks.  Valium now please.

     I just joined Sharon's challenge to eliminate clutter but I am sure she did not mean the clutter in my mind. So I guess I will need to get busy and start to eliminate this mind clutter, by doing something about it.  Dang that means I have to do something.  Can't someone else just do it for me?  Let me go shopping.  (Oops this was the old Kim).

     Okay the list for today:

1. Put laundry away! (Only 2 weeks worth come on, we are trading underwear around here)
2. Set up lunch with TV station for commercial
3. Call and see that poster was sent to printer.
4. Throw or get rid of 4 things for clutter challenge.
5. Clean desk and arrange bills
6. Make a bank deposit
7. Pay what bills I can   Very depressing results
8. Find soft shoe music to splice for this evenings last class.
9. Organize shop and get at least something done to day, at least $100.00 worth of product.
10. Clean the kitchen, take out meat for dinner
11. teach
12. clean bank
13.  Call to check schedule of professional instructor for Celtic workshop.
14. Put away all Easter decos and linens.  Okay I added these last two but they needed to be done!
15. Call pharmacy and get meds renewed.
16. return red box dvd
17. Get payroll done. 
 I will return and report what I have accomplished.

Out My Window:  It was 45 today when I woke up and house was at 69 without the furnace blowing.  I was a little warm last night when sleeping.  I think spring might be here.  But it is supposed to get cold again.  Please, please, please let it warm up so I can spend time in the yard!

     Okay, I am off to get something done.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, He is Risen!

     Easter Sunday, what a wonderful day to stop and contemplate all we have been given. I am teaching a class today at church on the immortality of the soul.  Ties right in with Easter.  When you know that you are immortal, when you really know, you will live differently.  You will live a better life, be more giving, kinder, know that there is something greater that yourself and also most importantly you will be grateful.

     I made a coconut cake yesterday with that 7 minute frosting.  Well it was 27 minute frosting and at this time is running all over the fridge.  Don't know what I did wrong.  I can push the frosting back up.  It is like glue, but I can't get it to stay.  What a mess, we will eat if anyway.  I also cut out a really cute dress out of a heavy white embroidered fabric with a thin acetate lining for my daughter.  We found some cute embroidered white flats for $14.99 and matched the dress to those.  Fabric was about $14.00 also.  It is darling and went together in about 1.5 hours.  She needs this for an initiation.  I asked her what the others were doing, as we had looked every where for a dress.  She said buying on line.  I am so grateful I can sew.  We spent less time sewing dress than we did shopping.

     I also made three Easter baskets last night, but I have a ton of candy left over, so I will take it to the home where we are having dinner today.  I will also take my runny cake :) home made rolls and asparagus. I have a triple batch of rolls rising right now.  I always make orange rolls every Easter and Christmas morning.  I will go up and punch down the dough in a minute and put some in the fridge for later!

     Daughter and I went to the "Hunger Games" last night for my belated birthday. She also bought me a beautiful Easter Lily. I thought they stuck pretty close to the book, but the movie was extremely jumpy and made me nauseous.  Like the man running the boom was panning too fast.  I am sure it will not win any awards for film making.  I am surprised the edited it this way.   Loved the costumes, I thought they were very well done.

   Out My Window:  Hubby turned over a good part of the garden yesterday, and did some clean up in the yard.  Chickens were out all day, but the still go back in the coop to lay their eggs.

     Have a restful and Peaceful Easter!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday, stock up!

     Well yesterday was very busy in the shop.  In fact people were lined up by 10 in the morning.  I had 3 prom dresses come in and 12 pairs of pants to be hemmed.  The things that are due out today are done.  I think hubby is going to drive up to daughter#2's with a bedroom set that has been in our garage.  But I will have to make all the calls and arrangements as he would not be able to figure it out.  Or I should say won't figure it out.  I have to teach a class today on replacing zippers so I can't go with him.  (darn with sarcasm)  Then I have several clients and a Wedding party due in the shop this afternoon, so again I can't go with him.  (Again darn).  I don't mind, it is just that it was sprung on me and as I have been gone for 6 days, people expect me here and I have made appointments.  I also agreed to teach this class weeks ago.

     We have many stock up sales here.  Butter is $1.69 a pound!.  Flour, $1.49 for 5 lbs. Limit 2 but I go back several times.  Mayo, oil and pasta are at all time lows.  Pasta is .75 cents a lb.  So I spent yesterday evening going from store to store stocking the shelves in the pantry and rotating the stock.  We had a great pasta and shrimp dish for dinner last night.  I do love cherry picking.  I just go to the store and buy what is on special, that is it.  This has really saved me over the years and I can't stress enough for those who want to save on groceries the need for making a menu of 15-20 dinners you like to eat.  Then list ingredients and see that they go on sale regularly.  Don't eat things on a regular basis that don't go on sale.  Now stock up. 

     We eat pasta in salads so much in the summer.  Mayo was $2.50 a jar, then you got back .50 if you bought 10 jars.  That means it was $2.00 a jar.  I will not buy mayo for several months.   This really works.  Get a basic pantry and then only buy the loss leaders.  (what the merchant is losing money on to get you to the store.)  Shrimp 45-60 count, uncooked was on sale for $3.99 a lb.  I buy the 2 lb. bags and just take out about 20 frozen shrimp.  This means for $8.00, I can usually get 5 really good meals.  Pasta a .75 a box, a little garlic, 1/2 an onion, olive oil, 1/2 a package of frozen peas. (.69) I have a very gourmet dinner.  Toss a salad ( I mean buy heads of lettuce and cut your own) toast some bread and it can be any kind, you are done.  Cook the pasta while you are assembling the sauce and in 20 minutes you are done!
     I dread the break being over.  Not that I have not worked, but I have not thought about the upcoming show much.  Every time I start to worry, I just tell myself, this is your break do not think about it now, and I don't.  But soon it will hit me and I will have to be an adult.  darn  Although I did order some costumes, yesterday and pulled the first proofs of the poster.

     Out My Window:  I hope to get some yard work done today, but it looks doubtful.  Weather is just not going to co-operate.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday, simple pleasures

     I got up early this morning.  I have been sleeping later with the time change.  But this morning I was up at 7 o'clock, which I love.  I will have to start working at least 1-2 hours in the yard soon and this gives me time to get cleaned up and into the shop.  I took a long HOT bath this morning.  In my own tub, where I know just how much hot water I need and just how deep I want it.  I soaked for about 20 minutes, it was so lovely.  It is one of those simple pleasures we take for granted. I also put on a long sleeve cotton blouse instead of a turtle neck and polar fleece vest.  I don't know if I will make it through the day, but it was the first day I was warm enough to feel like I could do this.  I long for warmer weather.  Remind me I wrote this when I am complaining about the 100 plus degree heat this summer.

     I just put in my second load of laundry and I have two more to do.  Hubby had a full basket and I had a couple of loads.  We went out a purchased lunch meat and milk and Easter candy.  Even he was shocked at the prices of food.  But there is only the two of us most of the time.  I don't feel that groceries are an issue.  I sure feel sorry for people with large families if they have a tight budget.  Flour and sugar and oil and butter are on sale, so I will stock up this week.
     Lena  (Frugal and Thankful) was posting about the over abundance of Easter (crap) available and how her little boy was really noticing this ridiculous phenomenon we call American consumerism.  Now I do make Easter baskets and I have to admit I was one to go over board on things.  I do love chocolate.  But I am really cutting back this year just like I did at Christmas.  I don't think any one will complain.  I have kept the kids baskets just like their stockings.  I give them up when they get married.  So I do not buy baskets every year.  I also pick up that grass(I hate) when it is 10 cents after Easter!  I have enough for about 5 more holidays.  We don't hunt eggs anymore, but I remember some really special Easter's hunting eggs as a child with my brothers and sisters.

     I just realized that yes, it is April and yes. today is the 5th and I have bills due!  See if you go on vacation at the end of March the calender just stays there while you are gone.  Bet you guys didn't know that.  So this means I have to pay attention to the desk.  Blah!   I also have to do a budget for April.  Blah, Blah!!  I think I will go make Easter cupcakes.......(for my husbands office).

     Shop is going to be storming busy today, by 10 a.m. which is in 30 minutes I think I will have a line of people at the door.  Good I need the work!  But I have to straighten it and put all the machines back where they belong.  I have a serger that has gone defunct and I cannot fix it.  It is at least 8 years old and  is my oldest machine so I am going to put it to rest. 

     Out My Window:  Sunny, but cool.  Chickens were happy to see me.  My husband says they are chickens and are happy to see anyone with food.  But I truly beleive they love me and think I am beautiful.  The sprinkler men were here to turn on the system.  Another bill!

    Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, My Blogversary! Yeah!

     Well I am back from sewing purgatory and today is my first anniversary of my blog.   A year ago today I put it all out on the net and it has made a real difference in my attitude and my finances.  I really needed to be  accountable to others for my financial habits.  Rhitter, Mysti, Jane, Little Lamb, Sharon, Sarah, and Jenn, Mrs M. Carla, Tanner, Rafiki, Melissa and many many others all I can say is a big old thank you.  I am 1066.00 from becoming cc debt free and I can hardly wait.

     I was able to see my grandson and he is just the cutest baby.  His other grandma lives with him and we were having a conversation about how smart he was.  She said she thought he would skip reading all together and go right onto engineering, I thought he was a baby Mozart.  My daughter over heard the conversation and told us he was a 13 month old little boy and to knock it off.  She ruins all our fun.  But he really is musical and repeats any tune you whistle or hum.  He goes around the house hooting scales and different rhythms.  My kids all talked early but this was different.  It was fun to be with him.

     I drove 4 hours to pick up my Mother then it took 7.5 hours to get to Twinfalls.  It rained most of the way there but what beautiful Mountains.  Mt. Borah is so pretty.  You spend about 4 hours of the 6 hours surrounded be the most beautiful snow covered mountain ranges.  Just like driving in a post card.

     I was able to sew 3 of the ugliest bridesmaid dresses ever!  You know those eighties colors, teal and pink are coming back. Ugh!  So is shiny satin yuck.  Combine the 2 and horror.  But two wrapped coat dresses fully lined and one strapless with a jacket fully lined are done and I also made grandson a little lined vest and bow tie with scraps.  Too cute:  ( much cuter than dresses)  But bride and mother-of -the bride are happy and that is what counts.  Actually when the dresses are on and the the flowers and the Wedding party it will be beautiful, just not my style and color. I also purchased a really nice spring suit pattern and a light olive green tweed to make the oldest a new spring suit.  I have it cut out, but I will sew it here at home.  She is coming over the 28th so I will alter it then.  I love to sew one of a kind contour suits but so many pieces.  Linings and under linings and  interfacing.  Some suits can have over 75 pieces to cut out.  I hate that part!

     My mother is failing.  She had a hard time with the trip.  Just too long in the car at her age.  Her health is going down hill fast.  I slept with her an I swear I only slept about 3 hours a night.  So I am very tired.  Last night we made it to Missoula and I stayed the night with her at home.  I was hoping she would sleep better there.  She got up for the third time and fell hard.  She hit a large trunk that she had brought from Sweden.  She has a terrible scratch and bruises on her back.  But she has very strong bones so other than bruises and a very sleepless night she is fine.  I really worry about her but she is so active and busy in the community she just moves slower.  I will always cherish this trip.

     Well I have to take the youngest out to buy a white dress and shoes. I also have so much to catch up on.  I came in under budget on the trip.  So yippee!

     Out My Window:  Cold, rainy, yuck.  Nothing changed while I was gone.  Have not checked the chickens.

    Will write more later, have to go.  I am so fat!  Ate and sewed and ate and drove and ate!

Have a great and productive day!