Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday, getting ready for company

     Again I have no idea where I stand in my accounts but I do know with what is tentatively in the studio checking and what I have been able to take in in the shop I should reach status quot by the first.  Then the old how am I going to get $500.00 to make the house payment will start?  It is the circle of life around here.

     Mom is still here and I am enjoying her.  I have been sewing a lot and also trying to catch up in the yard. Posts will be a little irregular this next few days as I have so much company coming in for Easter.
My hands have been terrible and I don't know what to do about it.  Just trying to slowly limber them up in the morning.  But living with constant pain gets old,  Hopefully this will pass soon,

The yard is calling me!  Sissie call me.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, I hit my speed limit!

    I can't report any numbers because the weekend was so crazy and I do not know where I stand.  Will try to figure it out today!

     The show went well, actually very well.  I am so proud of my dancers, they are incredible. We had good houses.  The pipers and the drummers were excellent.  I insisted on a piper solo this year.  We blacked the stage with a single spot in the middle and had a piper come out in full regalia and play "Oh Danny Boy and Shenandoah" it was so beautiful it made me cry.

    Right now what is making me cry is Carla's three girls are sick.  They have some crud that is sticking.  Say a prayer for that poor mom.  I remember when my three would get sick all at once and then have something the entire winter!  Ugh.  Poor darlings.

     My Mom is here and we have a couple of days of fun planned around my work schedule.  She is not feeling well right now.  Her medicines make her sick to her stomach.  I love it when my mom is here. I wish she would live with me.

     I had my 55th birthday yesterday.  It is my speed limit Birthday!  There are so many flowers in the house right now it looks like a funeral home. Girls and Hubby cooked dinner yesterday, it was a hoot.  There is an art to getting a meal on the table with everything hot.  I just had to eat and giggle.  Cold baked potatoes, hard artichokes, Steak (fried on a griddle, yes fried on a pancake griddle) tough as nails,and over seasoned with pepper. Shrimp was good and oysters at the end of the meal as they had forgotten to put them on.

     I have 6 new baby chicks, and I received a beautiful brass door knocker in a Celtic design.  Also received the new Hobbit movies and my very favorite gift a large wax machine to dip my hands in every morning.  It was kind of spendy but also medicinal.  I have wanted one for a long time.

     It was a nice birthday.  I was so tired yesterday it was hard to enjoy it, but I tried.

My sissie broke her foot the day before yesterday so I am sure she did not have such a nice birthday.  I hope she is a little better today.

     Well, I have to go check on the mother and get my day started as I have much to do.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday. Dress Rehearsal!

Personal -$398.00
Studio $675.12

CC one paid and waiting on the other.....

     Voice a little better by last night but hands are horrible this morning.  Waiting for meds to kick in.  My mom is coming in today for the show.  I rearranged the spare bedroom upstairs to make it easier for her.  I need to iron the bed ruffle for the bed and then the room is ready.

     Program is about finished, we will tape the floor about noon at the theater.  My Ballet Mistress is due here within the hour to help me with the music.  I just want the weekend over!  I know that is bad as we have worked so hard toward this goal.

     I turn 55 on Sunday!  So I will have a happy birthday, because it is spring and the show is over!

I will go get a few new baby chicks.  I would love to get a wax kit for my hands, to keep in the downstairs bath.  My hands just felt so good after that hot bath yesterday.

Have a great and productive day!

I know I will.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, it will be a long day!

Personal -$390.00
Studio $ 423.60

CC use one, paid as agreed the other waiting.....

     As you can see from the total above on the studio, I am almost 1/2 way to reaching my total for my last bill.  Then I can relax for 2.8 hours:)

     Carpet cleaner was here yesterday so that is done.  Had a disagreement with the window cleaner as his prices have tripled.  I mean from $60.00 last year to $180.00 this year.  The cleaning crew was here for less than 45 minutes, they cleaned the outside windows and took down 4 storms and cleaned.  The crew filled out paper work that they had cleaned inside and out and that I had storms on every window.  When I called the office the secretary told me that their rates had gone up.  That is fine so have mine but 3 times last years price?  I wanted her to check my records and the paperwork.  She calls back,  did the men come inside?  No.  Did all of your windows have storms?  No.  Now the owner calls.  Seems his crews have not been as busy as  usual (I wonder why?)  So they are padding their paper work.  They are able to get away with this on commercial buildings as we have had so much dirty rain, but residential there have been complaints about over charging.  He was very upset when he found out they had not done what was on the paper work.  Like, They did not come inside?  uh no.....  So anyway to make a long story short I have no cleaning bill.  Although I was more than willing to pay they assumed charge plus whatever the rates had gone up.  I feel bad as I am sure these crews get laid off when there is not enough work.  But you can't be dishonest and run a business.

     Mysti, and ND chic think I should have a contract with parents over costumes.  I will do that next year.  I send home notes and talk to them but I really think that they are just broke and try to wait as long as possible.  It is the Celtic dancers that I have the most problems with as they do have added costume fees and performance fees.  But if you take dance it is expensive just like any sport or activity.  I know from talking to other teachers that collections is the hardest part of the job.

     Still have no voice, and my hands were awful this morning.  I am typing and hoping the meds will kick in, then I will take a hot bath and see if that helps.  I have 7 African skirts to  put together today.  I did get all of my sewing that had to be done completed yesterday.  It was a long day.

     I need to get some house work done today.  If I can get my hands to co-operate.
 Here is the list.....

Take a hot bath:)
Clean spare bedroom and change sheets
Clean spare bathroom
Clean Master bedroom
Clean Master bath
Clean Kitchen
Mop Kitchen floor
Clean and dust down stairs bedroom change sheets
Clean and dust family room
Straighten and organize shop
Get 7 African costumes put together
Move floor to theater
get music ready to copy
start program for review
collapse into bed

I will try to do all of this in no particular order.  The house is normally picked up and not really messy I just need to do an over all wipe up and change sheets.  I will do what I can and be happy with that.

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday, I need your approval..

Personal -$398.00
Studio $214.13

CC use One up to date and one to go.

     I am really having a hard time getting parents to pay recital and costume fees.  It is like they do not understand that all of these used Celtic dresses I had to pay for, or I have to reimburse parents for the dress.  No I will not loan you the dress you must buy a costume.  It is nuts, but I will stick to my guns.  I am slowly going to get the $969.00 I need for that other Credit Card so I can write at the top of this blog how I have had NO NEW Credit card use this year!  See how your approval spurs me on!

     I sewed all day yesterday and I still am behind.  I love the fact that I am behind.  I have more coming in today!  Just keep it coming.  Several girls will pick up dresses today.  I am hoping to have enough money by the end of the week to clear up the personal account.

     I think my mom is coming for the show and my house is a wreck.  Oh well she will forgive me.  I think I can get Hubby to help me change the sheets on the beds.  I love it when my mom comes.  I wish she would just live with us.  But I also want her to be happy.  She still needs her independence.

  Out My Window:  It rained hard last night and Hubby has been working in the yard.  I wish I could work outside but maybe next week.

     My hands area a little better today, but I still cannot talk.

I need to get dressed and clean up and maybe get some laundry done.  The window cleaners came yesterday and the carpets cleaners will be here this afternoon.  My once a year spring clean has begun, but I am not doing it!  Hee! Hee!

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, Making my goals.

Personal -$398.00
Studio $1.01

CC Use.  I have paid all new charges on one card and the standard $250.00 planned payment.  I have one other card to pay.

     On a financial front as this is supposed to be a Debt blog but I think it mostly a complaint diary....  I was able to make a $782.00 payment to one of the CC's.  This was the standard payment and all charges this month!  I have another card that will need a $969.00 payment but there is still over $1400.00 coming into the studio this month, so I will make it and then some.  I feel so blessed.  It is amazing that I have been able to do this, especially with my mom's party.  I do have some charges that will appear next month, but those will be covered by reimbursement from this show and oh  I forgot hard work!

     If I can get through this year and not go backwards, I will have made it.  I am a little worried about my ability to save right now.  I would like to have more money in my slush fund and emergency account, but it is just not possible.

     Tons of  work came into the shop yesterday. I am so happy about it.  It is all easy hemming.  I love hems, they are fast and turn over the money.  Yippee!

     I lost my voice yesterday, and my hands are worse than ever.  It was one of my last big rehearsals before the show and I could not talk.  I bet my students loved it!

   I have a performance tonight at a nursing home, then I will hurry back to the studio to practice.  I still have three costumes to alter and need to get some African costumes put together and also 8 t-shirts.  I think I will go look at St. Patty's day left overs at Wal mart.

     Trying to keep my spirits up and get through the week.

Out My Window:  Beautiful Day!  Can't find the chickens!  I wonder if they are up in the back alley?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday, busy week coming

Personal -$398.00
Studio $101.16

CC figured out what I owe and will pay off charged amount plus regular payment.

     It was a lazy weekend.  We did a lot of shopping for groceries and restocking.  No work in the yard.  My hands are just too sore.  The Celtic Show is this weekend and I have so many loose ends to tie up.  Still have a horrible cold.  It just sits in my chest.

     We went to a friends house for dinner yesterday Corn beef and cabbage.  I made a great soda bread that I had never tried before.  Actually it is not soda bread traditionally if it has raisins and fruit in it.  But what do we non Irish know?

This was so easy and made 2 large loaves, that stayed moist unlike other soda breads I have eaten.

5and 1/2 cups flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tsp grated orange peel
(mix with a wire whisk)

Pulse in 4 Tablespoons butter or cut it into crumbs with whisk on your mixer.

Added hand full of raisins, cherries, cranberries

In a  separate bowl beat 2 large eggs 
Add 4 Tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons water
1 3/4 cups buttermilk  ( I just soured my milk with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and let stand 10 minutes)

Now add to dry mixture, beat until smooth.  If too wet add a little more flour.  Dough will be sticky.

Turn out on flour surface knead 1 minute, split and form 2 round  flat loaves.  Let stand 10 mintues bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes.

Honestly this was so easy.  I soured the milked turned on the oven and threw every thing into the kitchenaid while it was beating I mixed up the wet ingredients.  Added them together played with the consistency and baked.  Best quick bread I have ever eaten.

This was cut into wedges and fed 8 adults and 5 children with about 1/2 a loaf left.

I think my adaptations of adding eggs to the recipe  really helped. Made a better consistency and kept the dough from drying out and becoming biscuit like.  Although I love me a biscuit.

     I was pretty happy with the shop last week and I will be very busy this week also.  

I just have so much to do, and with this cold I want to sleep.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday, sniff, hack,drip...

Personal -$398.00
studio $101.16

Personal card owe $352.00 plus regular payment
Studio owe 697.00 plus regular payment.  Much of this is costumes which will be paid by parents.

   Still coughing and hacking, the house is a mess, we are soooo out of groceries.  Hubby was begging to go to the store last night, but I sat on my butt last night and did not move.  I really have to do a major shop this weekend.

     I have at one major dress alteration to do today, also 2 dresses to be cut off and fitted plus several more coming in this afternoon.  I need to hem at least 12 pairs of pants.

     Yesterday, I was able to get 2 dresses done.  Jr Miss here is insisting that all girls have dresses to the knee.  So I am taking these beautiful gowns and cutting off  3 layers of skirt.  Most of these dresses are made in China and are not even it is such a pain.  Can't wait until this is over.  I like to alter clothes but this is so painstaking. It gives me a headache, so I will only do a couple a day in addition to my other alterations.

     Judy is back and that makes me happy!!!!  Rhitter paid off a bill Yahoo!,  Carla needs to get some boxing gloves that pop out of her blog for the meanies that say hateful things.  Sharon needs us to send her some more coffee mugs so we don't see her mug at the Post Office.  The blog world always something.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful and sunny, but I will be stuck indoors, sewing.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, miserable...

Personal -$398.00
Studio -36.15

CC studio finally came and I did not open it, but will today.

     I just have a really bad cold.  Joints in hands and wrists are bad.  Very head achey.  I will carry on.
I am going to go to the bank in my pjs.  I am going to get a large soda with ice.  I will make a deposit and pay the house payment and then come home.  The problem with being self employed is that you really can't take time off when you are sick.  I just have to feel better.  At least I only have to teach 2 hours tonight and then I can come home and die.....

Out My Window:  It is beautiful and sunny, too bad I will be indoors today.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, making progress

Personal -$398.00
studio -$36.15

CC use $352.00 on personal this month and waiting for studio.

     Good news on the financial front.  I have paid all studio bills including putting the agreed upon $500.00 in savings.  I only have the two CC bills left to pay.  So I will definitely make it this month.  I am so happy.  Last month was so tight and we had some roll over into this month.  I was also afraid of going backwards on the CC but that will not happen.  I just have to remember my goal for this year.  It is okay not to pay large sums and then go backwards.  Just pay your agreed upon charges and don't add to your overall debt and you will make progress.  This is such a new way for me to run my finances, but I believe it is working, at least my confidence that I can do this is growing.

     On the personal front I just realized that I am $500.00 away from having B's tuition paid for the year.  That means 2 more cleaning paychecks and I can put that $535.00 a month else where.  It will be nice to have a little breathing room in the budget.  I have just been paying on this for so long it seemed like it would never end.   I still have to come up with at least $1000.00 before the middle of next month to help with personal bills but I think I might be able to take a little out of the studio and that will be nice for a change.

     Out My Window:  Hubs is home working in the yard as he has a dentist appt. later today.

     I still have a cold and my hands were very bad this morning, I did not want to get up.  But I thought is you let this arthritis get you down today, it will get you tomorrow and the next.  I just have to fight the temptation to stay in bed.

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday. I have a drippy cold....

personal -$398.00
studio $ 53.23

CC use $352.00 this month on personal card will pay that off in addition to regular payment, still waiting for studio card.

     I have really bad cold sores all over my mouth and a runny nose and scratchy throat, cough.  Fun!  My hands were a little better yesterday so I am happy about that.  Working really hard at the studio as we are so close to show time.

     Hubby had a filling fall out last night so I have to make him an appointment to see the dentist.  I just hope that don't tell him he needs a a crown!  We do have some money left in the medical savings so I think we can cover whatever.  I just get sick of every visit we have to have a crown.  Now if it was one for my head that would be different. I could stand to be Queen for the day.

     I just realized I have not updated my debts and I need to do that as it makes me feel like maybe I am making progress!

     Out My Window:  Cold, overcast and rainy.

     I have at least 6 formals in the shop right now that need love so I am going to be a busy sniffly girl today.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal -$398.00
studio $53.23

CC use still waiting for bills but will pay and be at even keel.

     I was able to work in the yard Friday afternoon.  I trimmed 13 bushes so all the trimming is done in the back.  Hubby still has a couple things he must take down with a chain saw.  I have a lot of cleaning and flower bed work to do , but at least the major trimming is done.

     Saturday Hub and I picked up all the trimming and took a load to the dump. I picked up some pansies and moss roses for the back flower boxes.  I got all the back boxes cleaned and planted.  But there is still a ton to do.  Now that day light savings is here, I will try to get out in the yard for at least 1-2 hours in the morning.  First I have to get used to the time change.

     I did not go to church yesterday.  I overworked my hands and they are so swollen and sore.  Also early morning is hard for me when my arthritis flares up.  It takes me a while to get started.  I slept and took it easy all day and I needed to do that.

     Hopefully students will pay enough tuition today to get the rent paid and a couple of other bills.  Then anything else that comes in can go to debt.  It is nice to have all the little bills gone and I don't have to stress about them.

     There is plenty to do in the shop today and I have to get a letter out to my parents so I had better bet my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday, finally Friday

Personal account -$398.00
studio account $53.23
CC was used on Mom's trip I will have results at the end of month and will pay it off in addition to regular payment.

     I was able to complete all my goals yesterday and it feels so good to face the weekend with little to do.  Which means if the weather holds I can work in the yard!  I am going to try and get out in the yard this afternoon when it warms up.

     I was able to get all the bills paid for February and most of the little bills for March.  March will still be tight.  I am extremely grateful that I have made enough money to get my share of the house payment done.  Now I need to get the overdraft in the checking covered by the 25th of March and I am sure I can do it!

     I was able this last month to pay off our overdraft protection and another bill for about $1000.00.  So although it did not go to the CC's at least those are gone and I can really concentrate.  I was looking at the checkbook and we spend way more on medications, doctors, and gas than we do on food.  Yikes!  But I see no way around this. 

     Hubby has lost 18 lbs.  I am so proud of him.  He is playing in the pit for Babes in Arms so I will go tonight and watch.  They are using my choreography, that I did about 20 years ago.  I just altered a few costumes and replaced several zippers for this show.  The costumes were all made years ago also. So nice to not have to be at the school every night as they have everything on DVD.

     I miss my sissie. 

Need to get dressed and get some sewing done!  I had at least 10 pairs of pants come into the shop yesterday and I have 5 Prom dresses to alter.

Out My Window:  Warm, 57 degrees, sunny, perfect weather to work in the yard

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, got to get going...

     I am still very tired from my weekend away, but I feel like my old self is returning.  Slept 9 hours last night woke up without feeling I was in a fog.  I was able to pick up my medication yesterday, FINALLY.  One month off and my hands are all blown up and so sore.  All while the insurance company argued with the doctor.  So before I left for mom's I had to go get a blood draw to prove that my SED rates were climbing.  In other words you have to get sick again before they will renew this medication for a year.  I had not posted about this because I hate to dwell on my health.  I just want to out run the pain and the disease.  So far I think I have done pretty well.

     Sewed a lot yesterday and it was very hard as my hands were not co operating.  You should see me typing right now.  Pretty funny, but they are loosening up as I complain :)  I was paid for some curtains I had done before I left last night and I almost have enough money to pay my share of the house payment. I am so blessed.

     I have so much to do in the shop and more coming in this morning.  I really need to do a run through of this house and pay a few bills.  I had better make a list to motivate myself.

1. Take a hot bath 
(Okay so it is 11:00 and I have not completed much on my list but I have sprayed all over the house a little here and a little there, I think I need to focus)
2. Straighten master bedroom and bath (done at 12:00)
3. sweep and clean spare bedroom and bath( done at 12:15)
4. clean kitchen Sorry this will be done tonight or tomorrow 
5. straighten dining room, sweep
6. vacuum, dust clean front room( done at 12:30)
7. put laundry away and start a load or two.
8. change sheets and vacuum and clean guest room,(trying to do this but Rucifee the cat is helping)
9. put away things in guest bath
10. dust and vacuum family room
11. Clean off my desk and file last months crap  (I will complete when I get home this evening  !!)
12. pay remainder of bills !
13. set up March budget !
14. sew some  Have had had 5 customers, numerous calls, and hemmed 5 pairs of pants.Done by 9:30

15. teach some
16. collapse

On your mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday, the parties over....

  Oh My!  I am wiped out.  I feel so out of touch and I am sorry I was not able to blog all the details of the last two weeks.  But talk about running, running.  If you think I am a fire ball you have not been around my twin sister.  She puts me to shame.  She left this morning around 5 a.m. and I will miss her sorely.

     We just worked and worked and worked.  Sissie came in (her name is Kay) Thursday the 21st of February and we had such a good time, even though we had a lot to do.  We sewed 10 table clothes, 80 matching napkins, made hand made mints, collected 74 different china tea cups and dessert plates.   We had to collect china tea pots for flower centerpieces.  All had to be wrapped to take with us over the mountain.  We also made a four layer cake, solidified with the caterers and hotel and event staff before we left town.  She also went through my house like a white tornado.  I have never seen anyone work so hard.  It actually made me nervous at times and I thought this is how people feel about me!  But I was so grateful she came.

     We left for Missoula at 6:30 Wednesday evening right after my company class and arrived at the hotel right when my younger sister and two of her daughters were coming from the airport.  I dropped Kay off at hotel and went to Mom's.  I stayed with mom for two nights until my girls came in and then went to the hotel.

     We had family pictures the next day of us 5 kids and we organized the final program.  Met with the pianist and had to transpose music into a different key.  Kay has a base voice now.  Kelly (the younger sister) had major rehearsal time on the piano and all the granddaughters sang.

     We did have a day of shopping, but most of the time was spent cleaning, rehearsing, laughing, arranging flowers, setting up, dipping strawberries, cooking, frosting and decorating.  Younger brother Jeff did a fabulous slide show with background music for mom.  69 people were at the tea and the hotel staff wanted to clone us.  They kind of stood back and let us do the work.  Mom and her friends were touched and many were in tears.  I do not know why?

     We did open the floor to the crowd to tell funny stories about our mother.  Many which I had not heard or she did not want us to know.  My favorite was when she was 70 years old she had taken the garbage out to the back alley of the house.  It was twilight and it had snowed about 8 inches.  It was fluffy white snow and the moon and stars were shining like crystal across the yard.  Mom thought it was so pretty she decided she wanted to make a snow angel.  (She taught for 47 years the last 30 in kindergarten)  She had not made a snow angel for about 5 years.  So she lay down and proceeded to make an angel.  The older neighbor above her saw mom laying in the snow jerking her arms and legs and determined that mom had. had a stroke.  She thought about just coming down the hill to check on her but thought,  I will have to go back in to call and ambulance so I had better call now and save time.  In the mean time mom gets up and a fire truck and ambulance arrive to find the snow angel and mom in the house covered with snow.  Of course she would not tell us this story because we all would have chastised her for her well (stupidity) this is my mother Carol Burnett.

     My sisters and I had not sung in harmony for over 30 years and it was fun, not the best but fun.  I am glad it is over and I am ready to get the Celtic show over with in the next three weeks.

     I still have a few bills to pay for March as I was not home to do so.  My savings account is considerably lighter but I will keep hitting the bills with consistency.  I am glad February is over.

      You know I have been grousing about how slow the shop has been.  The minute my sister arrived it was like someone opened the flood gates.  I was so busy.  I was able to take over $500.00 to Montana to help off set expenses.  I was worried yesterday when I got home as the house payment is due soon and I had no money saved for my $500.00 share.  But I had over $300.00 worth of sewing picked up and checks left for other work I had done previously.  This morning I have had 10 customers in already and the phone has rung off the hook.  It looks like the slump is over.  I am so blessed.  I will easily be able to get the other $200.00 by the end of the week and be able to pay the house payment.

     I am sad about Judy's departure.  But I am sure she is doing what is best for her.  I am ever so surprised and happy that Dolce Mia is back.  She is such a strong inspiring person and I missed her dreadfully.

     Out My Window:  Hubby was busy and took two big trucks to the dump while I was gone.  We still have at least 12 trees to trim and I hope to get that done this weekend.  All the trimming will be done.

     Here is to a great March although  I will be sooooooo busy.  Good, as I can't spend money when I am busy.

Have a great and Productive day!